No Barriers

The Human Should Destroy Those Barriers Which Have Separated Man From Man, and Utilize All His Abilities toward the Goal All toward Pure Consciousness

Each race and people have a special place in creation. Through the evolutionary process, they have been separated into many different races. Each race now has a characteristic which dominates that race. With mixing the races together, we will create new bodies for those Souls who are ready to occupy such bodies. This will also enable humanity to further overcome the feeling of racism.

Another application of mixing races is to cause different cultures to come closer together and therefore create the feeling of universalism. This will help humans to understand more and more that we are one family.

Again that is what should be done in the era to come and is The Plan of creation for making man understand that we are all in the path of becoming Pure Consciousness, and any obstacle in this path should be shattered and destroyed. Racism and nationalism are two of these which can be destroyed more effectively, beautifully, and peacefully, by inter-marriage between different races and cultures.

Also racism is one of the problems within many nations. Therefore, marriage between different races within a country is highly recommended. Then marriage between those of different countries will occur, until humans become so mixed that separation of the races is impossible.

In this process, however, the spiritual unification of the couple involved is the most important factor. With this view, all obstacles can be overcome. Also bringing the whole world under one international government can accelerate this process, and correspondingly, this process will accelerate the establishment of a world government.


Some people argue that marriage within the same race, culture, and background produces less trouble for the couple. It is true, and that is why the first pioneers who marry from two different races should be truly matured and strong, so that they can withstand the problems related with breaking the tradition, until mixed marriages become more acceptable throughout the world. Some of this argument springs from the fear of change and/or prejudice.

Mixed marriages are more difficult for the couples in this state of social and intellectual development of man. However, if there were not difficulties, humans would have never progressed. As time passes, it will become easier. There should always be pioneers to initiate a change, and those are usually the ones who go through the most hardships. They are also the builders of the future.

However, it is mostly a personal decision. But if a man and a woman are truly and spiritually attracted and complementary to each other, no barriers should stand in their way. Of course, in all cases the consultation with their parents, spiritual teacher, and eventually meditating on it and praying (seeking His Will) should be considered. In this case, the advice of a true master (spiritual guide) is the most helpful.

Even if the process of intermarriage does not result in a complete mixing of the races, still it should be kept in mind that each race, like each beautiful flower, has its beauty and distinct fragrance. When they are all put together as a bouquet, they can be even more beautiful than only one single kind of flower.

With the advanced communicative and transportative abilities of man, humans have no choice any longer but to accept this truth. They should not only create a brotherly feeling toward each other, but realize that all are a part and parcel of God, so all is He and all are equal with different natures and purposes (Daharmas).


In the Bible it is said that God scattered humans all over the world and confused them by creating many languages (took away their telepathic powers). He did this because they started to use their good communicative abilities and intelligence to build things that were destructive to their existence. Therefore, for their own good, God confused them (Genesis chapter 11).

However, it is now time for the human to go back to a one-language based society all over the world. By understanding the lesson that THOTH has given, the human should be wiser by now and use his energy and knowledge only for the purpose and goal of creation of the universe: to bring humans and the whole universe toward Pure Consciousness. However, this can be done only by understanding the reality behind The Greatest Sign.


For selecting a language that enables all of humanity to communicate and at the same time preserves all great achievements of the different cultures, we should accept one language as the base. By translating all the great literature and Scriptures of each culture to this basic language, and by using those words from the different cultures which cannot be translated to this basic language (words like Daharma, karma, jahad, etc.) after some time a new language will be created which allows greater versatility and eventually will cover all the beautiful things in other languages. It will be a great and powerful language of the world.

However, the native languages should be preserved for many years until, in the course of time, the new language will replace the old languages and transform the society to a higher understanding of all other different cultures and their achievements in other parts of the world.

English seems to be the most suitable one at this time to be accepted as the basic language. However, learning the languages of the Scriptures, such as Sanscrit, Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic, etc., is also recommended.


Another way to create universal feelings and accelerate the process of breaking barriers between different cultures is to collect spiritual names with beautiful meanings from all the cultures, societies, and Scriptures in the world (from those Scriptures with positive forces behind them) and create a pool of them.

Then from this pool, a name can be selected for a person from all cultures. This name can be used as an accepted name for a lifetime or can be chosen as a spiritual name. The meaning of the name should be pleasant and at the same time give some ideal expression to strive for, such as a name with the meaning, wise. So the person should strive to become what the meaning of his name is.

Also the person should know what culture his name has come from and this will create an attraction toward knowing more about those people. Therefore, he will not only think about his own culture but will create the habit of being interested in the whole world.

This will help the human more toward universalism.


It has been said, All men are created equal. I do not think that sentence says anyone is lesser, or higher, or worth more, or worth less, than anyone else.

So all men are created equal and in that sense it means all humans. I do not think it means just all humans, it means all beings in the universe, even beyond our solar system. If we ever find any beings somewhere else, they have the same opportunity. We have to look at them as equal with everyone else.

But also God gave us another sentence, You know them by their fruits. So although we are all equal, God looks at how much fruit we give, how much effort we are putting toward Gods fruition. He wants to make something to be fruitful. He is trying to make something to give fruit.

The more a person gives fruit, the more, of course, he is higher in the eye of God. He looks at them and says, Yes, this child is giving a lot of fruit, and another child is not giving fruit. But really He looks at how much you can manifest for God, how much you love Him, how much effort you give to be with Him. To Him we all are His children.


The next era is the age of cooperation and unity between all. The human has no choice. This is Gods Plan. It does not matter how much intellectuals argue about human problems (and come up with no solutions). The Plan of the Father will be fulfilled and man will learn that God, like a good father, will guide His children until they learn their lessons. Going against His Plan will hurt no one but the human himself.

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