Record of Changes to Site (Old)




  1. A new translation of the Letter to Humanity in Bosnian (similar to Croatian and Serbian) has been uploaded!


  1. A footnote has been added to the Zoroastrian Prophecies page concerning a possible authenticity issue with one of the prophecies listed there.


  1. The link on the Maitreya's Pictures/Videos page to the Google streaming video was broken, as Google has discontinued their video site. The link has instead been changed to go to the Mission's YouTube profile, which has many videos of Satsangs by Maitreya.



  1. All the materials (audios, videos, transcripts, etc.) from the 2014 (011997) Feast of Tabernacles have been uploaded and are variously available on the Feast announcement page, the Lectures by Disciples page, the Videos page, and the FTP site under 2014 or Videos -> Misc -> From Feast of Tabernacles.

  2. Two new translations of the Letter to Humanity - Swedish and Czech - have been uploaded!



  1. A new THOTH Recording project has been announced (see Newsflash) and added to the project managers page.



  1. The Join Us section of the website has been completely revamped. The section now only contains three links: Learn More about the Mission, Join the Mission, and Feast of Tabernacles. The pages that were previously part of this section are accessible from the Learn or Join pages. This greatly streamlines and simplifies this section and makes it more useful as a place to direct people who are interested in learning more about and/or joining the Mission.

  2. Information about the meditation/contemplation we have been doing after the morning THOTH readings has now been added to the Mission Activities page.

  3. A new donation method called AmazonSmile, where you can donate to the Mission while shopping, has been added to the Tithes and Donations page.


  1. Edited the social networking and Mission on other sites pages to both remove outdated and add new information and websites, etc.

  2. Added the YouTube channel as a new project with a project manager on the project managers page.



  1. Added a new disciple testimonial and poem to the By Disciples section.



  1. The physical free CD will no longer be sent out, and has been replaced with a free audio download from our website. For more information, see the Audio Introduction (formerly Free CD) page.


  1. The Letter to Humanity has been translated into Spanish, and the translation has been added to the website. It can be accessed, as can all the Letter to Humanity translations, from the bottom of the main Letter to Humanity page.



  1. A link to the Norwegian translation of the Mission website have been added to the homepage and the Other Languages page.


  1. The transcript for the Q&A session with Maitreya from the 2013 Feast of Tabernacles has been uploaded.

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