Schedule For Feast Of Tabernacles, 2006

Maya 22 011989 MC

DAY: FRIDAY DATE: October 13th, 2006

(Observation Of The Holy Convocation)

Mission Time



6:00AM-8:00 AM
00:00 Day - 02:00 Day
Rounding* (2 rounds)* Meditation Room
8:00AM- 5: 30 PM
02:00 Day - 11:30 Day
Rest, Meditation, Prayer, etc. (Sabbath) (Individual) Quiet
5:30PM-6:30 PM
11:30 Day - 00:30 Night
Kirtan, The Reminder, Samgacchadvam,
Collective Meditation
Meditation Room
6:30PM-6:45 PM
00:30 Night - 00:45 Night
Candle Ceremony** Meditation Room
6:45PM-7:45 PM
00:45 Night - 01:45 Night

Dinner (with candles)

Dining Hall

[Welcome 5th] [Oct. 6th] [Oct. 7th] [Oct. 8th] [Oct. 9th] [Oct. 10th] [Oct. 11th] [Oct. 12th] [Oct. 13th]

*The first round will be accomplished by everyone doing the Kirtan for twenty minutes, followed by The Reminder, Samgacchadvam, and 30 minutes of collective meditation. Then each group (previously chosen) will take turns doing a round, for several rounds.
We will all come back together at 5:30PM MST to do the last round.

**If you felt to do so, you could bring a flower to place at Maitreya's (GIWH) feet at the Candle Ceremony. Those who are not in the Mission, wherever you are, can have this candle ceremony with your friends or by yourself.
Then we take our lit candles to the dining room for a candlelight dinner.

Mission of Maitreya
"Eternal Divine Path"
P.O. Box 44100
Albuquerque, NM 87174

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