Paravipras Are the Implementers of the Will of the Lord

There are three ways to know God. All three ways are covered in The Greatest Sign. The very center of The Greatest Sign is the devotional part ( center-s.gif (899 bytes)). That is when you love God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. The top one is the submission ( islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)). You do the Will of God and you let God work through you. And the bottom one is the way of knowledge ( ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)). You meditate and you realize how the universe works, and it cannot be by accident.

So those are three ways to know God. But we recommend that you combine the three together. That is more powerful and accelerates the process.

We recommend the first sign ( ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) as the meditation, meditation to reach knowledge. You meditate. You go within yourself. You realize God there.

Then you work with the Communities Of Light ( ). That is Karma Yoga. You are working His Will, to create an environment for everything and everyone. You sacrifice, so you humble yourself ( cross-s.gif (869 bytes)). You try to do things for others instead of always for yourself. This is the way of humility.

Even then you realize that your work is done through you by God, and you become submissive ( islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)).

Then you expand your mind to universalism ( baha-s.gif (97 bytes)) and embrace the whole universe. You destroy all narrowness of the mind. Nothing binds you. There is no race. No sex. No nationality. Nothing. The only thing is, you are one with the universe, which is God. So you expand your mind.

Such a person is a dynamic spiritual individual ( kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)), a Paravipra, because he is not bound by anything. He is completely free. That is how you become a dynamic force for God.

Then you will surely know God, because He is going to open doors for you that you had never expected. Things will happen, and you know it is not you. You cannot do those things. You were just a regular person walking around like everyone else. How come these great things are happening to me? I am not doing this. It should be God doing it. Then you realize Him, love Him, and know Him!


All of those who follow these different paths, according to their natures (daharmas) should direct their knowledge, devotion, or action toward establishing the desired environment ( ) so that others can also benefit from their progress and follow the path toward God-realization (according to their natures).

Only then will their knowledge (Jnana), devotion (Bhakti), or action (Karma) be blessed. Then all will be following His Will and therefore become Divine ( center-s.gif (899 bytes)). So no matter what your path is, you are a part of the Eternal Divine Path and will be perfected by following it.


A Paravipra is here to do the Will of God and that is all they want to do. And they never waiver. Maybe they change their course, maybe they find better ways to do it and go on and do it, but they never say, No, I am going to stop doing it, because if God calls you it does not matter where you are put, you are going to do the Will of God.


That quiet Voice of God is so quiet that you cannot even hear it. You think you heard it, but at the same time you do not know if you heard it or not. But it is, at the same time, very powerful and strong, and you have no doubt that it is Him. That is the voice of God and He is guiding you toward what action is to be taken to lead you to the next step.

That is what meditation is all about. Meditation is to know what is the Will of God. You know, someone asked me, What am I supposed to do in my life? I do not know my talents. Go meditate and hear that voice within you clearly tell you what is the goal of your life and why you are here.

Of course, reaching that quiet voice sometimes is difficult. We are living in a world that is noisy. It is full of pulls, attractions, and a lot of things that call us toward them. So our minds are not calm enough to hear that voice.

That is why God sends the Scriptures, to guide you to that quiet mind. It is just like a very hard path with a lot of turns, holes, and different creatures who might snatch you up along the way.


If you have a map, a blueprint of how to get somewhere, or build something, that map will make it easier for you to reach where you are going or build what you want to build. The Scriptures are the map to knowing the Spirit. The Scriptures show us how to go to the Spirit. And the Spirit is Good.


When a man realizes God, sees His Power, Peace, Beauty, Skills, etc., and realizes that only He is true and all other things are temporary, it would be like an earthly person who finds a great treasure in a field and sells all that he has in order to buy that field and become the owner of that treasure. So a true God-realized person renounces all for Him.


God never forces us to listen to Him. He could, He could force us to follow His Will. All of us would fall on our faces and say, Yes, whatever You say.

But He does not want robots. The rest of the creation are His robots. He tells the flowers to grow, and they grow. He says, You flowers grow in the spring, and those flowers grow in the spring. He says, You flower in the fall, and they flower in the fall. You have this color and you have that color. These are His robots. That is His creation and they follow Him exactly.

But He doesnt want humans to be like that. They have to have the choice to choose Him. That is the most wonderful thing about the human, that they can choose God, or not.

Then that human can say, No, I do not want the world. I want You. That is wonderful to God. That was one of the reasons for creating the human. Abraham was Gods friend. He wants your friendship. He wants your understanding, your love, and your really willfully accepting Him instead of the world.


There has been a great and long argument on predestination or choice. Some say all are predestined, and others say man has choice.

In truth, both of them are correct. To demonstrate this, let us use an example:

If we imagine that there is a king in a land and he rules the land with great authority and power, then all his subjects obey his will. So we can suppose that he has complete control over his people.

However, if we consider his prime minister and a peasant in his kingdom, which one has more freedom of choice in his life?

Of course the peasant does, because he can choose where he wants to live, how to spend his day, how to relate to others, etc. But the prime minister or those who are closer to the king, have a much smaller choice in these regards. However, they have more power in the land.

Furthermore, if the king willed some peasant to do something for him, such a person also loses his choice and has to follow the will of the king.

Also those who know the will of the great king and follow it will lose their choices but will receive his mercy and come to be in his presence.

That is also true between the human and the Father. Those who come close to Him lose their choices, because they have to follow His Will. Those who do not follow His Will have choice but will not come close to Him. Those whom He chooses to do His Will, knowingly or unknowingly, will do it, and those who do His Will, will go unto Him.

As in a land there are laws which all have to follow and if they do not, they will be punished, also there are Laws in the universe that all have to follow.

So although those who are peasants in His Kingdom have the choice to choose, their choices are limited. They cannot go against His Laws, but are freer than those who are closer to Him.

Therefore, those who are close to Him, follow His Will, or are chosen for a task, have their lives predestined. But those who are neither close to Him, nor follow His Will, nor are chosen, have choice in their lives, and their choices shape their progress or otherwise.


So do the Will of the Father, and then enjoy the life when He calls you. When you reach there then you will become one-pointed, and the will is there because Will is Father. If you are one with Him, then your will is His Will and there is no reason not to have will, because it is not yours anyway. It is His Will.

Your body is just like a channel and you just go on doing His Will. You do not even know if you have a will or not. You just know it gets done, and you do it.


Those who are in their higher selves are so close to God that whatever they desire will happen. However, because they are pure in heart, they never desire anything that is contrary to the Will of God and the purpose of His creation.


If you have been called to do the Will of God, eventually, you have no choice. If you have a choice, then you have not been called to do the Will of God.


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