In The Koran And Islam, The Name Of God Is Given As “Allah.”

Allah was the name of God, which was known by most of the religions of the world where Islam was revealed.  As “God” is a very universal name for the Lord, and is used for God in all religions, “Allah” was the name used at that time.

            However, after Prophet Muhammad used this name in his religion, other religions stopped using it in order to differentiate Islam from themselves.

            In fact, the name Allah is closely related to many original sacred names found in the original Bible.  Some of these sacred names for God show their closeness to the name “Allah.”  They are sacred names because they are vibrational sounds (mantras) and are empowered to affect and awaken different spiritual forces in the human.


To make the Koran more universal for those who are not familiar with the name Allah, one can substitute “God” for “Allah” (which are the same) in the verses in order to be able to relate to the truth, which underlies the words of the Koran.


Again we see that the name “Allah” was chosen only to be able to communicate about God.  It is a derivative of “Elohim” and other Hebrew roots which all mean “God” or the “Adorable One.”  In fact there is no name for anything in this universe.  Everything just “IS.”

However, for the purpose of communication, we give names to things.  Unfortunately people become so attached to the power of the words that they forget this simple truth.  That is one of the greatest confusions created between religions, “the barrier of the power of the word.”


The name “Allah” also is a great sound vibration, which directly affects the seed of the mind (the sixth chakra).  It consists of two syllables, “All” and “ah.”  “Ah” is directly related to the breath and is a part of the vibration of the Holy Breath, and “All” is a prefix which is used in front of names in Arabic.

So the most important part in the name Allah is the “ah” which is related to the breath and which can be used to awaken the spiritual centers in the body.  Therefore, it is not really a name but a sound vibration (very subtle) like Jehovah (Ja-Hov-Ah).

In fact, its power is because of its subtlety of vibration, development of the power of concentration, and its relationship to the breath, three characteristics for a mantra.


Even Prophet Muhammad himself declared that he did not consider the name of God to be Allah, but that all the beautiful names belong to Him.


Of course, the highest is that the Name of the Lord cannot be uttered in the physical level.  It does not matter how you call Him.  You can call Him Jehovah or Yahweh, Allah or Krishna, or God, or He, or Am, or I Am, or any name on the material level.  That is not Him because He is Formless, Nameless, Invisible, and Eternal (FINE).  He is FINE and He is beyond all of these names.  His Sacred Name cannot even be pronounced.


There is a story that someone asked Prophet Muhammad, “What is the name of God?  Is it Allah?  He said, “God has 3,000 names.  Humanity knows only 2,999 of them.  There is one name that you do not know.”


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