Prophesies Fulfilled

The Prophecy of the Teaching That Will Bring
Unity to All Religions of the World is Fulfilled

The desire for unification of humanity and religions is shared by many all throughout the earth. Many are longing to stop this madness and confusion between different people, nations, religions, etc. The world is still enflamed with the old rivalries, beliefs, superstitions, intellectual pride, self-interest, and fragmentations. A growing number of people see, however, that a unity lies behind all these apparent separations. These are the ones who are the pioneers of the coming events. They are the forerunners for the future of a united world.

It has also been prophesied that a unifying teaching will come which will bring peace, tranquility, and unity on earth it is the Prophet of this new teaching, and the teaching which will gather those who are ready for this unification and will unify them to bring about that peaceful earth, which has been foretold in all religions of the world.

We believe we have these Teachings and its Teacher.


That is why Maitreya is called the World Teacher, because he is a teacher who teaches the whole world, the whole universe.


There has never before been a teaching that unifies and explains the coming of every major religion on earth. This teaching explains the history, why every one of the religions came, how they can be unified together, and how to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. This teaching has never been on earth, and never in history have they had such a teaching. So it is very unique.


The Mystical Paths are the spirit of all religions. Judaism came for the Children of Israel. Christ came for the ten lost tribes. Islam, in the Arabic language, came for the Arabs. However, our teaching not only explains all of these, but it also incorporates two more teachings, and the Prophet taught it not in his own language but in another language. So it is no longer for a special people but for the whole earth.


God has prophesied that His Kingdom will come on earth. If He said in the past something will happen and it happened, this will also come true. We will see everything accelerated on the earth. It will come, we will see. We will be all together and every day we will see things accelerating themselves as part of the prophecy for humanity.

When they realize that, then we will not have these wars. We will not have these separations and we will not have racial problems. We will not have all these evils that are on earth. Not only that, we will also have different kinds of technology that will not destroy the earth.

So the whole thing is coming to a head for humanity. It is just like a diseased body. All of the diseased parts have to be cut out first before it can heal itself. And that is where we are right now. I wish this thing would happen like a lot of people are saying, very, very harmoniously with no problems. Yet we see that things are not becoming more harmonious, but are even worse.

Those people who are in the Spirit of God and working for His Kingdom, have no fears at all of what is coming. Their strength is in God and they are One with each other because of God. Because of the Lord and because they are one with each other, they will go through this period very easily. They have nothing to fear of what is coming.


It was prophesied that these things were going to happen and that this teaching was going to come. Look at all the great religions, they have prophesied that all these things are going to take place before the end time. Look at Hinduism. They are looking for the Messiah (Krishna) to come. Look at Buddhism. They are looking for Buddha to come. Look at Judaism. They are looking for the Messiah to come. Look at Christianity, they are looking for Christ to come. Look at Islam. They are looking for Mehdi to come. Look at the Bahais. They are looking for Bahaullah to come, or the next one after Bab to come. All the religions have prophesied this.

What is going to come? The religions of the world will be unified. The Kingdom Of Heaven, of God, is going to come. There are going to be upheavals on earth before this happens. And there will be a lot of prophecies which are going to be fulfilled.


So we believe in the prophecies in the Bible. We believe in those prophecies written in the Koran. We believe in the prophecies that have been given to the Hindus, Buddhists, American Indians, etc. All the ones that make sense and will be fulfilled are the legitimate prophecies.


God also prophesied that in the end of this era, the knowledge will increase. See, He has all the knowledge we learn now and that has been coming to humanity all along. He knows about electricity. He knows about electromagnetics. He knows about atoms. He knows about all these things. But He has kept them from humanity because He did not want to give them to humans before. They were not ready for them yet.

Now, suddenly He released these things to us. Why? Because it is time for a great leap of human evolution. At the same time, because this new knowledge is creating such a closeness among people, it is also causing a lot of upheaval. A lot of old concepts humanity wants to hang onto, these old ways, are no longer appropriate.

So this is when these upheavals are created. This is the lesson humanity has to learn. This is One Earth. We are such a small and closely knit earth right now that we have no choice but to come to this conclusion, that we are One Earth and One Family. And, there is One God for all of us. So that is why humanity is going through these birth pains. For instance, a lot of people oppose other countries. Yet, they are using their industrial products.

They have no choice; they have no escape. They say a lot of bad things about those countries but if they can get their hands on their cars, they do not mind at all. You see, they need those things. At the same time, the people who have this industrial power, have a mission.

For instance, the United States has been chosen for a mission. It has been clearly explained in THOTH what the mission of the United States is. And that is what is should accomplish, what it should manifest for humanity. If it does not, it will be in trouble.


So, that is our strength. That is our power. That is our faith. The Spirit of God will do it. This Spirit has come to us and has told us that is what has to come to earth. Now we have brought this Message down from the ethereal level onto the earth and it is on earth. The Spirit and the Message will go through and eventually humanity will realize that there is no choice, but only Gods Way.

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