Because God is Compassion

When sorrow streams down your heart

And life deals you a loosing card

God will offer you a healing embrace

To make you feel His love

When darkness and doubts appear

And there is no way to shake the fears

God will hold back your million tears

To make you feel His Grace

In the silence of His Spirit where you met

And where with manna you were fed

Then knew with Him is where you belong

And learned He would never do you wrong

He would die, through chaos He would fly

There isnt anything God wouldnt do

His compassion and mercy is for you

Fear and doubts will roll away

And drown into a stormy bay

Gods Spirit will sing and hum

To remind you, the best is yet to come.



Us and God

We dont mind, Lord
If the world rejects
You are still the only Answer

We dont cry, Father
If the world wont love
You are still the only Source

We dont care, God
If the world wont hear
You are still the only Rescuer

They may not see it now, Lord
When man-made dreams are broken
Theyll see
You are still the only Salvation

Amina Rachel November 20, 2005


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