One People, Under One God

The Only Logical and True Ideal is to Create This Earth as One Country and Share All Resources, Abilities and Knowledge to Create the Ideal Environment For All

Unless all the real spiritualists of the world unite, the Light will not be able to destroy the darkness. Corrupt people support each other because they do not have anyone else to support them. But spiritual people think they have God and do not need anyone else, so they are divided by insignificant differences in their beliefs.

These insignificances should be shattered by understanding that any religion that divides man from man, no matter what its origin, is not expressing the Spirit of God, and God will destroy it. Especially at the brink of the new era that we are now entering, all narrowness of the mind should be destroyed and the universal truth should be understood. Only then can we kill the devil of ignorance and corruption.


It is the desire of the Lord that the KOHOE ( ) be established and He be recognized as the true and only King of the King of the kings ( ) of this system and government. Only then will His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


That is the goal of the system given by Maitreya to create a worldwide government. There should be a World Collective Body (administrative), World Judiciary Board (Board of Brahmins), World House of Representatives, and World Body of Elders.


There will ultimately be twelve regions in the world. Each region will be divided into twelve subregions. Each subregion will be divided into states, each state into counties, and each county into districts. Each district will be divided into small communities (Communities of Light). Any small group of people (ideally around twelve people) in these communities represent a unit of decision-making and of the selection process. Only those people who join this system of a small group of people can be selected and promoted to the leadership of the collective body. The only criterion necessary to form such a unit is the desire of these people to form such a unit. [For further information on the system, read Mount Zion and Zion, and Explanation of the System in THOTH.]


The very nature of the universe is progressive and all things are marching toward perfection. It is true about everything, even our system. So if in the future this system can be perfected, or by progress of humanity to a higher level of consciousness, altered, this can be viewed as an evolution in the system toward its perfection.

However, it should be progressive, not counter-evolutionary. It can be improved or adjusted. But its base, which is to bring justice, peace, and progress into the universe, should not be sacrificed.

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