The Greatest Sign This Teaching For This Era Has Been Given in The Greatest Sign. In The Greatest Sign, Humanity is Unified
There are some teachings that teach that all the religions of the world are basically the same, therefore they come from the same Spirit. But as we go through the explanation of the Eternal Divine Path, we realize that not all of them are the same, but each of them has a very outstanding message. If we understand that each of them has a message, and when we put all of these messages together we find a greater truth, not only would we unify all the religions of the world, but we would reveal a greater truth, a truth which is greater than the parts, and each religion is in that greater truth.


There are seven seals, or steps, in the Eternal Divine Path.

The first seal is the I-Ching ( ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), seen at the very bottom of The Greatest Sign. As you see, it is horizontal. Horizontal means asleep, not being awakened. That is the first chakra. That is where the kundalini is coiled down and is asleep. So the I-Ching is horizontal in the first chakra.

Here in God ( ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), in the middle of The Greatest Sign, the I-Ching is not horizontal, it is awakened. It is vertical. When you want to go somewhere, what do you do? You stand up; you become vertical. When you no longer want to be active, what do you do? You lie down; you become inactive.

So the first part is meditation, contemplation, concentration, and all those techniques that all the Mystical Paths teach us, just like agni yoga, yoga itself, raja yoga, hatha yoga, Sufism, Mystical Christianity, Cabbala, etc. It covers Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the teachings from Haiti, Africa, and South American about there being a Spirit in everything, in the trees, in this chair, in this pointer, that everything has a Spirit, is God.

All those teachings are related to awakening our spiritual forces because our spiritual forces are asleep. They are in a horizontal position. That is why this first seal is the spirit of the rest of our teaching. If you do not meditate, if you do not awaken your spiritual forces, it is very hard for you to walk the rest of the Path.

After awakening your spiritual forces, what is the next step? If you read the Old Testament, you will notice that the entire Old Testament is based on finding a people who are Gods people, the Children of Israel.

See, there are three stars of David, or seals of Solomon, in The Greatest Sign. There is one in the second seal ( ), there is one in the sixth seal ( ), and there is a bigger one in the center ( ). The triangle upward always means hierarchy. For instance, if you study business management, when they want to show the managerial hierarchy, what do they do? They show the president at the top, a couple of vice-presidents next, then the departments, the sub-departments, etc. So it creates a triangle upward ( 3u).

The triangle upward in this sign ( ) always means hierarchy. The triangle downward means Spirit. So the triangle upward is the hierarchy in heaven. The big sign of Solomon in the center of The Greatest Sign ( ) means the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven, which is filled with the people who are in higher consciousness, angels and anything you want to think about. They all follow the Spirit, so that is the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven.

In the second seal it is the same thing ( ) but this, as we said, is related to the Old Testament. This hierarchy is on earth. So the hierarchy here is the hierarchy of Great Beings on earth who follow the Spirit. In a sense not only do we have the hierarchy upward, but others do also. If we study management, they have the hierarchy upward too, but they do not consider the triangle downward. They do not bring God into their hierarchy.

The hierarchy we present here is based on the Spirit of God. It has to have the Spirit of God in it. If it does not have the Spirit of God, then it is the fallen hierarchy, it is just another earthly hierarchy. That is why this symbolizes the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth ( ). The large star of David is the Kingdom of Heaven In Heaven ( ), and this is the Kingdom Of Heaven Within ( ).

You meditate, then you direct your energy of meditation and realization toward bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. How can we bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth?

The whole Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are the communities that follow the Eternal Divine Path.

The first step, again, is meditation, understanding, etc., to awaken our spiritual forces. The second step, or seal, is to direct our energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So we see that we unified all the Mystical Paths together. Then we also brought the Old Testament, or the Jews, or the Hebrews, into how they connect with the Mystical Paths.

Now, how do we create the Communities of Light? If everyone says, "What is in it for me, and I'm only interested in my own interests, etc." it is not going to work. If everyone says, "As long as I am OK, I do not care about anyone else," it is not going to work.

The next step is sacrifice ( Cross). Sacrifice is not being self-centered. What did Christ do? He went all the way to the cross for his ideal. He sacrificed himself for his ideal. So the next step, in order to create the Communities of Light, is not being self-centered. That is Christianity, that is the cross that everyone is familiar with in the West, and that is the third seal.

The communities are based on not being self-centered, being able to come together to say, Lets see how we can put our resources together and how we can put our talents together. "Let's see what we can provide in the community and become less dependent on the external world." It is being in the world but not of it. That is necessary.

But if everyone says, "No, I am only interested in what I have or I can do," then the whole society is going to fall apart. As we can see, it is happening. Even in our society we have gang problems, we have drug problems, and there are divorce problems. We have all kinds of problems here. Why? The reason is that we do not want to stop being self-centered.

The fourth step in the Eternal Divine Path is not to be attached to the results of our actions ( Islam). For instance, if we sacrifice a lot and nothing results, what happens to us? We start feeling, "I am doing so much sacrificing and no one is listening to me, no one is progressing, and no one is going where I want to go." Then we become depressed because we are attached to the results of our actions. Or, we do something and it works, and we become elated. We say, "I did this. I am such a wonderful person that I can make all these things happen," etc. Again, ego comes in.

That is why the next step is not being attached to the results of our actions. We do the actions and we give the results to God, or to the Spirit, or to whoever we connect to, to the higher level. We say, "I did my best, the results are Yours. I am not going to be attached to the results of my actions."

With this, you are going to be free because you can do whatever you have to do. Then with not being attached to it, you can just go to another project, to another work, to another wonderful thing that you can manifest wherever you are. But if you are attached, you get depressed. The base of depression is really being attached to the result. If you want some result and it is not there, you become depressed.

Not to be attached to the results of ones action is the result of being surrendered to God. Surrendering is when we do the action but surrender the result to God. Surrendering, of course, is related to Islam. The word "Islam" comes from "Tasleim." Tasleim means to be surrendered, to be submissive to God.

Even greater than surrendering, when we give the result to God, is submission. Submission is that we always know it is God, it is the Spirit doing it through us. See, as long as we are the doer, the Spirit sits back and says, "Oh, yes, you can do it? Fine, go ahead." He just looks at us, and He laughs at our mistakes and falls, etc. He then is the Enjoyer and we are the doer.

The moment we become smart enough to say, "No, I am not the doer, it is You who is doing it though me," then we are submitted. Submission means always realizing that He is doing it through us. Then we become the observer and Spirit becomes the Doer. We become the enjoyer, and Spirit, of course, makes very few mistakes.

The Spirit already knows everything. If you have an experience of the Spirit once in your lifetime, you are not the same person any more. You are going to change forever because you know that the Spirit knows everything at the same time. In a human sense, that is mind-boggling because how can something exist that knows everything, every detail in the universe, and sees everything that is happening at the same time?

So if He knows everything at the same time, and He does things through us, He is not going to make mistakes. If there is a mistake, our ego had become involved in it again. And when the ego is involved, we make a lot of mistakes.

We can see that all the Mystical Paths are unified. The Old Testament, the New Testament, and Islam are all unified.

Now even if we are submissive, we might direct our energy and work toward only a small part of the universe. We say, "The most important thing to me is my community. I am going to put all my effort into this community. I do not care about any other community, or any other nation, or any other planet, or any other universe, etc. The only thing that is important is me, or my family, or my community, or my state, or my country." Again we become narrow in our understanding.

The next step is universalism ( B). We have to expand ourselves to realize that we are each a speck in the universe. Our prosperity, our health, and our goodness depend upon the entire working of the universe. We are a part of the universe so we have to consider the whole universe as our home, as our family, as our state, as our country, as our nation, etc. This fifth seal relates to the Bahai Faith.

With that, of course, you shatter all narrowness of the mind. With meditation, concentration, and realization, you awaken your spiritual forces. With directing the energy toward creation of the Communities of Light, you create a purpose in your life and you work toward bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. With not being self-centered, you can create the Communities of Light where there is sharing and oneness. With not being attached to the results of your actions, you free yourself from being either depressed or elated too much, so you can go on and do the things you have to do. And with a universal understanding, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind. Such people have the Kingdom Of Heaven Within themselves. They create the Kingdom of Heaven Within (KW). That is when the light, the sun of understanding, will arise within you.

Destruction is a part of creation. If this house is falling apart and I want to build another house, how am I going to do it? Am I just going to build the new house over this old one? I cannot do that. I have to destroy this house first and put a nice new base underneath. Then I can build another house over the new base or foundation.

So destruction is the beginning of the new era of creation. That is another reason why we see there is so much upheaval going on in the earth right now. It is a time of destroying the old systems, the old concepts, and the old understandings. The new era is coming. The old has to go.

See, that is another sign that we are approaching a new era. We are approaching a new heaven and a new earth. What is heaven? Heaven means Spirit, it means God. A new heaven means a new teaching, a new spirit for humanity. And the new earth is the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We have here the new heaven, and the new earth is approaching fast.

The destruction is symbolized by the blue Lotustica in The Greatest Sign, but when the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you is established, then the very Lotustica which, as you saw, was blue or had the tama guna in it, becomes white in the sixth seal. Even destruction no longer has the meaning to you of destruction. It means something new is going to happen, the old has been destroyed.

We call such people who have gone through the Eternal Divine Path, Paravipras. Vipra means intellect. Para means beyond. So Paravipra means the person who is beyond intellect, or in Spirit. This is the sixth seal (KW).

Paravipras are the people who are spiritually awakened, they work toward creation of the Communities of Light, they are not selfish and self-centered, they are submissive to God or Spirit, and they are universalists, so they have the Kingdom Of Heaven Within themselves. These are the people who are going to lead humanity into the new era. These are the people who will help everyone to reach Pure Consciousness. That is the goal of everyone, to reach Pure Consciousness. When you reach Pure Consciousness, of course, you and the Spirit become one. The seventh seal ( center-s.gif (899 bytes)) is the seal of Pure Consciousness.

God created man in His own image. See, this is man (IC), in the first seal. This is God ( center-s.gif (899 bytes)) in the middle symbol, and man is in His image. Of course, by the time an individual reaches the fourth seal ( Islam), you see that the I-Ching is no longer horizontal. He has awakened his spiritual forces, because what is the highest spiritual realization? The highest spiritual realization is that you are submissive to God, the Spirit is coming through you all the time, and you know that the Spirit is coming through you. In the seventh seal ( center-s.gif (899 bytes)), the I-Ching is also vertical.

So that is what our teaching is. It unifies all the religions of the world, and it shows the way to bring the Kingdom of Heaven On Earth.


As we can see, The Greatest Sign represents the seven seals that have been prophesied will come to earth. It explains a greater truth, which contains all major religions and all the Mystical Paths on earth. Not only does it show the path to Pure Consciousness or Oneness with God, it also unifies everyone together. It shows how all have come from one God and all only have part of His Truth. When we put all of these seals together, we will become one. The whole is greater than its parts!

This is the purest, most clear teaching or revelation for humanity. This can create unity for humanity and make them come out of this dead end that they are in. As we said, you have to accept God and His Teachings. You have to accept His Will. You have to accept His Message and work toward Its fulfillment.

Its fulfillment is really very simple. It is to create the Communities of Light. That is where the power goes to the people. The Communities of Light are really where we can say, It is a system for the people, by the people, and of the people. It is in the hands of the people and that is how we can give the power to the people the people whose minds, decisions, and communities are based on God and Gods Plan.


So now you know how to answer when someone asks, "Where are you from?" Just say "I am from God". If they say, "What is your religion?" say, "Knowing God, knowing Self, the Eternal Divine Path. I am not called by any special word or anything, I am just a Child of God."

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