The Red Rose

Lord, I lay this Red Rose
As I humbly bow; A Token
Of Righteous blood shed;
From Vessel pierced and broken,

A wreath of tangled thorns
Did wound your Blameless Head,
Crimson tears from Chaste Brow,
Bled and took Divine Breath

But, not enough, brutal man said,
"Thrust this sword through His side
So we know He has surely died."

In their ignorance they denied,
Christ; The Son, will not be
Brought down by the foe,

So they might live,
"Father they know
Not what they do."
Even then, You did forgive

Many times you have been born,
To live among men with their,
Judgment, hatred and scorn,

"I will not leave you,"
Your vow to them,
As you rose from the dead,

Man will reap what they sow,
Many more tears will be shed,
In war and strife blood will flow,

12,000 years have now past,
The Seventh Angel has spoken,
"I Am The First And The Last!"
The Final Seal has been Opened,

You have risen forth to Proclaim,
The Glory, Throne and Crown,
In Your Father's Holy Name!

Messiah brings The New Revelation,
The Trumpet sounds, "It Is Done!"
The Faithful Elects take their Station,
The Kingdom Of Heaven,
On Earth Will Come!"


With this Rose, I Pledge,
To walk The Eternal Divine Path,
With candle in my hand,
Your flame in my heart,
To share The Light in the land,
From this vow I will not depart.

~ A Devotee (Shakti)

Holy Convocation Day, October 17, 2003


The poet can fly

The poet can fly,
For she sees God
In the trees, river
And bright sky

~ A Devotee (Shakti)


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