Where to Hide Man's Divinity

Once upon a time, every man had the Grace of God (Divinity) with them. But they misused it, so the gods decided to take their Divinity away. The problem was, where to hide their Divinity where they would not find it? So the gods met together. There were many suggestions.

One said, "We are going to hide their Divinity in the soil of the ground." It was not accepted. Another said, "If we put it there, one day they will have machines and technology, so the people will discover it."

Another proposed to hide their Divinity under water. This proposition did not pass either. They said also, "The man is going to discover technology and go there, too, and discover it."

Yet another proposition was to hide that Divinity in the air, somewhere in the sky. That did not pass either. Again, "The man is going to discover machines and technology and be able to go there and get it."

They did not find any solution. They took a break and went away to come back another day. The legend says that it took a long time.

Then God, the King of the universe, finally found a solution. He asked all the gods (elements, Sons of God) to come back together. He said, "I know where to put their Divinity where the man would not be able to find it. We will hide their Divinity inside of the man. It is the only place that man will not look for it."

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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