Cosmic Pilgrim

Create The Future
You Remember

I live as though I will die,

attempting to create a future that is doomed to go down eventually.

Were it not the illness and the death that trived on my soul,

as two hounds of hell,

powered by the single command to search and destroy,

well, then here is the powerfull runner-up: the Nothing.

Why, what lies beyond illness and death?

I have, we have, we all have been running away,

from those two bloodthirsty hounds,

for so long,

we cannot Remember anything but those hounds,

always looking backwards,

seeing only those two faces,

we are running,

being reaped.

I reap myself I started running towards the hounds.

This insanity is more than I can bear,

Id rather feel the teeth of the end in my flesh,

than endure this rush that crushes my heart.

And while the hounds took hold of my body,

shook it wildy, tearing of limbs,

breaking my backbone,

crushing my skull,

I found that there is one thing they cannot digest:


For I came to love the hounds as they brought me to my end,

Yet when they captured me, finally, they could not love me in return,

and the flesh of my body, the marrow in my bones,

my bloody organs and warm heart would not feed them anymore.

They let me go, knowing Ive outrun them,

and that there be no chase beyond this bodily-world,

for we are One,

and the Nothing showed its true colours: Love, Unity in Divinity, Oneness.

(By Cosmic Pilgrim, originally posted on her blog. Credit goes to her.)


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