Paravipras are the Chosen People, The Elects

The Elected Ones are those who are chosen by God to do His Will, knowingly or unknowingly. That is why they are all over the world and are helping His Will to be done. They are not in a special country or place. They might be reincarnated in one place because it is necessary for that time. However, this does not mean they belong to, or consider themselves to belong to, any special part of the world

Indeed, they consider themselves to belong to the universe and that is where their true home is. It is these Elected Ones who eventually will guide the whole universe to the goal, Pure Consciousness.


These are the real spiritual soldiers for bringing the world back to the spiritual path and for helping others to understand that the true happiness is the way God has shown us, not the pursuance of selfishness.

They will fight not by sword but by their spiritual powers, purity, and true knowledge of the spiritual world. Of course, if to establish the truth use of the sword is necessary, they would not hesitate to use it (Bhagavad-Gita).


An Elect is not a religious name. Its not Jewish, or Hindu, or Moslem, or Christian - it doesnt have any name. It has the quality of that which he has gone through. Such a person is open and is a dynamic spiritual force.


The great things which have happened in the world are all done with those elected by the Lord. Whenever any great thing should happen on earth, a Great Soul or many such Souls are born to do that. They will come again to fulfill many different tasks in the world. That is what all the Scriptures are talking about when they say, You are my people. You are the Elects.

And that is how God controls and guides His universe. People think that all the events in history or in their lives occur because of wild, unpredictable forces out of their control. They say that they are neither guided by any Power nor can be controlled or directed by any Being. But those who know God realize that He is controlling all great things happening to humanity.


These Elected Ones will be reincarnated again and again, and also there will be others added to them and more in the course of time. They will increase to such a great multitude that eventually they will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


If you say, Only Jewish people are the chosen people, then you are separating humans from humans again. That means, the rest are not chosen?

God does not work that way. The whole universe is God. The whole universe is consciousness. So a chosen person can be a Jew, can be a Christian, can be a Moslem, can be a Hindu, can be a Buddhist, etc.

Now, what is the yardstick to find the chosen person? That is where The Greatest Sign comes in. Not only do you have to work toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which is the second seal ( ), you also have to learn not to be self-centered, to sacrifice ( cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), to be submissive to the Will of God ( islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)), and to become a Universalist ( baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). Then you are a Paravipra ( kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)).

Then you are one of the real Children of Israel. That is why you can see that there is a similarity between the sixth seal (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) and the second seal ( ). Both of these seals relate to the Kingdom, to the chosen ones. But one of them relates to the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is the Communities of Light. That is related to the Hebrews and the Children of Israel, and they were very earthly too.

Jewish people are very smart, very earthly and became good business people. Anywhere they went they were industrious people. After awhile they became the richest people around because they knew how to become involved with business and things like that.

They are also very community oriented, very family oriented. In their culture, the family is very strong and powerful. Actually that is why they survived, because of the strong family and community structure.

But the real Children of Israel are the people who reach the sixth seal. They go through that process, they realize God, and they work for the whole universe. Such a people are the ones who are going to be attracted to the Mission, to our work. They are going to start working in a higher level, not as a separated nation, but as a nation of God.

As I said, it can be any person. We just reach out and we invite them again and again to come here, and as they realize The Greatest Sign more and more, greater numbers of them will join us.

In The Revelation, if you read about the sixth seal, you will see that it talks about how those who reach the sixth seal are the real Jews. It relates to them as real Jewish people. The reason for this is that it is the truth, because Jewish people were supposed to be the Hebrew people, an example of God-conscious people for the rest of humanity.

But they were not the Paravipras. They were just chosen to bring the concept of communities and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.


When someone is chosen, there is a job to be done by that person. If he does the job, then he is worthy of being called a chosen one for that task, and if he does it perfectly, then he can be respected and praised also. However, if a person is chosen for a great mission and he does not do it but misuses his powers, not only will he be disrespected, but also will be punished for this misuse.

Hebrews were selected to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. But they failed in their mission. However, they should have failed because other truths in The Greatest Sign should have been revealed and many prophecies should have been fulfilled before the true Kingdom Of Heaven would come. A part of them became an example for humanity throughout history to show Heaven would come. A part of them became an example for humanity throughout history to show that whenever any person or group fails, they would be punished. After punishment when they become purified, they will be given another chance to prove themselves worthy. After they fall again they create bad karma and will be punished to be purified again. The example of the Jewish race should be a lesson for all of humanity and shows how the Law of Karma works collectively and also individually (read House of Judah (Jews) in THOTH).


All the tribes of the Children of Israel (which at the time of the covenant was 144,000) have been sealed with the seal of God. So the promise of God that they are and will be His chosen people will be fulfilled. Those who have made their covenant with God, have been incarnated again, and have reached higher consciousness, are in the Paraviprahood. They are in the sixth seal in The Greatest Sign.


God gives everything in a mystery, in a symbolic way, in a way that you seek. If He said in the Bible, 144,000 will be saved, that is it, no one else will be, period, eventually everyone would say, OK, 144,000 will be saved and that is it. But He did not say that. He said, Their number is 144,000.

Then, of course, later on He said, There is also a crowd which will come to God at that time, that cannot be numbered. So there are 144,000 which He refers to as the twelve tribes of Israel (12,000 each), and then another huge number that also comes and joins them. First of all, is it really 144,000 exactly? No, it is not.

When He says, for instance, Christ was fasting and meditating in the desert for forty days, it does not literally mean 40 days. It means a long period. When He says 144,000, He means a very large number of people are going to be called, are going to be chosen, are going to be taking up the Message. They are going to go and be on fire from the Spirit. They will be sent out to preach and give the Message to every corner of the earth. So this 144,000, which means a large number, does not have to be exact. They are the Children of Israel.

What does the name, Children of Israel, mean? The Children of Israel means the Children of Light, those who have lightened up their spirit, those who want to do the Will of God, those who are inspired, fired up with the Word of God, who take the Message, take the understanding, and they go for it 100%. They preach it, and they take it to every corner of the world.

These are the people we call Paravipras, those who realize the Eternal Divine Path. They go through it and they are fired up to give this Message of unity to humanity, to unify them, and to work to create the Communities of Light. These are the 144,000.

These are the true Children of Israel. They obtained the Light, stayed with the Light, and followed the Light, and they fight for bringing the righteousness and establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. God never fails in His promise (covenant) to these people, and these people never fail in their promise (covenant) to God.


But is that all there is to it? No. There are also millions and millions, and billions of people who will hear this word, join the Communities of Light and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Actually those are the ones called meek. They are the poor in spirit. They are the people who will eventually see, Yes, there is justice. There is righteousness. There are the words of God that come through these Paravipras (Children of Israel).


God said, Many are called, few will be chosen. I am not the one who chooses, God chooses you. That is why if you are not chosen, or you are chosen, it is between you and Him.


The Elects are the people who are going to become placed in front of the Father, who God loves the highest. He loves them more than the people in their first chakras. He loves them more than the people in their second chakras, third, fourth, and even fifth chakras. He loves them even more than those Gurus who sit in the mountains and say, Oh, dont worry about it, everything is OK. Just get away from Maya and go to God. Paravipras are even greater than the greatest Gurus or spiritual teachers who teach, Escape the world. Dont do anything about it.

No, He says in the Old Testament that He wants people for Himself. And who are those people? They are the Paravipras. They are the people whose names He will confess. He does not say that you have to be a special race to confess your name. He does not say you have to have a special religion to confess your name. But He says, When you become a Paravipra, I will confess your name.


Such people are called the Children of God. They are the real Children of Light. That is what we have to become. That is our goal. So we will do it!


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