Whose Life is The Hardest?

Once God and human came together. All the humans gathered around Him. They complained to Him that their life was the hardest and why He did not give them an easier life.

God snapped His fingers and a huge tree appeared. He said that everyone should take their life string (which is like a necklace around their necks) and hang it on the branches of that tree. And everyone did this.

God then said that each person should go around the tree and study the lives of other people and pick up the life they think would have been easier for them to have, and they will have that life in the next incarnation (creation).

Everyone went around and studied the lives of other people and compared them to their own. It took a long time for everyone to go through this process.

At the end everyone went and picked up their own necklace and ashamedly accepted what God had given them as their life. They Realized God Knows better than them what they can handle and what is best for them!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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