The Fourth Seal Is To Surrender The Result To The Lord And Be Completely Detached From The Fruit ( ), Or To Become Submitted To Him

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To be attached to ones merits or good actions (sacrifices) is an obstacle in spiritual progress. So good should be done and the results should be surrendered to God or thrown away to the universe to be used for the progress of others ( islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)).

Even greater than surrendering is submission to Him. That is, to become a channel for His Divine actions to be done through us. In surrendering, there is still an I which exists as one who surrenders, and the surrendered one is different from the one who is surrendered to.

But when a person becomes a channel for His Divine actions, then no separation exists and the surrenderer, the thing being surrendered, and the one being surrendered to, become one. This state is called the state of renunciation, when the I and all things related to it are no more.


With this, the highest spiritual realization is achieved.

In this regard, Prophet Muhammad can be viewed as the last Prophet, because with him the spiritual understanding ended. With the truths which had come before (Far East Philosophies, Judaism, and Christianity) and Islam, the spiritual truth was finished.

However, to become perfect and free from bondage and narrowness of the mind, it is necessary to become a universalist ( baha-s.gif (97 bytes)) and dynamic spiritualist or Paravipra ( kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)), so we might then reach Pure Consciousness ( center-s.gif (899 bytes)). These last three seals are the three steps to freedom from bondage (individually and collectively; physically, mentally, and spiritually).


The best religion is one in which you are surrendered and submissive to the purpose of the Lord while at the same time are helping others to reach their goal.

What was the tradition of Abraham? He was submitted to the Will of the Lord. So being submitted is the greatest achievement for a spiritualist.


When you feel to do something from the heart, then do it. That will come from Love and complete submission. Remember that you are just a pure channel for Him and whatever is done, you will do it. You just flow with all you do.

So, it is meditation all the time. You do not have to sit and close your eyes because you always know that you are not the doer. See, as long as you think that you are the doer, God is the enjoyer.

God sits back and says, "Look at this child, he thinks that he is the doer. It is My energy, I created him in the womb of his mother. I made a small tiny cell to grow in the mothers womb. I created the mothers body," such a wonderful creation, a creation which responds to all these hormones, which work according to Gods Laws.

The mother does not have any control. Who has control? Who does these things? God does. The body is just a machine. And then the child comes forth and the mother says, "Oh, that is my child." He is not your child. That was all planned from the beginning.

The moment the child comes, the milk starts flowing. How did she plan that? The mother did not plan it. God did. Whenever we do something we say, "We are the people who are doing this," and then God enjoys He just laughs. He says, "Just look at them, they think that they are the doers."

However, if the woman says, "Yes, God, I know I am not the doer, You are the doer," she then becomes the enjoyer. God becomes the doer. Then she becomes the observer. She sits back and lets Him do it according to His Will.

The Sign of Islam falls into submission and surrendering. Being submissive all the time is a very hard thing to do. That is why the best time to remember to be surrendered to God is when you become attached to the result of your action. You say, "Well God, I am being attached to the result of my action, please take all these results, I do not want them. Then I can be free."


So we should practice letting Him do the actions through us and realize that the greatest happiness and freedom comes when we allow our bodies to be tools for His Divine actions. With this ideation and devotion to Him, we will dissolve our false egos and will not be bound by the reaction of our Divine actions, because He is the doer, not us.

However, a person is responsible for his own egoistical actions!


Like many other words in spirituality, "surrendering" has been misunderstood. Many people say they are surrendered to the Will of God, so they do not have to be worried about anything, as long as they are surrendered, everything will be alright. This interpretation of surrendering will lead to escapism, and is no better than believing that this world is illusion or in an all powerful Messiah who will do it all for us, instead of God!


Surrendering does not mean that I sit there and do nothing and say, "Enshallah" [if God Wills]. But I do not do anything about it. I am not going to put any effort on it. I am just going to say, "Well, God is going to take care of it." That is surrendering from ignorance.

Actually, there is a word in Islamic tradition that says, "You move and God blesses you, or God gives you bread," something like that. So without your movement you do not receive any bread. That means you have to make an effort before God blesses you, God gives you your share of the universe.


God created intelligence, the brain, hands, feet, body, eyes and all the necessary faculties for man so that he is independent and able to manage his own life. Man should use this perfect body to progress in all aspects of life and fight vigorously to overcome all opposing forces. So God does not love those who escape from life.

However, God created this universe for a great purpose, to bring all to perfection. In doing so, each individual should purify the self and overcome his lower nature (establishment of the Kingdom Of Heaven within). Also, he should help others to understand the goal of life and guide them toward it, and participate in establishing an environment that enables all to progress and reach the goal (establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven without).


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