Anonymous: Rich Purpose.
Athena: Because God Is Compassion,Us and God.
Brad Johnson: When God's Plan Is Realized.
Cosmic Pilgrim: Create The Future You Remember.
David Shatzer: Mission Of Maitreya, The Goal, Pioneers, and more...
Keyosha: My Vision, Dearest God, Great Plan, and more...
Maitreya: Pure Consciousness, My Disciples, Awakened.
Mareeka: The Mission of Maitreya, The Last Word, His Voice, and more...
Nisargadatta Maharaj: A poetic quote.
Noor: Thoughts on Fear.
Shakti: Pledge of the Red Rose, The Poet Can Fly.
Tahirah: Maitreya-Ji, A Simple Poem to Sing.


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