If you are even a little aware of the news and of what is occurring around the world, you would realize that we are at the time when something has to happen on this earth. Otherwise we are going to destroy ourselves. How long are we going to go on and kill one another because of the different religions, backgrounds, races, and this and that? The whole earth is in an upheaval.

With all the problems, with all the wars, with all the destruction that has come to humanity for the last 6,000 to 12,000 years, some might say there is no hope.


There are a lot of problems in every community, in every neighborhood, everywhere on earth. People are not safe any more in their houses. You can close your door and say, I am safe, but how many people do we hear about in the news that someone broke down their doors, came in and destroyed their things, killed them, etc.? Are they safe? No, they are not.

See, it is easier to have a house by yourself and just say, I am OK, I do not care about any one else. The problem is, it does not work any more. No one is going to be safe just living in one house.


What kind of society do we have? All over the earth they are what they want to be: materialistic, selfish, and self-centered, being only for their own self and What is in it for me? all the time.

So who are the leaders? Where do they come from? They come from society, dont they? Our children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. If we do not raise them as good people, what kind of leaders are we going to have? We will have, not such good leaders. That is why leaders are a reflection of the people.

If we create good children, good people, what kind of leaders are we going to have? We will have good leaders. So we see we have to first create good people before we can have good leaders.


If you study history, any time any people became great, in the beginning they had great leaders, and usually they said, In God we trust. Then later on, when they became prosperous, they said, In ourselves we trust. Then God said, Oh yes? OK, there it is, and He took His Grace away, their leaders were disconnected from God, and everything fell apart. Whenever He withdrew His Blessing and Grace from those people, He took the good leaders, confused them, and took them somewhere where they fell, and it was just like the blind guiding the blind.

It is so important that the leaders are connected to God. No community is good (God), no people are good (God), if the leaders are not connected to God. That is because when the leaders are not connected to Him, the people follow these leaders. So what happens? The leaders are not connected, so the people are going to be disconnected. The whole thing is disconnected from God. The Grace is not there and that is it. Everything is going to fall apart.

Actually that is exactly what God does to the people who do not follow His Teaching any more. He just disconnects Himself from their leaders. That society then falls apart fast.


If a leadership corrupts itself or is corrupt, the rest of the society will be corrupt. As it says in the Bible, if the head is rotten, the whole body will be rotten.


Also it should be mentioned that the greatest crime is the misuse of the power by the leaders. So it is the responsibility of these leaders to tune themselves to His Will and do what is right in His Eyes. Otherwise there will always be suffering, strife, and class wars.


To walk with God is not just to praise Him, have many ceremonies, or talk about Him, but to establish justice, to help the oppressed, and to stand for truth. Those who lose these qualities lose the pride of their powers also. When His Grace is withdrawn, they are doomed.

That is exactly what is happening in the world today. All the earthly leaders are trying to bring peace but because they have forgotten the basic Laws of the Lord, they are going more and more toward self-destruction.


Now is the time to recognize this truth clearly: That we have to bring God in all levels of our lives. That includes our government. That includes our communities. It includes our cities. It includes our children. It includes our leaders. It includes everything in all levels.


Our teaching comes to humanity with a definite answer. Our system, with its spiritual base, will eliminate the shortcomings of the past and present systems. This system will be filled with benevolent leaders from the people and the spiritual base is a non-dogmatic path (Eternal Divine Path) that will help the Kingdom Of Heaven to come to earth.


Our system of manifestation of the leaders based on the Communities of Light, through the Eternal Divine Path, will allow true leaders to be developed. We call these true leaders, Paravipras.


It is these leaders who, with their great intuitive abilities, will guide the successive trends of the progress of the human society. They will establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth to allow humans to progress toward the goal with ever-increasing speed, they will help the whole universe to reach the goal (Pure Consciousness), and they themselves will reach the goal also.


Of course, any time that Gods revelation comes to earth there will be upheaval and destruction, and all the purification comes too. It is no wonder that we have so many problems on earth right now.

However, this is a process of birth pains. They are coming to another level of consciousness. Any time you are leaving one level of consciousness and going to another level, there will be confusion (chaos). But God said that His Kingdom will come, and God always keeps His promises!


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Letter to humanity and their leaders

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