Prophet Muhammad Established
The Kingdom Of Heaven In A Small
Part Of The World For A Short
Period Of Time.

We should remember that the Arab civilization then was so primitive that the people used to kill their female children or sell them in childhood. They did not care for the female children; they only wanted male children. Also, they had many, many Gods, and they worshipped statues, etc.


Prophet Muhammad started his mission in Mecca, and Mecca was the center of idol worshipping. There were 365 idols in their place of worship, and everyday they worshipped one of these idols. And every idol belonged to a tribe, or a nation, or a people. There is a story that even the statue of Krishna was in the temple so when the Hindus came to Mecca they had their god there so they could worship Krishna. And the tribes of the Arabs themselves had many, many different gods.

Everyone had their god. Everyone was happy. From all over the world they would come there, worship their god, and bring the merchants to Mecca. These people bought and sold, and so they made profits there. You could find almost anything you wanted in Mecca. If you wanted some cashmere from places in India, you could find it. If you wanted something from Egypt, or from Persia, you could go to Mecca and buy it. Apparently it was a peaceful place.

Suddenly Muhammad came and said, I have received this revelation that there is no god but God, La ilaho ill Allah. That hurt all those merchants and all those people who had the power of Mecca in their hands and were prosperous. They were prosperous because they made this set-up of 365 idols. This attracted many merchants there. They spent their money and the people of Mecca prospered.

They did not pay too much attention to him in the beginning. But when his followers started growing and becoming strong, they said, Well, this really is going to be a threat to the three hundred and sixty-five gods, and they were going to lose a lot of business because the merchants with different beliefs would no longer come that route to stay in Mecca. So they started opposing him.

The merchants and people in power in Mecca became pretty upset, because if they agreed with what he said, then their gods were no longer God, they were just idols. So they tried to bribe him. They tried to give him money. They tried to give him position or anything he wanted. He said, If you give me the sun in one hand and the moon in the other, I am not going to change my mind. I know what I received, and I believe in what I received.


To Prophets of God, it does not make any difference if you offer them the whole universe, still they are going to go ahead and do their missions.


When a Prophet comes and brings a new religion, a new ideology, a new revelation, probably he is ahead of his time. When he is ahead of humanity, they have a hard time to understand him. And because they have a hard time to understand, they do not want him to say what he is saying. It is probably that they feel it is opposing their social set-up. Resistance to a new teaching comes from human fears.


However, after Islam was established, in a short period of time, that same society became the center of world civilization. In a hundred years, they started creating algebra, they started studying the stars, and the people became educated. Suddenly when Europe was in the Dark Age, Islam was the center of civilization and all the many wonderful discoveries that later on helped humanity came from them.

Mecca not only became a greater center of business, it became a great city. A lot of people started traveling to it, and they even started becoming greater in all levels, scientifically, business wise, and theologically. Everything became much greater than before.


This shows how, with the proper environment and by following Gods principles, a difference will be made for the progress of man.


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