Grace Came By Esa, Law With Muhammad, Universalism With Bahai

In Islam, Muhammad brought a lot of laws for the Moslems. Also in the Hebrew teaching, a lot of laws came through Moses.

Actually, in all the great religions of the world, the Law of Karma (a reaction for any action and its consequence) more or less has been accepted. Although this Law has been presented in different terms or phrases, they all express this truth: those who do not follow Gods Laws (sin) will be punished sooner or later, unless they learn their lessons and repent.

So if it is true, then why do we need social punishment and/or why did Moses and Muhammad constitute external punishment for the wrongdoers?

Although the Law of Karma is true and man knowingly or unknowingly is punished for his wrongdoings, this Law prevents only those who are sensitive enough or are in a higher consciousness from wrongdoing. They realize the truth behind this Law and therefore keep themselves from sin.

However, those who are in their lower natures truly believe they are nothing more than this physical body. They have no sense of spiritual existence, and no sensitivity toward the punishments that they bear because of their actions. They only understand bodily discomfort and punishment. In fact earthly laws are for people in this level or consciousness who, by being punished physically or by seeing others punished physically, are prevented from wrongdoings.


Prophet Muhammad did not put it in the way of the Law of Karma; he put it in a much simpler way for the people around him at that time to understand. He said, "It is going to be like a necklace around your neck." That necklace shows what your action has been in your lifetime, and you are going to be judged according to those actions.


That has been the base for the laws brought by Moses or Prophet Muhammad. The man who is spiritually aware knows that the judgment of God is enough for him and His Laws are followed by internal awareness of the consequence of breaking them, and/or the joy of following them. Grace burns all impurities! But the man of flesh only knows the punishment of flesh and how to avoid such a punishment.

However, these laws only are valid and enforceable if a just society has been created and true leaders (incorruptible and just) are leading society.

In order to implement Gods Laws in society justly, the awareness of the people of the truth behind the religions and God (truth) is another factor. So the mass would not be exploited by intellectual spiritualists (dogmas) because of their ignorance.

These are again more reasons that each person should become familiar with the truth behind the spiritual world and realize that the leadership of Paravipras (true leaders, Elected Ones) is necessary. After such a society has been established, then the Laws of God can be applied to those who even in such a society will not follow the social orders but continue to commit crimes. Then they will be punished. With this, they would become an external symbol of internal punishment for those who need such an example.


We find the laws of Moses and Muhammad so hard to practice in our unjust societies. In a society where all have the basic necessities, a man who steals out of greed can have his hand cut off. But if a man steals out of necessity, or for any other forgivable reason, he cannot be judged for that action.


Prophet Muhammad and other Prophets are saying the truths of the universe, in different ways, with the same understanding of the realities of the universe.


Daharma (Darma) is a Sanskrit word, which means "innate nature." Every particle or being in the universe has one or multiple Daharmas. The Daharma of an animal is to eat, drink, sleep, regenerate, progress in that level of consciousness, and die. He does not have any knowledge of self or God.

The Daharma of man in the physiological level is as an animal, but man is more developed and also has a greater Daharma. That greater Daharma is to realize the spiritual world and to reach the goal of creation: Pure Consciousness. That is, the human body is the most perfect instrument for reaching Pure Consciousness.

Daharma can also be described as rules, regulations, or Laws which govern each part of the universe alone, or all of the universe as a whole. We have individual Daharma, Daharma for a special group of people (men, woman, etc.), Daharma for society, world Daharma, Universal Daharma (Laws), etc.

These Daharmas are called the Laws of God by the Prophets. These Laws can never be broken. A person might think he can break these Laws, or even apparently that person will break the Laws. But eventually he who breaks these Laws breaks himself against them.


That is what the process of evolution and history teach humans. If they understand and follow the lessons given by this process, they can accelerate their progress toward Pure Consciousness. Yet if they follow their false egos and their own laws and regulations (lower natures), no one will be hurt but themselves.

This body is given to us for a purpose. For example, when we feel pain we know something is wrong. In the same way, when everyone becomes lost and does not know what to do in life, then man should know there is something wrong with his laws and way of living.

When man finally sees that throughout all of history he has suffered by following his false ego, then he will realize the shortcomings of his own laws and surrender to the Universal Laws, no matter how bad they look to his ego. Only by following the Daharma of everything can we be happy. No matter how much we intellectually argue, it will not help to bring happiness to humanity. Only following the Laws of God will bring everlasting happiness and peace.


God sent the Commandments. Follow them and then see the results. You will see the strength, the quietness of the mind, the peace of the Soul and spirit when you follow Him. And those are really what you need.


God brings the sun up in the sky, He does not care of it is shining on a sinner or a Saint. The difference is that the sinner has an umbrella over his head. Although the sun is up, he is not receiving any light. The problem with the sinner (who is self-centered, selfish, and disconnected) is that he or she has his umbrella of ego over his head. God is giving The Grace all the time, but he is not receiving it.

The Saint does not have any ego. He is open and says, "Oh, great, I am receiving all this Grace." He is very happy.

So there is no difference between us. The difference is how much we are receiving the Spirit from Him.


Once more God is trying to awaken man to understand that He exists. He expects man to understand this, give up his little false ego, and follow Him and His Laws. Only those who do so will be regarded as greater than the rest. Those who keep their limited egos and do not come to the path of righteousness will suffer the consequences of their actions and will go far astray. Those who go to Him will reach salvation through His Grace.


If we say that Islam does not believe in reincarnation, then we are saying that God cannot reincarnate. That is directly opposed to the Korans teaching of "Allah verily is Able to do all things." Also, reincarnation is the way to believe in the justness of God. If all men have only one lifetime and man is born in an environment where he never had a chance to progress even to be told of the realities of the Scriptures and God, then God cannot judge him. But if he is reincarnated again and again, and warned and tested but he refuses to be guided, then it is justified for him to be drowned into illusion (be punished).


The Koran was sent to correct previous stories which had been given by God, and also to bring new laws after the lawgiving was taken from Judah. Furthermore, we know the Bible had been lost, many other teachings had influenced it, and some parts had been omitted or added. Therefore, for understanding the truth, we should trust the new revelations, which were sent by God to humanity. But not blindly we should see if they have been fulfilled or not.


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