Process for receiving (and keeping) the Mission
Shield Of Approval


To have a creative work (website, video, picture, etc.) considered for the Shield of Approval (SOA), the author/creator must submit the work to the Mission (send an email to The process then proceeds as follows.

Note: Only those who have joined the Mission (following the teachings, involved in outreach, paying tithes, etc. - Light Seekers or above) are eligible to apply for the Shield of Approval (SOA). This prevents those who do not know the teachings and are not truly with the Mission from attempting to gain the SOA for their own purposes.

Step 1 - Initial Screening:

The work is first reviewed by a screening committee to decide if it has the potential to be approved at all. If it does not, the process ends here and the committee will inform the creator why their work cannot be approved. Some possible reasons:

  1. Not related to the teachings.

  2. Contains vulgar or explicit content.

  3. Poorly done (as part of Maitreya's teaching is to become good in what you do, evaluation of quality is part of the SOA process! It must be clear that you did your best to perfect it before submitting it to us).

The creator always has the option to correct the issue(s) (if possible) and re-submit.

If the work passes the screening committee, it is then sent to the Mission Round Table, which decides whether it agrees with the screening committee that the work is worth considering for a SOA. If it does, the creator is notified that the work has been accepted for consideration and has moved on to the next step.

Step 2 - Critique and Revision:

The work is critiqued by the Mission Round Table in the following areas:

  1. All parts of the work are 100% in accordance with Mission teachings.

    Note: In the case of a website or other online project, links to works that are not approved can be acceptable. However, these links must be relevant, and must not be needlessly offensive, based on the discretion of the Round Table.
  1. The work is well-made, professional, and complete (or close to completion).

Based on this critique, the Round Table develops a list of any necessary changes, suggestions, etc. to make the work approvable. This list is sent to the creator, who, if he/she still wishes to receive the SOA, must make the needed changes and then resubmit the work. The work will then be re-evaluated once more, and the process will repeat until the work is truly Perfect.

Note: If the applicant disagrees with a suggested change, he may appeal it to the Round Table. If his appeal is legitimate, the Round Table may invite the applicant to discuss it further in a meeting of minds.

Step 3 - Approval and Certification:

After the piece is made Perfect, the Shield of Approval is issued and a certification page (see the example) is created for the work. The applicant must then do the following:

  1. Put the Shield of Approval in an obvious, easy-to-see place on the work. On a website, the Shield should be visible on every page (in a banner or something similar).
  1. For websites or other online works, every Shield of Approval graphic must be linked directly to the certification page.

    Note: If this is not possible for any reason, then a text link to the certification page should be placed near the Shield stating "Click Here to Verify the Shield of Approval" or something similar.

Step 4 - Later Changes:

Anytime a material change is made to an approved work, the Round Table must be notified so the change can be reviewed. Failure to notify the Round Table of changes may lead to the loss of the Shield of Approval, possibly without hope of reinstatement.


This process may seem complicated, but it will help us keep the teachings Pure and uncorrupted. That goal is worth a little complication!

All thanks to the Lord Almighty, and to his extraordinary Plan for humanity.

Any questions or concerns should be emailed to

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