Little Cricket's Long Journey

Cricket was born just like all other regular crickets. He was really quite cute. He had a round little head and long legs for creating (((great vibrations))). That is very important to crickets. Creating vibrations is the best and highest goal a cricket can have in his whole life.

Mom and Dad cricket were very proud of their little crickets along with all of their other children, all 144,000 thousand of them. However, this little cricket was a little different somehow,,and they just couldnt put their antenna on what it was. They would have to keep an antennae eye on this one,,,,for sure..

Cricket grows and grows and soon is playing with all the other crickets in his community. Jumping high is his favorite game. All the crickets would jump as high as they could jump and chirp the loudest cricket chirp at the same time and land on a twig and not fall off!!! It was great fun and all the cricket kids tried their very best.

One day Little Cricket was jumping, and jumping and jumping and jumping. He jumped farther and longer than he ever had before and he was in such great joy. When he finally landed on a very tall twig, without falling off of course, he looked around and did not see anything familiar. All was very strange and different. It was like he was in a completely different field of grass,,,,

This was a brand new place he had never, ever seen before. He was very curious and wanted to explore. He did not know the world was soooooo big and had so many playing fields. It was beautiful and exciting. So,,he jumped some more and more and more.

It was when he stopped and munched on a delicious little flower that he realized a most dreadful and awful thing.......................

He was lost, not a little lost, but a completely separated from everything kind of lost,....................

Crickets cannot cry, but they do rub their legs together very fast and speak in vibrations. Cricket rubbed and rubbed. And even rubbed harder and more------------------------------------------------------- no answer came.

He was lost and all alone.

Every good little cricket knows that darkness is a very dangerous thingdark creatures could eat you up in just a second before you even knew what happened. They were known as Eating Giant Ogres.Egos,, for short. He found a large leaf to hide under and tried and tried to think what to do next. He was trembling and scared. He tried so hard to remember everything he was taught by his parents and do the right thing. He missed them so much and wanted to go home. His antennae shook.

When cricket relaxed a little bit he could remember better, so he stilled his mind and he could see a path in front of him very clearly. It was long and was going to be a very hard journey.

I want to go HOME! I want to go HOME! I want to go HOME! Cricket very much understood that feeling. Such a longing he felt deeeeep inside. He became determined and focused on His Goal. He knew it was going to be a long journey and he also knew from that deeeeeeep inside place -----------He could make it. He did not know where that feeling came from, but he trusted it without doubt.

He settled down for a nice sleep.

snore, snore, snore

The next day Cricket started. He had to start somewhere and since he did not know where he was,,,,,anywhere seemed like a good start. He jumped and jumped and jumped and all of a sudden ---------------he heard chirping!!!!!! Was it real,,. could it really happen this soon and so easy?????

He was home! Yea!!,,,,mom, dad, where are you? He was elated! He thought to himself,,Wow, what a good job I did,, and fast too!

Well,,,It sort of sounded like home,,,but not quite. There were other crickets there, living all over the place. Crickets everywhere!!! But these crickets were not friendly at all. This definitely was not what he knew or was familiar with. Theses crickets were eating, eating, eating. Taking everything they could get their mouths on-- no matter what. They were pushing each other around just to get more and more for themselves. They were shoving each other and kicking with their legs-- instead of creating Great Vibrations. One gigantic cricket even bit him!!! Ouch!! They were very selfish and did not share at all or even care about each other.

This was very, very, very wrong.....

This was not Home.

This was so wrong and absolutely NOT what Cricket wanted. He was soooo disappointed,,,,,and felt far, far away from home. He did not think he would ever return to his True Home.

He contemplated and considered his present situation,,,,,,sigh,,,He was a long, long way from home and at least here, he is with other crickets and he would not be lonely. He could get tough too and fight with these crickets for his fair share. He could probably scratch their faces and twist their antennae and even beat these other crickets up and take what he wanted , kick with his legs too instead of creating great vibrations


While Cricket was thinking about how he could make his own plan work,,,beat up all the other crickets and how he could just basically survive in this cricket jungle and get his next meal met------ He then remembered his Parents and how Loving and Joyful that other life was. That memory started that longing deep in his little cricket heart for True Home again.

He needed to re-consider this whole decision. There was a big, green fern with cool shade underneath which looked very inviting and a bit yummy at the same time. He had to calm his little cricket mind down,,,calm his upset emotions and take a long look at this situation. This is a very big decision and it would not be smart to just jump into the first cricket field that came along.

While contemplating his present dilemma and looking at the whole picture in front of him ,,,his mind drifted back to True Home, brothers and sisters, all his friends, the Love, the Caring and Sharing feeling. He became aware of a sound somewhere around him. He had heard that sound before!!! What was it??? It was a low vibration that was long, mellow and oh, so very comforting. Where was that wonderful sound coming from?

It seemed to be everywhere outside of him and inside of him. At last,,,he realized he was not alone in the big, green fern place. With him was a very old cricket sitting quietly and vibrating the most wonderful sound he had ever felt. He relaxed and his mind drifted even more and enjoyed the wave of vibrations surrounding him ---this was True Home.

After what seemed like a very, very long time,, Cricket opened his eyes and the old Wise Cricket was right beside him chewing contentedly on a leaf. Cricket told his whole story and Wise Cricket nodded very knowingly. Wise Cricket had heard this story before,,,many, many times.

Wise Cricket revealed to Little cricket the difference between crickets trapped in their lower nature and his family at True Home. These crickets were very selfish. All they think about is their own small self. They do not even care about jumping high or vibrating their legs. They just wanted to eat, eat and eat. Wise Cricket promised Little Cricket that not all the Cricket world was that way. He had to search, knock, ask, and find the crickets who wanted to jump, leap to new heights and create high vibrations also. These crickets would know their Higher Nature.

Wise Cricket knew of another field of crickets who lived very far away who do jump very, very high and vibrate their legs just like Little Cricket,,,, but warned cricket sternly,,, it would be quite a long and maybe even dangerous journey. He would become tired and his strength and determination would be tested every turn of the way. And you never know where those Egos will show up and try to eat you alive.

Little Crickets antenna went very straight and he pledged: No matter what happens, He is going to reach True Home!!! He just knew those crickets had to be his real family. He was going Home! Cricket started drawing signs in the sand and making plans,, which of course included taking Wise Cricket with him. Together they would surely find True Home.

But,,,Wise Cricket said.No,,,my Way is already set. My Place is True Home also,,,but you have to go your way and Walk the Path yourself and Find the Way and the Truth behind this big world. A Light will guide you thru the Darkness. Follow the Good Vibrations and they will lead you to True Home. Wise Crickets antenna drooped, His vibration slowed down and He became very quiet.

Little Cricket was so distressed and upset. But he knew,, deep inside Wise Cricket was right. So, he gently touched the old Wise Crickets antenna with his little short antenna for just moment with great respect and promised he would definitely meet Him in the True Home Place. No matter how long it took,,,

Cricket emerged from the big green fern place and faced the selfish cricket jungle head on. That one big cricket who bit him was a real bully indeed! Bully Cricket said, You have to do what I say,,when I say it,, and ask me how high to jump!!

Or, you can not have anything to eat and I will push you off the rocks so the Ego Creatures will eat you all up!! All the other crickets bowed their heads and were ashamed. They dared not stand up to bully cricket. They were too afraid and lost.

But Little Cricket knew there was more to Life than just Bully Crickets demands and no-thing, no cricket or even Dark EGO creatures could make Little Cricket follow their path.

He was going HOME!!! So,, Little Cricket said,,,

"OUT OF MY WAY AND GET THEE BEHIND ME, you ole bully, you have no power over me!!!!" , and bravely Little Cricket marched right through the middle of the whole crowd of those poor, frightened, lost crickets.

I have to find True Home! I am One-Pointed to the Goal!!! He was following the Light

Oh dear, oh dear, Oh DEAR!!

,,,,,Where do I go from here,

,,,,,What do I do next???

,,,,,and how am I going to survive,

,,,,Cricket worried and fretted. His antennae were very tired from waving back and forth trying to find his Way and figure it all out. His mind was full of questions and not enough answers. He was quite confused and when he vibrated his legs,,,it sounded awful. Not at all like Great vibrations should be. He was in chaos- just like on a cloudy day when vibrations do not go very far and he could not see or hear thru all the confusion.

There was a small stream of flowing water close by and nice green moss to munch on. This was a good place to stop, Be Still to ponder and contemplate this difficult situation. He thought about True Home, Wise Crickets Promise, and his family along with all his brothers and sisters. He remembered----- the Way was the long, low beautiful Vibration that Wise Cricket had sung to him. Haree Om Shrii Hung Om Nam Kevalam

AHA,,,now he realized!

_____ When he was going in the wrong direction and off the Path, his vibrations were very terrible sounding and even hurt his antenna and made them wiggle out of control!!!

Aaaaaahhhh,,,I see now

,,,,When I follow the right way or direction,,

.........There is harmony in the vibrations!

Wise Cricket is indeed his Best Friend and Show-er of the Way. True Home felt even closer than ever before.

Cricket happily jumped and jumped and chirped and chirped. The Good Vibrations were back. As he chirped,,,he noticed something new he had never heard before. The whole world seemed to chirp back at him!!! Or even the Whole Universe seemed to Chirp with him. Not just from the bunch of grass he was in,,,but ,,,,also the grass on the hill,,,and the grass down by the lake, and the rocks, the other animals, and even the air itself was full of chirping!!!

How can there be so many crickets and even other animals in the whole world he wondered. Where are they? Cricket chirped and they chirped back! Chirp-Chirp????? Chirp-Chirp!!! was the resounding reply.

But these crickets had no form he could see, or names he could call---they were invisible!! The whole world became ONE CRICKET and if the whole World could be One Cricket.

,,,,,then,,,,,The Whole Entire Universe was really ONE CRICKET.

WOW,,,he said,,What a beautiful, beautiful Universe.

Cricket then started to notice something very interesting.There were low chirpings and high chirpings and in-between chirping. How was he ever going to tell the difference and know where his family was ,,,so he could return home???

He was quite overwhelmed for a moment. Everything seemed so huge and he could not find his place in it all. He was dizzy and needed to rest

He noticed a rock up very high up on a pile of other rocks,,,so it looked like a mountain to him. He climbed up high and faced the wind with his antennae waving just a little, so a breeze could dust off his confusion.

Then the most miraculous experience happened without him even trying!!! He started to vibrate!!! But not only his personal vibration, his own tune ,,,but a harmony of vibrations. It was a symphony of sound which made a most beautiful song without even thinking about it.

In tu it,,(ive),he became.

Oh, how he wished Wise Cricket was there with him---

to share this Most Wonderful experience----(sigh)

Then within those most exquisite sounds that he was listening to in his Inner Self,, He heard IT very clearly..

"I have been with you always,,,,

from the Beginning and unto the End."

Cricket knew now that he HAD to tell everyone!!!

Even the selfish crickets,,,they are One also! Every Mom, Dad and little Cricket had to be told! We never were alone or lost or separated from the One Vibration!! We are all the same family and we have to learn the New way of understanding the New Vibration. We are a symphony. Every one of us is a part of a Greater Plan to Vibrate to the Highest Degree.

It can be for fun,,it can be for eating, or jumping,,,but it is much more than just those

things, for sure.

We are each an individual Vibration and when we are all together, we create the Most Beautiful Harmony ever known!!!!

Cricket just knew that True Home was just around the next hill and he was soooo close. He could not wait to see his family and tell them of his great adventures and his long, long journey and his wonderful realizations.

He was jumping and chirping happily going along his own way-- when all of a sudden he stopped short.

What was that weird sound????

Well,,,it had to be a part of the Whole Universe because he just realized that Everything is One Cricket -- but it sure did not sound right nor feel right. He was going along his merry way,, thinking his thoughts, having his food, singing his song, and enjoying his new understandings,,,he had it all figured out.

Oh,,no,,,something was bad wrong. He had come way too far and for such a long time and now,,,True Home was so close ---How can all this be happening?????

His antenna were wiggling

all over the place...

Cricket thought he knew it all and his journey was nearly over. He was quite confident in everything he had learned. He rubbed his legs very hard and chirped loud as could be. He was making so much noise by himself that he almost missed It. He stilled himself and listened.He heard it again,,,,,or maybe not,,,Was it his imagination?,,,,or could it really be,,,YES!! YES!! It IS!! It IS. It IS---- Wise Cricket!!!!

Wise Cricket was right there with him,,They were together again He was jumping to the sky!!.Oh, the Joy and Love was bursting out of his little body.

Wise Cricket said, "There is one last thing you have to do in order to reach True home."

"What, what, what??," Little cricket chirped. "I'll do anything,,,,I'll leap higher,,I'll chirp louder,,,I'll climb, I'll swim, I'll fly,,,I'll push bullies out of the way,,,I'll do what ever it takes!!." Tell me,,Tell me..Tell me

Wise Cricket said, "I have already shown you. You tell me what it is." Cricket inhaled quickly and sharply.

HUH?, he said!!

Cricket stopped all his jumping around immediately and wondered what it could possibly be? What did he miss? He had to ponder very deeply on this one. This is a Great Mystery!!!

And Wise cricket said he already knew the answer, so it must have been right in front of him all the time.

"I jumped very far. I pushed bullies away,,I got quite lost,,I worked really hard. I see the world as One Cricket and I heard the One Sound and I... didnt give up and I and I and I and I

He heard the chomping sound of those EGO creatures.

Oh, NO!!, Oh NO,!!,,some part of him was still like the selfish crickets,,,,it was all about his own small self.

He understood that he had to overcome his focus on himself and create a Greater Focus and this Whole Cricket World was created so that ALL the lost crickets could return to True Home.

His family was really the true Universal Community where ALL crickets realized their Oneness and helped each other Eternally on this very wise and Divine Journey and follow the Path back to True Home together.

Then there was stillness and complete silence. Cricket was between breaths and ..

To Be Selfish and try to reach True Home just for your own self is a very great obstacle.

Cricket finally understood! There are no shortcuts, and we are all brothers and sisters on the same Path Home. It is very important and even essential that

the entire cricket Universe understand this and we have to work together to help each other to progress, leave no stone unturned, every Cricket Soul is precious in His Sight.

This Message is for all; and all together we go Home.

A wondrous and transforming thing happened in that very moment. The Grace of Divine Energy vibrated through him, in him , as him, and...

Wise One said, "Welcome Home, My son!"

The New Vibration of Home started in his legs and went through his body, his throat and all of a sudden it moved like never before! The New Vibration started in the center of every cell in his body vibrating individually and yet moved outwardly at the same time. His body dissolved away and his Mind grew and grew and included Everything and Everyone,,,all at once, The Whole Universe!! With an explosion of Light, he overcame the illusion of the small self and became His True Wise Self ---Wise One indeed had shown him:

The Only Way, The Whole Truth, and The Pure Light and There Is Only One Pure Cricket.

We are already IT. All of us. The One True Vibration

All we have to do is to LEAP over the obstacles to overcome the illusion of the lost, separated false idea of the separated self and return to True Home. IT has been with us all the time!!!!! We never were separate.

All Thanks, Praise, Honor and Glory to God!

One Universe, One Vibration, ALL One Cricket

P.S. The story never ends....... (remember,,,ITS Eternal)

We just come back with a Mission to help everyone to the Path


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