It Is Believed By Moslems (Followers Of Islam) That Muhammad Was The Last Prophet

Moslems refer to a verse in the Koran, which contains a word, which has two different pronunciations, each with a different meaning. It can be pronounced Khatem (last, the end) or Khatam (the seal).

The true meaning of this word has been the subject of dispute for centuries. Some say it is Khatem, so Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet. Some say Khatam, so he was the seal of the Prophets but they do not give an explanation as to why he was the seal.

However, in truth the word can be pronounced in both ways, and both meanings are correct.

Prophet Muhammad brought the highest spiritual realizations for humanity, to be surrendered and submissive to the Lord. So there will not be any higher realization brought to humanity. Therefore, from this point of view, he is the last Prophet, the Khatem of the Prophets.

Also as it has been shown in The Greatest Sign, the sign of Islam ( islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) is at the very top:

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Therefore, it is the seal in The Plan of the Lord and Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the Prophets (Khatam of the Prophets).


However, with Islam, The Plan of God was not yet finished. Still there were three more truths, which should have come before The Plan was complete. The first four truths (Far East Philosophies or Mystical Paths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) plus the next three (Bahai, Paravipras, and Pure Consciousness), make up the seven truths which are symbolized as the seven churches and seven seals in The Revelation, the last book of the Bible and are presented in The Greatest Sign.

Also it was foretold in the Koran that a further truth would come:

Allah will bring a people whom He loveth and who love him(Surah The Table Spread, 54)

Furthermore, in Islam God is One who does whatever He pleases. So He can also send another Prophet if He wills (pleases) to do so. However, the spiritual understanding was finished with Prophet Muhammad, and from this point of view, he is the last Prophet.

But to complete and expand the human mind, other steps were necessary. The next Prophet, who brought universalism ( baha-s.gif (97 bytes)), was Bab (or the Baha'i Faith). Without the universal point of view, all of the four previous truths will be narrow, and narrowness indeed is the root cause of all suffering and is not according to the Will of God. Therefore, expansion of the mind (universalism) was necessary.

The name of this new truth is historically known as the Baha'i Faith ( baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). Although no new spiritual realization was brought to humanity by this religion, with realizing that universalism will result in expansion of the mind and destruction of all narrowness of the mind, the importance of this truth can be felt, and it also is a part of the Eternal Path.


Until a universal point of view is created and it is understood that God is everything, there is a possibility that the mind will become narrow in its scope and this will create suffering.


God can give prophethood to anyone He wishes in any time of history before and after Prophet Muhammad. It is completely up to Him. Even thinking that any Prophet is the last one is a sin, because we are saying what God should do or should not do. The Lord God has a great Plan to fulfill and He will not stop, until it is done.


The problem is that the human wants to narrow Gods works into one aspect or dimension. But Gods words and actions are multidimensional. That is where the misunderstanding starts. You cannot narrow the expanded work of the Lord to the small understanding of man. To know Him and His Words require bringing yourself to His expanded level.

This endeavor of man to narrow the works of the Lord is another reason for human sufferings.


Even Prophet Muhammad said, We send Prophets anywhere we want to. In the Koran he said, We can raise Prophets in every village if we want to, and Allah chooses of His Messengers whom He will So even saying or thinking that one Prophet is the last one and God is not going to return to earth is really against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.


Another point is that Prophet Muhammad said, Allah chooses His Messengers from among the angels and men. Those Prophets who come from the angels are Avatars (god-men), and those who come from humans are Satgurus (men-gods).


Furthermore, the true teachings usually are lost after some time and new Messengers are necessary to come and bring the lost truth back again.


Actually, according to The Greatest Sign, there are, between Muhammad and our period, two other beings who came to earth and brought great Light. Of course, there was a long stretch between 600 AD, when Muhammad came and 1800 AD, which was around 1,200 years when not many great revelations came.

That was the real period of ignorance. That was the real Kali Yuga years on earth, because ignorance came to its fullest. You could see in Europe, the religions persecuting people. The whole truth actually was lost for 1,200 years. Now we are coming out of that period.


So, God can do whatever He wants to. If He wants to raise another Prophet in every village, He will. Actually, that is what we should eventually have; we should have a Paravipra in every village, in every community, in every state, in every part of the world. Then we have everyone who can channel God through themselves.

What is a Prophet? A Prophet is a person who channels God very well through him or her self. Then in a situation that he does not even know, he goes to Spirit and prays and says, Oh God, please, what is in this situation? What can I do? and Spirit says, God wants it this way.

And because it is the truth everyone also says, Yes, God wants it this way. Then more and more people come to the path of Spirit, to go to the Spirit and find out what is the right thing to do.


Legitimate Prophets, God chooses and puts through fire first. He makes them good instruments. He in tunes them with Himself first. Just like any instrument, either it is tuned or it is not tuned. The one that is not tuned may make some music too, but it does not sound as good as the instrument that is completely tuned to the Fathers Will.

So He in tunes them first with His Will, then He says what he wants what kind of music He is going to make in the future. And we are seeing that music is coming true. These prophecies are being fulfilled and we are going toward that Golden Age.


One interesting point about the Baha'i Faith is the way Moslems treated its followers. Many of them were slain. As it was explained in the commentary on the Koran, Prophet Muhammad warned Moslems in Surah The Table Spread (Al-Maidah), 54, that if they forget his teachings: in his stead, God will bring a people whom He loves and they would love Him, This indirectly means that another Prophet will come. Still the very word Moslem means to be surrendered to the Will of God, so if a new movement with a more progressive ideology was revealed to humanity, a Moslem (surrendered one) should accept it, or at least not oppose it.


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