David Shatzer

Mission Of Maitreya

This is the implementation
A fire that starts with A spark
We will grow to become A nation
A growth that will make its mark
God's kingdom coming here on earth
MOM has made its birth

All Thanks To God
David Shatzer

The Goal

The goal of the life is to be-come divine
To be Godly, God like, supremely good... FINE

That divinity God is everything
We should not know I'll, our hearts should forever sing

For the love of God is the greater light
He shall everlastingly guide us through the day and the darkest night

David Maurice Shatzer

All Thanks To God


We are the new breed we are the pioneer
This is an old land but our new frontier

We labor and toil Not of the soil
But this new man Withhis new plan
Shall guide us with thesword of Truth in his hand

David Maurice Shatzer


Here At Last

Really what's it all about
It's time to shout it's time to SHOUT

People waiting for the trumpet blast
But it's in the past it's in the past

It's here and now it's here and now
Put down the plow and close your eyes
He is here He is here come claim the prize

You've run the race youve run it well
It's time to tell it's time to tell

David Maurice Shatzer

All Thanks To God!

Darn Thorns

If I stray from the path there's hell to pay
There's only pain and suffering when I do it my way

And the Ego wants and wants and wants false need
Then the body from desires feeds and feeds this greed

So stay fixed on the Eternal Divine Path
Go to God, read, study, avoid the wrath

David Maurice Shatzer

Never Give Up Never Suicide

God is everything but everything's not alright
There are creatures and lusts and greed
To consume you in the night

Never give up don't give in to this trick filled dream
Never suicide fight the good fight we shall prevail in this scheme

Fight hard with everything you have to survive
Go to God to become divine is the goal
It is the key to stay alive

David Maurice Shatzer

Can't Win

You can kick and scratch and fight with all of your might
You can poke and prod and dissect all night

But when it comes to the end and you can't take any more
That's when you surrender and fall face on the floor

Maitreya of The Mission Of Maitreya is the Christ of the Divine Father
Searching the world over is A waste of time for there is no other.

David Maurice Shatzer

New Universal Song

The goal of the life is to be come divine
There is joy when we are filled with this new wine

That divinity... GOD is everything
This new song of the spirit we will sing

This universal song came down from above
God's presence grace and love

David Maurice Shatzer
All Thanks To God!!!


The details have been worked out
God above with all of his love
Christ among us as the universe shouts

Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya has the plan
it's A global outreach
for he gathers all of man

It's the vision that all religions are unified
A camel through the eye of the needle
It is our hearts that shall be justified

David N Shatzer

Maitreya's Inspiration

You are my inspiration
Behind my every thought
God is within me
It was him that I sought

Surrender and sacrifice seems hard to come
Trusting God with all my heart
The goal is to be-come

Every day is A welcomed new start to knock on A door
To reflect not deject
Keep myself up off the floor

Maurice Shatzer


It's here at last the trumpet blast, this is A call
To the one and to the other to the few and to the all

A call to you humanity to stop the insanity
As the preacher has said this is all vanity

Be baptized and turn around
Pull yourselves up off the ground

This is the pure light that will take you there
He dwells among us, and offers to share

David Maurice Shatzer
Mission Of Maitreya
Eternal Divine Path


I can see the stars dancing in the moonlit sky
I feel as if I shouldn't ask why
Day arises as to the call to prayer
I know in my heart I could have been there

Clouds surround my mind throughout this storm
It's been A bit of time this is not my norm
Back on the Eternal Divine Path is where I belong
The goal of the life is to become divine my song

Clouds of confusion creates this illusion
Mission Of Maitreya surely is not the delusion

Maurice Shatzer

The Word

In the beginning was the word
To all the peoples it was heard

The word of God came to all lands
delivered by the prophets hands

Maitreya is here and now with THOTH the last testament
Sharing these words of The Holiest Of The Holies is A great investment

Maurice Shatzer
Thanks God

Your Essence

The essence within me, the divine spark of light that resides in my inner soul.

That in itself gives me the driven strength towards reaching the goal.

To be one with the divine Father of All..

Will You Humanity receive this call.

David M Shatzer
All Thanks To God!


Broken sun fallen one
I'll do what I have to the damage is done

If you're near I cannot tell
I'm hiding in fear in the bottom of a well
Pull me up and lift me higher
Give me a spark of your divine fire

The fire that burns all impurity
Smothering in smoke I leave it unto thee

Maurice David Shatzer


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