Record of Changes to Site (Old)




  1. New Italian translations of the Base of the Teachings and Who is Maitreya? have been uploaded.

  2. A presentation by Shirin at the 2015 Feast of Tabernacles talent night has been added as 1982 under the Interesting Facts part of the website (found in the By Disciples section).



  1. A new section of the website has been created: The Round Table. The section gathers the information relating to the Mission Round Table in one place, and is also where important announcements and decisions by the Round Table will be published. It can be accessed from the bottom of nearly every page on the website, under "Quick Links."


  1. New information has been added to the Donations page concerning various direct methods now being offered by companies, as well as a new indirect method called Welzoo (donate just by surfing the web!)


  1. A new section, "Products By Disciples," has been added to the "Buy, etc." section of the right side menu. Take a look!


  1. A question about proper clothing and covering of the body has been added to Golden Keys 7 in the Marriage and Sexuality section.


  1. A question about sex in marriage has been added to Golden Keys 7 in the Marriage and Sexuality section. Several paragraphs have also been added to the question about masturbation in that same section.



  1. Updated the Tithes and Donations page to reflect the fact that Dwolla has removed their $.25 transaction fee for transactions over $10, meaning all donations to the Mission through Dwolla are 100% passed on to us!



  1. Some of the policies for attending the Feast of Tabernacles in person have been changed, and the Feast Announcement page has been updated accordingly.



  1. A question about masturbation, and a question about marijuana, have been added to Golden Keys 7 (in the Marriage and Sexuality, and Miscellaneous, sections respectively).

  2. A new poem by John Norton has been added to the Poems by Disciples page.



  1. A Swedish translation of the universal mantra meditation process is now available.

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