It is Finished

With the Coming of This New
Revelation, This Old Era is

In order to know the truth, we should look to the past to see a pattern that will confirm any teachings. In the teachings of the Far East, especially Hinduism, a period is described when many Great Souls were living on earth. They are called by many names, such as Rishies, Masters, Mahatmas, Munies, etc. Their teachings, however, became a wealth of knowledge for future generations.

In their teachings, a state of Oneness with God (Atman) is explained. According to these teachings, that is the goal of spiritual endeavors. Whoever reaches this Oneness has reached the Goal.

However, for many thousands of years (12,000) few have realized this Oneness. The reason for this has been the 12,000-year period of human history when man fell further away from God (Truth). We are now at the point of return to the Godhead. That is the reason for such a great confusion in this conjunction between the end of the Old and the Dawn of the New. However, the old (history) should not be completely disregarded. There are great lessons to be learned from it. The New indeed should be based on these lessons of the old. We are on the brink of discovering much great knowledge that can either be used for God (Good) or Evil.

It is after the establishment of the Kingdom, for one thousand years, that humanity will learn the great lessons which have been revealed throughout the book THOTH and the Eternal Divine Path, But the rest of the dead live not again until the thousand years (Rev. 20:5). Eventually through the formation of the Communities Of Light and creation of the proper environment, one more time many Great Souls will reach the Great Oneness with their Essence which is God (Good). This is when many will attain salvation. This is the Goal of our teachings. They will reach Pure Consciousness. They will be with the Father as His Sons.

These Great Souls one more time will teach humanity the Goal of their lives, To Be(come) Divine (One). Then is the time that the Golden Era will dawn and one more time, The Sons of God will be with man (At-Man).


So now we have a greater Truth on earth. And this greater Truth covers all of these religions and ideas that have been coming to humanity for the last twelve thousand years. To me it does not matter what your calling is, if you go for anything less than spreading the Eternal Divine Path, The Greatest Sign, and unification of the religions and the whole of humanity, you are not following your full potential. And if you had a calling to do Gods Will, the first step is to realize that It is the Highest. If you have not realized this is the Highest, then you have a problem. You have to go through some other steps if you are not yet ready to answer your calling. You have to take that first step, that this is the Highest.


Our work is very easy because we just tell everyone about The Plan and the revelation from God. And after we tell them, our work is done. If they have been called to do it, if they have been thinking about it and meditating about these things, it will make so much sense, that they have no choice but to join us. They will realize, Yes, God sent Christianity, God sent Islam, God sent Bahai, God send Hinduism, God sent Judaism. All of them came from the same Source. And these all are a part of The Greatest Sign, are a part of a great Path, the Eternal Divine Path, which leads to the Father, in the image of God.

So we are a part of God and all of these religions have come from the same God but we all just have a part of the truth. Let us bring the whole together. Let us realize the whole elephant, not only its parts. Let us open our eyes. Let us not be blind any longer. We do not want to be five blind men just touching the parts of the elephant and not seeing the whole. We want to open our eyes and see the elephant, which is much more beautiful than his tail, or his trunk, or his ears. The whole is greater than its parts.

That is our Mission here. That is what we have brought to humanity. A lot of people have been touched by it, and they will be touched even more. We are hoping that everyone will become touched by it overnight but it has not been prophesied to be done that way.


Of course, we are going to cover every possibility that the Message might reach the four corners of the world. We are messengers, so we bring this to humanity, and we give it to everyone we can reach. It is up to the Spirit, it is up to God to lead them to the truth. With the word of mouth, with letters, with sending the materials to other countries there are many other countries that have had most of this material sent to them we are touching people all over the earth.


If you want to serve God, learn the teaching, become proficient in every aspect of it, or at least in those parts that you can be proficient in. Maybe it is too much to ask that all of you become proficient in every aspect of THOTH and our teaching, but at least become proficient in one subject, one topic.

Then you can present that to others. If you need some other people who are proficient in other topics, you can invite them to your cities and let them explain those topics to others.

Give the Message out. Anyone who listens, give the Message. Do not worry about it. If they do not listen, if they do not come back, dont worry about it. It is not up to you to convert them leave them to God.


How fast can you say it? The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities Of Light. The Communities Of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path. Can you say it? The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities Of Light. The Communities Of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path!


We are concentrating on the future living, the Golden Age of community, a New Era of the Golden opportunities. We are beholding the beautiful harmonious earth, that is full of Love, Devotion, Grace, Wonder, Unity, and Harmony. So we have the destruction. We also have the answer of how to come out of it victoriously.

It is for each person to choose which one to concentrate on, the negativity (destruction) or positivity (The Golden Age), The Greatest Sign!


In the Mission we do not concentrate on the negativity on earth because it does not matter. If you concentrate on the negativity, there is so much of it that it is going to smother you completely. Your mind will just become completely confused.

We concentrate on the positivity, the creation of the facilitating body, bringing that energy to earth, spreading it out everywhere on earth, and then creating the Communities Of Light.

We have a viable solution to what is on earth now, and when the earth is in such a mess that no one has any answer we can say, We have the answers here, you can come and join the Communities Of Light.


The Mission is the whole body; it has life. Any separated part, not accepting the whole, will die fast.

The Mission unifies all the great religions of the world and the Mystical Paths. It fulfills all the prophecies. It shows the way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It brings individual and collective salvation to humanity.

As we said, you will be in the Communities Of Light, so you will be given all the opportunities to progress physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and the Communities Of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So it is the salvation of both, the individual and the earth. It shows the shortest Path to the highest spiritual advancement.

It is the highway to heaven. There is no going around. If you really follow the Eternal Divine Path and purify yourself according to what this Mission says, you are going to get there fast. It is the answer to all human longings, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, individually and collectively.

The end

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