Record of Changes to Site (Old)




  1. Our Dwolla referral link has been added to the Dwolla section of our donations page. Use this link to register with Dwolla and both you and the Mission will receive $10 in transaction fee credits!


  1. Maitreya has added to two parts of THOTH: A new final paragraph of Fasting in Essays III, Tablet 3, and several paragraphs to Passing of the Scepter in Supplements.

  2. The Feast Announcement page has been updated to refer to next year's Feast (011996 MC i.e. 2013).



  1. The daily schedule for the 2012 Feast of Tabernacles is now online. It can also be accessed from the Feast Announcement page.


  1. The Base of the Teachings has been translated to a new language, Norwegian (norsk)!


  1. A new project, "Rio Rancho Resource Coordination," has been added to the projects page.



  1. In the answer to the first question in Golden Keys 5, the term "Raja Yoga" was corrected to be "Jnana Yoga." Read more about Jnana in the Glossary.


  1. Added a new poem to David Shatzer's poems page.



  1. The Base of the Teachings has been translated to a new language, Bosnian (Bosanski)! Bosnian is very similar to Croatian (Hrvatski) and Serbian (Srpski), so speakers of those languages should also find this new translation useful!



  1. The tithes and donations page has been completely revamped, with more donation methods added and a new layout which we hope you will find useful and intuitive. If you have suggestions on how to further improve it, or would like to see a certain payment option added, let us know!


  1. We realized that some of the things listed on the social networking page were not actually social networks; therefore, they have now been moved to a separate page called The Mission on Other Sites. This page can be reached from the footnotes at the bottom of every page under Quick Links -> "Listings on other sites."

  2. We had videos and social networking listed under "Broadcasting" on the top menu; however, neither of these are really broadcasting. Therefore they have been moved: Videos can now be found under "More Info." and social networking under "Contacts" on the left side menu.

  3. The page explaining the recommended books and versions to use in Mission projects was created several years ago, but was difficult to find. It has now been moved to be an additional menu item under "More Info." on the left side menu, making it very easy to access.


  1. Significant formatting improvements have been made to the Alif Of The Greatest Name Baha'i Prophecies page, making it much easier to read.

  2. It seems that at some point the Danish translation of the base of the teachings was accidentally overwritten with the Dutch translation, so we had the Dutch translation up twice, and no Danish translation. The correct Danish translation has now been put back up.


  1. A new Legal Status page has been created briefly detailing our designation as a non-profit in the US.

  2. Through creation of the above page, we realized a redesign was necessary of our footnotes menu section (at the bottom of every page on the website). It has now been split into four categories (previously was three) and a few things have been added, removed, and renamed. Take a look at the bottom of this page to see the changes for yourself!

  3. Some cosmetic, layout, and grammar/word choice changes have been made to and some outdated information has been removed from our Privacy Policy (no significant changes to the Policy itself).



  1. The Native American prophecies section (under Prophecies Major Religions on the right side menu) has been redesigned into Native Cultures, including Native American, African, etc. This change has allowed us to add and organize all the Newsbrief articles written on Native Cultures (First Peoples) prophecies over the last few years into one central location where all can access them.

  2. A few articles written on Buddhist and Islamic prophecies fulfilled have also been linked to on their prophecy pages.

  3. As part of the e-commerce change (below), we have had to move the information about the free introductory CD. It now has its own page. All website links have been updated to point to the new page.


  1. The Mission has changed to a new e-commerce. This change is not yet completely finalized, and some troubleshooting and details still have to be taken care of. If you notice any problems with this new e-commerce, please let us know so we can resolve them.


  1. Added two new ways to donate through our donations page: Google Checkout (soon becoming Google Wallet) and Network For Good.


  1. Maitreya has released an essay "Homosexuality" to be added to Supplements (#12) of THOTH.


  1. Maitreya has added a few paragraphs to His essay "Why Tithes" in Supplements of THOTH (last two paragraphs before the Note).

  2. Maitreya has added one paragraph about polygamy to Golden Keys 7 under the first question in the "Marriage and Sexuality" section.


  1. Significant changes have been made to the contacts section of the website as well as parts related to it such as project managers, the temporary Mission categories, etc. For more information, see the announcement in today's Newsbrief.



  1. Added to our Social Networking page our new page on the WorldTruth network.

  2. All across the website, changed the Mission Center's phone number to our new Google Voice number, (505) 433-7771. Also in several places added the Google Voice widget that allows you to type in your number and let Google connect the call for you. Note: Please only call between the hours of 7 AM and 9 PM MST!


  1. Added our new Google+ page to our Social Networking page. Also added 3 other new listings: A group on Ashtar Command, a page on Great Nonprofits, and a group on Tirevs. We encourage everyone to join us on these new networks and create a strong Mission presence in all of them!


  1. Removed Dan Still (Hosanna) as our contact for England and Missouri, USA, as he has passed away.

  2. Removed the Kaskus group from the Social Networking page, as it has been taken down.



  1. Changed the downloadable yearly calendar on the Calendar of God page from the old year (011994) to the new year (011995).


  1. Added a new poem to David Shatzer's poems page.



  1. Added several websites to the Websites by Others page.


  1. Added a new subsection to the Prophecies section about Benjamin Creme, as more and more people seem to be coming to the Mission and asking about our relationship with Mr. Creme. The section includes the information about Mr. Creme correctly predicting Maitreya's emergence in 1982 (Announcements) and the two articles Maitreya has written about Mr. Creme (Antichrist or Messenger from God and No Other...).


  1. On the Project Managers page, under the Paravipra Training Centers project, the "Updates" section has been changed, as the project manager will now be providing updates through emails and Newsbrief reports rather than the blog he was formerly using.

  2. A website has been removed and a different one added to the Websites By Others page.



  1. Some information and links have been added to the "Chinese Connection" section of Maitreya's Genealogy page further exhibiting the historical connection between Persia and China.


  1. The online Calendar of God has undergone a major redesign to fix formatting and other errors. It is now much more polished and easy to use!

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