The Virtue Of Incorruptibility Is The Highest Asset Of A Paravipra

As it was mentioned, the moment you find a society where their leaders are corrupt, that society is gone. That is it, they are finished. That is why we emphasize so much about Paravipras because not only are they good leaders, but they are incorruptible.

In each reincarnation they have forwarded their progress, until they have reached this point where spiritually they are incorruptible.


It is these people who have overcome this world, are in their higher selves, and have no desire for the praise of men, who are worthy to assume the leadership of humanity.


Paravipra is not just a word. It is just like a lot of people say, I am god. Yes, you can be god, but you are not God yet. A lot of people become involved into these names and these ego trips about them, Because I just walked into the Mission, so I am a Paravipra. No. You are not a Paravipra yet. You have to overcome all these tendencies and become a realized person. You have to reach a point to see that humanity needs these things. You have to be concentrated completely on God and be effective, and do the things that are necessary to create an environment, that calmness, that beautiful, wonderful place that can be created here for everyone and yourself, and then reach and teach other people how to overcome. Then you become a Paravipra.


As you expect more of yourself, you can affect your environment very well. If you do not expect from yourself and expect from others, you are looking for it in the wrong places.


In the Communities of Light you can be truthful to yourself because that is what is expected from you to be, to be truthful to yourself and others. If you are not truthful to yourself, you cannot create Communities of Light. Youre going to create a community of lies instead [laughter from audience].


See, it is a harder thing to be truthful to yourself than to anyone else. If you are truthful to yourself, absolutely, then you can be truthful to others. Also you do not have any secrets if you are truthful to yourself because you have to say the truth to yourself so you would not do anything that you would be ashamed of, would you? You have to face your own self.

That is why you should examine yourself all the time. You need to look and say, Am I truthful to myself? Do I really mean what I say? Do I really mean what I do in my life, or am I just not being truthful to myself? That is very, very important.


Who are the great people? Great people are those who are just and are able to overcome their human tendencies. They become more and more like God, more and more compassionate, have more and more love and understanding, and they are searching their Souls all the time, Am I doing the right thing?

That means righteousness, you become righteous, to do the right thing. Actually, we have a tape of a lesson on THOTH where I repeat the words, to do the right thing, many times. For fifteen minutes of it I say, You have to do the right thing [all laughing].

It does not matter who judges us on earth about what, the most important thing is how God judges us, how He looks at us.


Actually such a person does not need justice, because he is just within himself. He does not need unity because he is united already.


It is just like the disciple whose teacher gave him a bird and told him, Go and take it and kill it where no one can see you. He went, walked all over, and came back in the afternoon, and he still had the bird alive. The teacher said, What happened? Why didnt you kill him? The disciple said, Well, wherever I went, God was there. I was not alone.

With that kind of mentality, you are never going to become corrupted. You are never going to steal, you will never lie, you will never do things against what is important to society. That is because you know that God looks at you all the time, and you become incorruptible. You govern yourself. The more people like this we have, the less government we will need.

That characteristic of being incorruptible, being honest, being a self-examining person, being self-motivated, and knowing truly that God is watching you all the time, is the highest characteristic of a Paravipra. If you are an intellectual, or if you are a business person, but if you are not incorruptible, you do not have the highest characteristic of a Paravipra.

That incorruptibility is the greatest asset and all leaders should have that capability, that ability. If they do not have it, they should not become leaders. They should not be accepted as leaders, they should not be chosen, they should not be voted for, or anything that makes them reach a level of authority where they can harm the society.


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