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This web page is dedicated to sharing the wonderful quotes of our spiritual teacher, Maitreya. He is here for everyone on earth, he fulfills the prophecies and has opened the seven seals (Rev. 10:7). His words are God's Words which is why they are being shared here and are encouraged to be shared with others. (These quotes will be added to periodically.)

Quotes by Maitreya:

"The Mission of Maitreya has no dogma, but is a practical path to bring the Kingdom of Heaven On Earth and within. Then all might progress and become perfect in the process."

"The name of God is in every cell of the human, in every atom of the universe."

"Bondage is anything that does not let you see this whole universe as your only home, God as your only Father, nature as your only Mother, and be free from all other narrowness as the Goal."

"If religion separates mankind by causing disunity, IT IS NOT EXPRESSING THE SPIRIT OF GOD."

"Greater than meditation is to share God (satsang) with someone. Greater than prayer is to fulfill someone else's need. Greater than fasting is to feed someone who is starving!"

"According to our teaching there are three kingdoms: The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth which is based on the Communities of Light, the Kingdom of Heaven Within you, which every person creates within themselves, and the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven."

"God is everlasting, complete, without beginning or end. He is One and indivisible. He is the source of all things. All things are made from Him."

"To continue the old is to continue to keep this world upside down!"

"...the process of creation is based on compassion and purpose of creation is to bring all lost souls to Pure Consciousness."

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