A Paravipra Is a Person Who Has The Kingdom Of Heaven Within

According to our teaching, there are three kingdoms: The Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven ( ), The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth which is based on the Communities of Light ( ), and the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you, which every person creates within themselves ( ). So there are three Kingdoms.


The Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven has already been established. That is why God is in the center of The Greatest Sign. So that is the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven (KOHIH), the large one ( ) in The Greatest Sign.

It includes all the forces and sons of God whom He uses to guide His universe to Pure Consciousness. Those who reach Pure Consciousness will come back to this world, and in different levels and places help humanity and the universe progress toward perfection. They obey His Laws and accept their responsibilities (with gladness and joy) in His Hierarchy (triangle upward) no matter how small they may seem.


Then there is a Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth which is the second seal ( >) and relates to the Old Testament, the Kingdom, and the Communities Of Light, the communities that choose God as their guidance.


The Kingdom Of Heaven Within ( ) is when a person finds God in his or her Heart. It has nothing to do with any organized religion, philosophy, or external circumstance. It is a personal relationship between a man and God. It is God within the temple of ones body.

There is also a hierarchy in this Kingdom (within). Each person realizes God in a different level (hierarchy) within. Any person in a level above another can teach the person below. That is why we have so many teachers, each with a little knowledge, proclaiming to be teachers and they do find followers, those who are a little below them.

However, the greatest teacher of all is The Christ (God) who teaches all levels in the hierarchy and each one is a part of His Body.


We have to all realize that each Kingdom is necessary. Each of them are interrelated. The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth will not come without the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you. The Kingdom Of Heaven Within you might come, but it is going to be very hard to live on an earth where the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth has not come.

You might become a good person, and connect yourself to God. But it is very hard for a good person to live in a society where a lot of people are not good. It is very hard for them, because they are good, but the others are not.

So it has to go hand-in-hand. That is why a person who goes through the first five steps of the Eternal Divine Path creates the Kingdom Of Heaven Within. And not only are these people good, but they are also effective. They meditate; they do their spiritual practices to be connected to God; they strive to create an environment where the people are good, live together, and create a community. In order to create this community, sacrifice, not being self-centered, is necessary. Even with that, they have to become submissive.

Submission means you do your best and at the same time you surrender the results to God. The reason we become depressed, the reason we become unhappy, the reason we sometimes become too much elated but then we are depressed after that, is because we are attached to the results of our actions.

We do something good, we become elated. We just jump all over. Then tomorrow the thing we felt was good doesnt happen the way we want it, and we become completely down. So we go up and down like a roller coaster.

But with surrendering, we say, God, it is really You who is the Doer and the result is also Yours. Better than surrendering is submission. It means God is doing it through us.

So with that we are going to become completely free from the results of our actions. Also we will become a universalist. Being a universalist means that you believe that there is One God, One Unity in the Spirit, and everything is God. So how can you separate between religions and religions, race and race, country and country, philosophy and philosophy? There cannot be separation.

After realizing these five steps is when you create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you. So not only do you create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within, but you strive to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven without.

I go to the mountains and meditate. I think I am such a wonderful person, I am meditating all the time. Or I go to my room. Or I go to my beach. I go to whatever place I have, cut myself off from the world, and say, What a wonderful person I am. But when I encounter society, I find out that I was just escaping from truly seeing myself.

It is just like that yogi who was meditating in the mountains for ten years. He thought he was such a wonderful person. He was always happy sitting there meditating, breathing such good air, etc. He thought he was in control of his environment. One day he had to go to town. He had no choice. He went to town. With the first person who pushed him, he became so angry, and he pushed him back.

Suddenly he realized, Wow, what am I doing? I thought I was such a good, wonderful yogi. I thought I was completely in control of myself. With the first push, I became so angry. What is this?


So we believe the person who wants to create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within has to be in the community, otherwise it is not going to work. We do not believe in escapism. We do not believe in going to the mountains, meditating up there, and saying, Oh, I am a wonderful yogi. I have all these siddhis (powers) and all those things.

If we can create such people more and more, who have the Kingdom Of Heaven Within and are striving to create the community together, eventually we will connect these communities to one another. That is when we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.


Some people believe, The Kingdom Of Heaven is only within me. Some people say, No, the Kingdom Of God has to come to earth, there is no such thing as the Kingdom Of Heaven Within. And some people say, No, we have to die and go to heaven in Gods Kingdom. We say, All of your are right, and at the same time, all of you are wrong.

As we said, there are really three kingdoms. When these three kingdoms become one, then the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, Within you, and in Heaven will be established. It is going to be in absolutely the same image as the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven.

So in this aspect also we will unify these different teachings that contradict one another.


When it is realized that the King of all these three Kingdoms is He, then these three Kingdoms will become one and according to His Will. The peace and tranquility will come to humanity, and all things will be directed toward the goal of life and creation, which is to be(come) Divine.


When the Kingdom Of Heaven Within ( ) and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth ( ) are also established, then His Kingdom will come and His Will, will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.


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