Mission of Maitreya's
Shield (Seal) of Approval

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It is natural that the Mission teachings will inspire others to create their own related works and expressions, and indeed we encourage it. However, we must also ensure that the teachings remain pure and not become diluted by each individual's ideas.

The Shield of Approval (SOA) was created to facilitate this purpose. It allows the Mission to bestow (or withhold) endorsement of Mission-related creative expressions so that all will know whether a work is officially approved as 100% in line with the Mission teachings, or is simply an unofficial, unverified work done by an individual (never submitted by the creator for review, correction if necessary, and official approval).

Therefore, if a Mission-related work does not have the SOA, it is not necessarily impure, but it could be, and each individual should view it critically and discern if it is 100% representing Maitreya's teachings and has not been diluted/changed. However, if a work has the SOA, all can be confident that it is indeed a pure work and has been endorsed as such!

Process for receiving the Mission Shield Of Approval

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