Paravipras are the Facilitators to Bring The New Order of the Ages

We are not yet really in a state of creating Communities of Light. We are in the state of creating the facilitating body. As we mentioned many times in our literature, the facilitating body is the body that keeps this Message and spreads it to the world. Eventually it will reach to all the four corners of the earth. It is going to be preached all around the world.

So what we are really doing is, we are trying to take this Message to every corner of the earth. That is what the facilitating body is and what we are trying to do.

Of course, the facilitating body itself will form some kind of structure eventually when our numbers grow bigger and bigger, when more people start joining us. But we do not have any earthly power, we do not have any earthly mandate, we do not have any earthly acceptance by humanity. We are connected to the Spirit, to God.

We are bringing this Spirit through that structure to humanity, to every level and corner on earth, and then from the bottom of society, the earthly hierarchy will form. This will happen when the Communities of Light start building, just like lights popping up here and there. Have you seen when it rains how the mushrooms pop up everywhere? It will be just like that!

After we reach this state and we have brought this energy through this facilitating body to humanity, then the Communities of Light will start popping up. They are going to choose their own representatives, and eventually they will replace the original facilitators.


Of course, there is a lot of purification we have to go through. This earth really needs lots and lots of purification. But as I said, we are an evolutionary organization so humanity is evolving to where we are taking them. That is why we have to wait and that is why the progress of the Mission is such a slow process.


When we reach the critical point, suddenly the consciousness of humanity will be accelerated and will have a lift of advancement. That may be one of the reasons the Mission seems to be progressing so slowly, because evolution is slow. People have to evolve, realize, understand, and want to unify humanity.

They eventually have to evolve to a place where they see that it is not going to work. None of it is going to work any more because when God decides, This is the way we go, that is the way we go [laughter]. Now He has decided that we need unity, we need to unify the religions, humanity, and everything together.

Just imagine that we all really come together and manifest the Mission. As I said, when we become so dedicated and all of you become so wonderful that we could attract 144,000 wonderful Paravipras, we could establish the Mission in 144,000 locations on the earth at the same time. We could start pulsating this Energy, pulsating this Light.


This is the Light to the earth, a Light to the darkness on earth that we are shining to humanity. This is the Light that will eventually penetrate this darkness. And it will, because it does not destroy anything. Everything is included. It is His whole work. The mystery is finished. The Light is on earth again.

It is just like God, God includes everything. You are not separated from Him, never ever are you separated from Him. If you think you are separated from Him, it is your ego. It is your illusion.

It is the same as this Mission. It includes everyone. If someone out there does not believe or does not feel that he is a part of it, that is not the Missions problem. That is their problem because of their dogmas or beliefs, or backgrounds, or anything that separates them from us. We include everything and everyone.

Also, of course, there are many prophecies that are fulfilled by this Mission. You should not accept this teaching just because I say so, or because I said, This is the best teaching that ever came to humanity, which is true [laughter]. You have to ask the question, There are a lot of prophecies before this teaching came, have you fulfilled those prophecies? Yes, the prophecies also have been fulfilled. It has come to humanity. It unifies all the teachings. It unifies humanity. It explains all the religions on the earth and how He sent them.

It is not only a teaching that unifies all religions (as it was prophesied to do) but the Mission also fulfills the prophecies of the coming of the One who would bring this teaching.

So this Message has been given to you. It is the best Message that has ever come to humanity, and it is a wonderful story. Then you have to give it to others.


See, this is the time of maturity for humanity. They have to take the responsibility for themselves and say, Yes, we have to do it ourselves. We are not going to wait for the Messiah to come from the sky and say, OK, the Kingdom is here and the Kingdom is going to come. They have been waiting for such a Messiah for the last 6,000 years.

The Messiah came. He showed them the Path. He showed them the Way, and they did not walk it. They said, No, we are going to wait for the one who will do it for us, the one who fits our concepts. We do not accept the One God sent. We are like little children, we want everything given to us, to be done for us. We do not want to do it ourselves.

But now God says, You are waiting in vain. That is not going to happen. If you do not believe me, let us wait to see who is truthful, because you are waiting in vain. It has never happened the way you have envisioned it to happen and it will never happen in the future. There is not going to be a day when the sky opens, Christ comes and says, Here I am, and suddenly the people who are driving start moving toward the sky [laughter]. What a mess! All the cars are smashing [laughter]. And the people go out and are caught in the clouds with Him up there. No wonder people look at you strangely if you say you are religious or love God. They think to themselves (if they are not brave enough to tell you to your face), Oh, one of those crazy religious people.


What are the clouds? Clouds means confusion. When humanity is in confusion, there is upheaval, and morality falls. Then His Spirit rises on earth. He brings the Light and the Truth to them again and guides them back to the Path.


If you have come here to do Gods Will, and if you realize that our teaching is His Will, then you have a great responsibility to become a part of the Body and proclaim him Yes, the Messiah is here. Of course, you do not have to accept it if you do not want to. It is the free will of humanity to accept and accelerate the coming of the Kingdom, or to reject and decelerate Its coming. There is no other way. That is the way to proclaim that we love the Lord.


It is not only to realize the Messiah but also to participate in the work. Realizing the Messiah is the beginning point, it is not the end. After you realize that, then you start the work to build the Body, to become a part of the whole, to create the initial hierarchy of facilitators, to create the Communities Of Light, to create the manifestation of the hierarchy from the Communities Of Light, and to bring about all possibilities for human progress on all levels of human existence, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It is not enough to say, Well, I have found the Messiah. You must also work on yourself to become a part of this process that we have already given. So this time everything has been given all together.


Our salvation always is that God said He is going to do it, and when He promises, He fulfills those promises. Also this Message is a fulfillment of His promises. He promised humanity that there was going to be a teaching that would unify All together. And He sent it, so He is behind It and all will be fulfilled.

The only thing we have to do is meditate, understand the Message, purify ourselves, create the Communities Of Light, and wait. We need to reach out to people, let them know this is the Message God sent, and let them know that they cannot put God out of their lives. They cannot put God out of their systems. They cannot put God out of anything they do. They have to bring Him into every level of their lives. That is when we can create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The Words and Promises of God are our salvation. If we realize that God promises and He fulfills His Promises, we will never ever doubt it. That is actually part of our teaching. God promised these things in the past and He has fulfilled all of them.


If someone does not want it, do not waste your time. Do not try to change them and bring them to an evolutionary level that you are in yourself. If they are fighting it, just leave them alone; leave them to God. You gave them the Message. Your job is done. Go and preach to another person. Give the Message to everyone. Eventually you will have those who want it, or who are at least on the brink of wanting it. After they hear it, their hearts will open up and they will come and join us. Little by little people are going to just join and join and join. Like I said, there is a critical point in every evolution, in any process.


Our consciousness is now on earth. The more of us who are created on earth, the stronger this consciousness will become. We are going to affect everyone else, and they are going to hear us.


The longer we keep this energy, and the more people who keep this energy for as long as they can, the more we will start affecting other people instead of them affecting us. Because we will become stronger. Our energy will become stronger. Our lives will become stronger. Our lives will become more expanded and eventually they will have no choice but to see this Wonder.

As we said, the darkness cannot stay when the Light comes. The darkness has to go. And this time God really gave everything. If you even have just a glimpse of the vision, of the Mission, you will see how perfect it is.

As we become stronger, of course, we are going to come in touch with stronger and more dedicated people. That is what we all have to become, stronger, more purified, more dedicated, more understanding, and reach out. Never, never stop reaching out to other people.


You cannot accept a part of the Mission and not accept another part. You cannot say, OK, I accept The Greatest Sign, but I am not going to practice your rituals. Or, I accept only Christianity, Judaism, and the Far East Philosophies, but I am not going to accept Islam because it is after Christ.

Each seal in The Greatest Sign is a part of a greater truth. The Whole is greater than each part. The Whole has Life. Separate each organ (part) from the body, and no life will exist. However, parts are needed for life to manifest! The whole has many different parts as a body has many different organs. When these different parts (organs) are put together, life can be manifested. Separate parts (organs) are lifeless.

That is why all these religions have to be put together, to give life to Gods Plan and manifestation. Separate them, and they become lifeless. That is exactly what is happening to most of the religions in the world right now. Do they have any life any more? No, they are lifeless. All of them are dead. Their dead bodies are just lying around all over the earth.

We need life. We are bringing life to humanity. We are putting the organs together and saying, You cannot have the stomach in Asia, and the heart in Africa, and the brain somewhere else. You have to put them together, then put the Spirit into it, and then you are going to have Life. So we have brought Life to this world.

The Mission, as the Body and all its components (parts), has to be received in whole. Our teaching is the Spirit (life) giving life to these parts. These together will manifest the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE).

Accepting only one (or a few) part(s) of the Mission and rejecting other parts is like receiving a few organs of the body and expecting to have a normal life (receiving life). It will not work.

Each part is necessary for the Body (Mission) to function properly. Of course, some organs (parts) are more vital than others. Some parts are like the brain in the body, if it is not there the body will die. Some others are not that vital, but they are good to have (followed, accepted, etc).

The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path are the answer for human salvation, physically, mentally, and spiritually, individually and collectively. The Mission is the whole Body and Soul. It has life. Any separated part (not accepting the whole) will die fast.

The Mission unifies all the great religions of the world. It fulfills all the prophecies. It shows the way to bring the KOHOE. It brings individual and collective salvation to humanity. It shows the shortest path to the Highest Spiritual achievement. It is the answer to all human longings, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, individually and/or collectively.


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