Paravipras Are Born Apparently the Same As All Other People Yet They Differ in Spirit

Paravipras, or the people who are in the Spirit, are born like everyone else. You have never seen anyone in the whole of history that just came and dropped from the sky and said, Hey, here I am.


No, they are born from a mother, they come to this world just like everyone else, and they go through childhood like everyone else. Probably they go to school, study, and all that.

But their Spirit is different. Spiritually they are different people. They are more meditative, they are more discerning, more concerned, more loving, and many other things that we can see in the Spirit.


As they feel different, they grow up different, and eventually they reach a point that they say, I cannot stand these things I see, the injustice, the problems, the feeling of the people, the hatefulness, all these things that humanity manifests. Spiritually they cannot stand the wrongdoings in society. Intuitively they know that this society and world in general do not give the satisfaction for which they long within themselves.

Their Spirit wants something else, something higher, their Spirit longs for the Truth.


If you have been created a Paravipra, if you have been created a person who has to go to Spirit, you cannot stand the plays of society. You will not be happy there either because you are longing, you have been called.

When God calls us, there is a longing in us that we want to go somewhere else, that we have to do something different. We are not regular 8-5 people, go, go, go, go, work, work, work, work, come home and sleep, go, go, go, go, work, work, work, work, come home and sleep, have a couple of children, and die. That is OK, that is not bad. I am not saying that is a bad thing. But we have not been created for that.

There is more to life for you than to do that. If there is not, then you are in the wrong place. Here is not the place for an 8-5 mentality, Yes, I do this, this, this, this and that is it. I go to bed and I am comfortable. That is the way it should be.

If you are here like that, then you are not a Paravipra, you are an 8-5 person. That is great, I am not saying that is bad. We need people to come here, work, eat, sleep, make children, and die. That is great. That is a great purpose to be here for.

But if you are a Paravipra, if you have been created for something greater than that, then you are not going to be satisfied. You are going to feel cramped. You are going to feel imprisoned. Your Spirit is going to feel, What is this that I am doing, go to work, sleep, work, sleep? Is that all there is?


It is just like us. We were all born like everyone else but in Spirit we were different, we were longing for something else. We wanted something higher, something greater on earth.

That is why eventually God chose us and revealed this revelation to us. He said, This is the fulfillment of the prophecies. I chose you to give humanity this revelation.

We have given this revelation to humanity. How many people have we given this revelation to? We have given it to many, many people. How many people listened to it? Very few people listened to it.

Why are we here and listening, and many people are not? It is because our Spirit is different, we are longing for something else. We could be like anyone else out there doing things that everyone is doing out there, going to the bars, being hateful to one another, being disappointed, doing everything that people do, and not being happy doing what the regular human does.

But we are here to do Gods Will. We are here to create the Communities of Light. We are here to be different than them. And we are different. We have not been sucked into any culture. The only culture really is the culture of God, and the only country we have is the universe.

Our culture is Gods Culture. We want to know what God wants us to do, not what humanity and what society wants us to do. So we are different, we are pioneers. We want to be different than everyone else. That is why we are here.


The reason we are here is not our bodies. Our physical bodies are the same as everyone elses. We have hands, feet, legs, head, ears, and eyes. But in Spirit we are different. Our Spirit is longing for something more.

The goal is not to become rich. It is not to become a lawyer, a doctor, or a professor. It is not to read thousands and thousands of books and become very intellectual, but to be(come) Divine.


As Christ said, The Path is not easy. A lot of people want to accept the easy path. That is OK, fine. But if we are here to go to God, we choose the hard path. We choose not to be of the world. We choose to be different.

That thing we have to establish in ourselves, that, I am different from the people in the world. Once we establish that within ourselves, then being different will not bother us. Then we can concentrate on God completely in such a way that although we are different, other people will look at us and say, Yes, they have something that I do not have. They have Peace. They have Knowledge. They have Understanding. They have Love, and all those things that everyone is really looking for but they cannot gain.


Then you come and tell everyone these things. You tell them. The goal of the life is to be(come) Divine.

There are Souls who are ready to be told this, and they say, Yes, that makes sense. They will come and join you. As more people come from the bottom of the pit of creation, we will pull more up, just like a chain. Have you ever taken a chain and pulled it? What happens? The other chains also come up with it.


Paravipras prefer to be incarnated again and again to help the whole universe to reach the goal (Pure Consciousness) rather than themselves individually reaching it. They are true Bodhisattvas.

They have gone through many incarnations in the last twelve thousand years or before to reach this level of mastery.


So, that is how Paravipras are first known. They are known by their Spirit, not by their appearance, not by their physical bodies, by nothing else but their Spirit, the longing within themselves.

Eventually they realize that they have a Mission, and they have to go out and do it.


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