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After the Birth of Bb (Bah'u'llh), the World Started to Progress Toward a More International Feeling. This Especially Shows the Greatness of This Prophet and His Mission

The real attraction of Maya, or the external world, started after this fifth Angel (Prophet) sounded his trumpet or after the fifth seal was opened. It was revealed in the 1800s, and after that century, humans became so materialistic and more and more they became attracted to the external world rather than to spirituality. Spirituality really became very unimportant in the life of the human. It was the time when intellectual understanding increased and many things were discovered in the world. Humans progressed in materialism so fast that they almost completely neglected God and His authority (material progress is not bad, but forgetting the Lord as the Creator of this material world is).


Also since the eighteenth century, we see that humanity has been going more toward creating interrelationships with one another, becoming closer. They are sending ambassadors and creating greater relationships with one another, and a feeling of interdependence is growing more and more between them. And now we are even at a point where that is no longer enough. To have just a feeling of, Yes, we can trade or have international relationships, is not enough. We cannot even live without one another. What happens in Africa affects the United States. What happens in Europe affects Asia. What happens in Australia affects Canada.


They had to go through World War II to come to the conclusion that we need a United Nations. Even on the first day of the United Nations, some nations wanted more privileges than other nations, and so the original ideal of the United Nations, to create justice for all, which would lead to peace for all, was severed. But at least they came to the conclusion that we need a place where we can gather together and have these talks with one another.


If the Arabs say tomorrow, No oil, we are in big trouble. If the Western world says, No technology, they are in big trouble. We are one big family, one big earth together, and we have no choice but accept one anothers existence and realize that we are interdependent.

We all need one another. So we are going toward that understanding that we are very interdependent. We are one big spaceship, called earth. And we all are traveling together in it. If we want this spaceship to reach where it is supposed to go, we have to get our act together, or we are going to blow the whole thing up. Actually, we can blow up the whole earth fifty times. I do not know why we want to blow it up fifty times. The first time we blow it up, that is it! All is destroyed.


We can study history and observe this truth: As long as the original philosophy of a truth which was given by a finder with an expanded mind was followed, the people who followed that expanded philosophy were the conquerors of the hearts of other people. These ideologies spread so fast that it amazes the reader how it was possible. The same ideologies are supposedly presented by the followers of these religions or philosophies in the present age. If these ideologies spread so fast then, why are they not spreading any longer but actually losing their members? The answer is their loss of the universal view. The problem is the narrowness (the dogma) that has crept into the original ideal.


Humans will never obtain peace and happiness unless they understand that no matter how great is their power, wealth, position, or philosophy, without a universal point of view and without considering the well-being of the whole universe (in individual and collective endeavors), all is in vain.

If any nation, power, philosophy, religion, or anything, loses this view, it will not last long. Without the universal view, the individual or collective actions will create negative reactions and will bring the downfall of the doer.


Even in the scientific way, we can see that again we are from one parent. Lets just leave the Spirit out for a moment and look at it in a scientific way. We are from one parent. So even genetically we are no different. Scientists have mapped our genes, and they say, There is no difference between the ones in Africa, or the ones from America, or Australia, or anywhere. Genetically we are mapped the same.


We can now see the signs that are guiding us toward understanding this unity. By the coming of Bab, this new energy was released. And in the last two hundred years, we are coming closer and closer to becoming one.


Of course, there is always confusion, when you go from one level of consciousness to another level of consciousness. Because as long as you are here (in a lower level) and you know everything on this level, you are fine. You know everything and you are very comfortable with what you are, where you are, and what you know. But if you want to go from here to there (higher level), what happens? It is a period of confusion, isnt it, until you reach this point? Then at this point you know everything is fine.

And that is where human evolution is right now, because we are leaving that self-centered feeling of: We are separated from them, we can do whatever we want to, we are fine because we have everything, and we do not need to worry about this realization. Oh no. There is inter-dependence there.


If we like it or not, that is the way the earth is headed. That is the way humanity is headed. That is the Will of God. Our will might not be the same as His right now, but we will see.

As we were talking about this, just last year if someone would have said that Germany was going to become united, would you believe it? It is so accelerated now. Everything is so accelerated.

So if we say the Kingdom might come in ten years, or twenty years from now, would you believe it? Believe it or not, it will come!

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