Thoughts on Fear


Fear is not an enemy, but a friend

When it approaches angrily, it is to be embraced with open arms as a cherished companion

Entrapped in acceptance, it struggles helplessly

For what can fear do to one who does not fear it?


Fear is a dirty, unwanted child

Who wanders in the corners of the mind, casting great, dreadful shadows upon its surface

Some run from these shadows, and are chased mercilessly, the child laughing in delight

Others wage (enthusiastic) war, casting light upon shadow after shadow, only to find that the battle is endless as the clever hidden child quickly recasts each shadow once the light has moved on

Only those who turn inwards, and bring light to the depths of themselves, can see fear for what it truly is

Pitiful, shivering, and helpless

Terrified to be seen

Undone by the comfort and acceptance of a warm embrace.


Today, fear defeated me

My mind exhausted, I could no longer fight it

And knew that I had lost.

But when I turned to congratulate the victor

I found that fear would not meet my eyes

The more I ran towards my great enemy to offer my surrender, the farther away it fled

Until it was merely a speck, tiny and helpless

What is the nature of this foe, I wondered, that is strengthened by battle, but defeated by victory?

Surely, it is nothing to fear.


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