Puppet Show
(Feast of Tabernacles 2014)

By: Puja and Tahirah

Below is the video recording of a puppet show put on by Puja and Tahirah at the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles:

The show is meant to depict the internal dialogue a unit consciousness (soul) might go through in meditation. The puppet, Oge, thinks he is great and knows everything, but the higher part of himself (the Essence of God within him) begins to show him that he has a lot to learn (the Mission teaching). Oge resists the teaching until he looks into a mirror (the mirror of his soul, facing himself squarely) and sees clearly that he is really not Oge, but the reverse - Ego! Oge laments that he does not want to be Ego, as he knows Ego is the source of all ignorance and suffering. It is only once he realizes this (that he is Ego and thus ignorant) that he is helped!

An alternative interpretation of the show is that Oge is meeting and talking to an actual Mission member, who, through the Source (Mission Teachings), guides him through his process of self-realization. There is truth in this interpretation also - you do need someone who is a mirror so you can see yourself (we will have true spiritual teachers in the Mission who can do this - have overcome). This is closer to reality than the idea that a person can do it by himself alone, although that also is possible in a limited way!

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