Pure Consciousness

They asked: Do you know
The answer was: Know not!

They asked: What do you do?
The answer was: Do not do!

They said: You do not remember what you do?
The answer was: Remember not!

They wondered: Then who are you?
The answer was: Am that Am! Knower of All, Doer of All, remember All!

Baba29, 011990

My Disciples

I am the trunk of the tree of Life.
My disciples are its branches.
They feed from me.

They bloom beautiful flowers
They spread the great fragrance of Life and Revelation
and will give great Fruits

Moses 13, 011991


Those who Know the Goal of the Life, and are touched with Spirit, the glitter of this world no longer fools them.

Their Spirit is touched and they become the strangers, the out casts, different than what world expects.

Their destiny is Home. They no longer are one of the fools!

They are awakened!

When the Kingdom comes they are Home!


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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