Record of Changes to Site (Old)




  1. A new page called Lungota has been created to provide background and information on the lungota and its use in the Mission.

  2. The Mission now has handmade lungotas available for purchase on our e-commerce site!



  1. A No Refunds! section has been added to the Tithes and Donations page.



  1. The Feast Announcement page has been updated to announce next year's Feast (011997 in God's Calendar, or 2014).


  1. Two new announcements, one about the upcoming Feast Of Tabernacles and the other about the upcoming Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonement, have been added to the News Flash page.



  1. Links to purchase the hardcover version of the new 10th edition of THOTH have been added to the Buy THOTH (Print on Demand) page.



  1. The Letter to Humanity has been translated into Norwegian, and the translation has been added to the website. It can be accessed, as can all the Letter to Humanity translations, from the bottom of the main Letter to Humanity page.


  1. The Mission Facebook Page project has been added to the projects page (for more information, see the recent related announcement).

  2. Links to the new THOTH PDF file (basic eBook - for more information, see the recent related announcement) have been added to the literature page, the THOTH cover page, and the THOTH table of contents page, and the file has also been added to the downloads (FTP) site.

  3. The instructions on using GoToMeeting, previously found on the old MOM Members Meeting page, have been moved to their own page.


  1. Several mistakes in the Universe and Man Table of Contents in THOTH have been corrected.

  2. The Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the fact that we no longer have our own e-commerce, but have moved it to a third-party site (meaning we no longer deal with or have access to any usernames, passwords, financial information, etc.).


  1. The Temporary Categories page has been revamped, especially the introduction and the Light Bearers section, to reflect the new way the Mission will now be understanding and using these categories. Read the new introduction of the page for more detail.


  1. A note has been added to the Google Wallet section of the Tithes and Donations page explaining a new feature Google is rolling out allowing Gmail users to "email money" from their Google Wallet accounts.

  2. A suggestion to get involved with the Mission on Facebook has been added to the Suggestions for a Newcomer page.



  1. The next (10th) edition of THOTH has been completed and made available through print on demand! A Newsbrief with this and other news will soon be sent out. To accommodate the change, a new Print on Demand section has been added to the Buy, etc. part of the website where those books that have been moved to print on demand will be listed (so far THOTH and Thus Speaks Maitreya on Esa The Christ). The information on our e-commerce site has also been updated to reflect that THOTH is no longer found there but instead through print on demand, etc.



  1. Linked the words "proper gestures (mudras)" in verse 8 of Essays 3, Tablet 1 ("Bath") in THOTH to a document explaining and exhibiting the Bath Ideation mudras.



  1. Changed the downloadable yearly calendar on the Calendar of God page from the old year (011995) to the new year (011996).


  1. The Mission of Maitreya has been named a Constant Contact All Star for 2012, the fourth year in a row! Our Constant Contact All Star page has been updated to reflect this, as well as the All Star logos used on our website and emails.



  1. The Mission business card page has been updated with new templates including our current phone number and other improvements.

  2. New updates have been added to the News Flash page.

  3. A new article, the Golden Spruce Tree Prophecy, has been added to the Native American Prophecies section.


  1. The Shield of Approval and how to receive the Shield pages have been revamped. They now contain much more information about what exactly the Shield is, why it was created, and how to obtain one.

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