The Coming Of The Teaching Of Islam (Surrendering And Submission) For Furthering The Course Of Humanity History (His Story) Was Part Of The Promise Given To Abram (Abraham)

God promised Abram and his seed many things. The son of Abram was Ishmael, the son of Hagar. Ishmael is the father of the Arabs.

Then God changed his name from Abram (A-Bram) to Abraham and gave him new promises for his seed. He then begot Isaac from his wife Sarah.

The significance of the name change from Abram to Abraham, and the difference between the two promises given to Abram and his seed, and to Abraham and his seed, is very important for understanding the great mystery of the historical events that took place later on. Without knowing this, a great truth will be lost and we will not be able to see how the promises He had given to Abram and Abraham were fulfilled.

Also, in the promises He gave to Abram and Abraham, there were two aspects in each promise: (1) the birthright or territorial possession, and (2) the spiritual kingly promise (scepter). Then the Bible continues with the promises that were given to Abraham for his seed Isaac.

So, Isaac and Ishmael both received the blessing, the birthright, and the scepter. And both of them were eventually fulfilled.


Also, in Genesis 49:10, it states:

The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

This is a great prophecy which has been ignored by many and is the very key in understanding most of the events which had happened throughout the past several thousand years.

This means that the Messiah or spiritual king should come from the tribe of Judah, and the lawgiving and its enforcement would be by this tribe. However, this promise is not forever, but only until Shiloh come.


By the coming of Esa the Christ (Shiloh), the kingly spiritual being promised to Abraham was finished, and as Esa prophesied, The kingdom of God shall be taken from Judah and instead given to another nation (Matthew 21:43). Therefore, the scepter and the lawgiving were removed from the tribe of Judah and given to another nation.

This other nation was the Arabs. The spiritual kingly personality was Muhammad. The spiritual truth and laws were Islam and the Koran.

With this, another prophecy was fulfilled, and also history is the witness of this truth that God promised would happen. Furthermore, nothing happens without His Will. So, if a person would be able to establish a new great religion, it has been His Will, even if some people do not understand or do not like it.


Also, as we can see historically, the promises given to Ishmael, the father of the Arabs, have come true. Arabs are a great nation with a great territory.


We can see that even Abraham did not understand the promises God was giving to him and his sons, because when God said, I am going to give you a child by the name of Isaac, Abraham said, Cant this blessing be upon Ishmael? He did not believe he would have another child because he was ninety-nine years old and his wife ninety years old. He said, What are you talking about, God? I cannot have a child. It is too late for me [laughing]. So, he said, God, can you give that blessing also to Ishmael? I know that I am not going to have another child.

But God said, No, I am going to give you a child. Even though Abraham did not understand it, God said, I have already blessed Ishmael. In the Bible, it shows that when He gave the first promises to Abram, they were for Ishmael. Then later on He said, Now your name is Abraham, your wifes name is no longer Sarai, it is Sarah, and I am going to give you a child who you will name Isaac, and this blessing is now for Isaac.


Abram (Abraham) is known as the submissive one, the one who was completely surrendered and submissive to the Will of God. He had left his family and obeyed God, even when God said, Take your child and sacrifice him for Me. Abraham said, OK, fine, if that is Your Will, I will do that. So, you can see how submissive he was, compared to our submission to the Will of God. Of course, that does not mean that He is going to ask everyone to do that. But that shows how submissive Abraham was.

Because Abram (Abraham) followed the Will of God, God blessed him. When you obey God, the blessing becomes an unconditional blessing. That is why God said, Forever this blessing is going to be upon you, that all nations are going to be blessed by you. Whoever blesses you will be blessed, and all that, which has been given him in the Bible.


So, we can see that there were two promises for two children. As we said, one child was the first child of Abram, and he was Ishmael.

We can also find this in the Koran. The same thing was revealed to Prophet Muhammad that, We will make a nation out of you and a Messenger will come out of thee. Exactly the same promise, isnt it, that he is going to be a nation?

Actually, after I wrote down this revelation about the two sons of Abram (Abraham), I found this in the Koran. After I wrote this down, later on, one day I was reading the Koran and I said, Hey, look, it is even in the Koran.

That it exactly what it says, A nation is going to come out of you and a Prophet will guide them. Again, the nation is the material blessing and the Prophet is the Messiah, or the spiritual blessing or the scepter.

We can see that even the Koran confirms that God has already promised Ishmael that such things were going to come to him. So, the blessing which was given to Abram was for Ishmael and his children.

So, the birthright or territorial possession was given to the children of Ishmael, or the Arabs. The Arabs are a nation, arent they? They are from Saudi Arabia to Jordan, to part of Israel, Egypt, all of North Africa, all the way to Spain.


Also, when they came to Spain, they mingled with the Spanish population, and after two hundreds years they have created a lot of children. Who are the rest of the people in Spain? They are the Spanish people. And where are the Spanish people? Most of the Spanish people are in South America. We even have a lot of them here in the United States.

We can see they really are like the number of the stars. Can you count all the Arabs in North Africa, Asia, and South America?


If Christians and Jews realize this, that God already promised also there was going to be a Prophet through Ishmael and he came through Prophet Muhammad, we already have three religions unified, dont we? Judaism and Christianity are pretty close. Actually they are both the children of Isaac. And Islam is from the children of Ishmael.


Islam is one of the accepted world religions, and a great part of humanity has been blessed through it. So, denying its validity and that it has been the work of God for fulfilling the promises given to Abram for his seed Ishmael is just like denying the sun on a sunny day.


This truth (promise of spiritual blessing for Ishmael) either had been lost from the Bible through the turbulent history of the Hebrews, or the book was changed, and that part which told of a Prophet also coming from the seed of Ishmael was taken out of the Old Testament. Both of these explanations are possible because we know that the Bible was written around 500 B.C., and the book was completely lost after the captivity of the Jews. It was revealed again in the Koran, They say it is from Allah what they have written by their own hands. Woe be unto them! (Surah The Cow, 79).


The point is that the promise of material possession (the birthright) and the spiritual blessing (the scepter) were both also given to Ishmael. Not accepting this is to miss a great part of The Plan of the Lord.


Any time any new religion comes, any new revelation comes, it unifies every religion before it. It is just like when Christ came, he tried to unify the Jews and Gentiles. He said, There is no difference between Jews and Gentiles. They are all the children of God. They are all created by Him so there is no difference between them.

Then Prophet Muhammad came and said. We are the children of the book and we all came from Abraham. There is no difference between us. Let us not argue, let us be unified.

Bahai came and said, Everything is universal. There is no difference between our religions. Basically, they all said the same thing about unifying.

Now we come and we put everything together, Hinduism, Buddhism, all the Mystical Paths, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai, etc., and say, There is no difference between you. Everything is from God and each of these revelations has a part of the Eternal Divine Path. So, let us be unified.

See, Prophets do not come to separate human from human. Who separates human from human? Humans themselves.


Prophet Muhammad is the Khatem (the last) of the Prophets in the sense of spiritual understanding. That is why Prophets or Messengers after Islam did not bring any higher spiritual truths than what had already been revealed to humanity. But new understandings were necessary to complete The Greatest Sign.

Also, with the coming of Christ and Prophet Muhammad, the promises given to Abram or Abraham about his seed Ishmael and Isaac (that the nations of the earth would be blessed through them) were fulfilled. That is why the next Prophet (Baha'i) did not come from the Children of Abram but from people who geographically were close to them. He came from Persia which had a long relationship with both Arabs and Jews.


With fulfillment of all the promises God had given to Abrams and Abrahams seed, which were explained, He is no longer obligated to any special people. Now humans once more are equal. All these historical events have happened according to the Scriptures, to make men again understand that they are not left alone in this world with no one looking after them, or that they can do whatever they want to, or that they can choose their ways as they please.


Now it is time for the human to see the limits of his intellect and understandings, then surrender himself to God and the words revealed through His Prophets, and overcome the confusion between them by understanding The Greatest Sign. Then the glory of God will be realized and His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.


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