Greatest Gift

Once there was a father. He had three children that he loved very much.

Each had a special quality. Even their names said a lot about the children, and how each behaved. Of course, only the father knew why he named his children the way he did, but somehow they would discover. At least that is what he hoped.

The oldest of the children was Satva. He studied very hard, and asked many questions about everything there ever was. He knew how to be a good son because he always listened to what his father said.

Then there was Raja. She was very clever, too, but only when her father gave her a reward. If there was a battle or contest of who could be the best, her desire to participate increased especially if others would hear of her honor and praise her feats.

Tama was the name of the youngest sibling. This one always got into a lot of trouble, but seemed to find excuses by blaming his older brother and sister. Also, he was very cunning, and sometimes even told fibs.

It came to pass one day when Satva, Raja, and Tama became young adults that their father asked them to take a journey into the desert. This was an honor that could only come from their father, yet even before the adventure began there was a problem in their paradise.

Imagine a place where everything was freely given. The children were now young adults, but had not one care in the world. The only one that appreciated this generous state of being was Satva.

"Father, it seems that our happiness doesnt spread beyond our home. My playmates sometimes have tears because of what they call sorrow. Stories I hear of unworldly misery. There are even people that take without asking. You tell us about love, but why would God..."

Satvas father had a knowing smile when he interrupted his eldest son. He was pleased that Satva noticed what seemed so unfair in the world.

"Son, you are old enough now to understand some very important things. What so many call suffering is a way by which people or souls learn. You have been blessed with compassion. Use it to delve into reasons behind the mysteries of life. Remember that God is just, but He sees more than what we can see. Sometimes we get caught in our own little stories. It is like the ant that wanted to get out of the glass, and the boy who wanted the ant to stay there. We have our own motives, but the more we grow, the more we let go, and allow God to guide us."

The father's gaze went into another time. He remember himself asking all these questions, and was glad that Satva had thirst for more than what made Satva happy. He really was beginning to care about what happened to the world.

"Enough of this talk," the father declared. "Prepare for the journey into the desert. Make sure that you pack enough supplies for both Raja and Tama because they are not responsible."

Somehow the father could sense the heart of Satvas discontent, but because of his duty to his father Satva always followed the requests. Nevertheless, he wondered how Raja and Tama would ever become responsible when he always had to do their work for them.

"Right you are. There shall come a time when each will have to answer for what they lack. For the moment, do your duty with love and respect. Remember that God is in everything. All want to reach him, but some dont know how to approach Him."

As Satva left, Raja merrily skipped into the presence of her father. "I am bored. How long before we leave? Will there be mountain climbing? Shall we tame animals? Are there any treasures?"

Rajas father loved her dearly, but he knew that she was full of fickle desires and had little intention of carrying out what she talked about. In any case, he saw much potential in Raja that could someday help the world.

"Sweetest of hearts, this journey is all about desire, and finding the strength to let go. Perhaps when you get there you will hear the stillness and understand why we all must evolve, and grow into better humans."

Raja had no interest in what her father was saying. She waved at him as she danced into the flower garden. Raja was out of hearing distance when her father asked her to pack more supplies than her own needs would demand.

Tama was not pleased with his father. He wanted to stay home and play soccer with his pals. So, he pretended that he was sick, thinking this would fool his father. Tama walked in a stoop as if he was too ill to greet his father.

"Hello father. I cant possibly go into the desert with its snakes and blasting heat. I already have a fever."

"Son, I can't force you to go on the journey, but if your health is of concern, then all of us will stay to aid your health back to normal."

"I'm not a baby. There is no need for such company. Go and make what you will in the desert."

"Tama, who is invested with the authority to be your father? You or I? I have spoken all I intend about this matter. Either you go or we all stay. Period. End of discussion." With these ominous words, the father left Tama to make his decision.

At about 5 AM in the morning when the whole world was quiet, and the sun began its rise in the eastern sky, Satva, Raja, Tama, and their father started their journey into the desert.

Satvas bag was the heaviest because he had packed enough for all of them including his father. Raja only had enough for herself, but Tama brought nothing but his soccer ball. Their father had a bag, but none of them knew what was in it.

By evening they had reached the heart of the desert. They made a small fire, and sat around it for warmth. The desert was a strange place because during the day it was very hot, but at night it was rather cool.

Tama and Raja took it for granted that Satva would provide for their needs, so when he refused to give them blankets to keep warm, they both pleaded with their father.

"Children, listen. You are not children anymore. I can understand Satvas frustration. He is practically a man. Soon he will find a nice young lady for a wife and become the head of his household. He is tired of covering for your own irresponsible behavior and careless mistakes. But, Satva, remember compassion, even if it is for your brother and sister. As for you, Raja, learn to give more than just to yourself. Name and fame will only take you further from the truth. You see your oldest brother. Take after some of his qualities, and begin to listen to your father. Tama, your deceit only will make your life harder and close your heart to all the possibilities. You are a bright young man. Dont throw your life away for what may seem easy now. Earn your knowledge by experience. Learn from each other, and you will succeed. Share because love cannot be contained. It is a treasure to be given and received."

Satva handed his siblings their blankets. Raja and Tama were grateful enough to both say, "Thank you." This had never happened before. Satva was glad. Perhaps they all could become friends.

There was a great silence. Only the crackling fire spoke with its orange flames moving upward into the night sky.

"The time has come for me to reveal to each of you a great gift that was given to humanity. There are many legends about this mystery that revealed all mysteries, but I will only speak about what has been entrusted to me to share with you. This gem can free your hearts and minds to lead you right into heaven. Well, you may wonder where this heaven is, and how you can make it part of your life.

"This boon from God Himself is very precious, and you must understand the magnitude of why I am taking the time to share it with you. It is easy to forget that as your father I am also responsible for guiding your souls back to their Source -- GOD. This is not an easy task, but I have been blessed with copies of something that changed the world.

"It is called the THOTH. A son of God received these Revelations that brought together Seven Truths. As a matter of fact, your names come from inside of this sacred book. Do you know what Satva, Raja, and Tama mean? Well, I give each of you a copy. May you gain wisdom, compassion, and submit to the Lord. Now my work is done. We can go home, but I advise you, Satva, to share your knowledge, and love even those that try to bring you sorrow. Raja, see beyond the illusion. Take your exuberant energy to new levels by serving God and your fellow human beings. Tama, it is never too late. Know that you are loved no matter how much you stray. Take what has been given. Apply it with love and reverence."

With that Satva, Raja, and Tama departed from the desert. Each had a copy of the THOTH which provided them with the keys to the Eternal Divine Path.

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