How to Experience God

A disciple came to his Master and said, "Please show me how can I know God." The Master said, "Come with me." And he took him to the lake, and they both entered the water.

When they reached to a deeper part of the water, the Master put his hands over the head of the disciple and pushed him down into the water, and kept him there for 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, one minute.... The disciple was down there for awhile and thought to himself, "The air is getting bad." He really needed new fresh air. However, since he respected his Guru tremendously, he did not want to push off his hands and come out of the water.

He was under the water one minute ten seconds, one minute twenty seconds, one minute thirty seconds.... The disciple was out of breath now. He completely needed air, and he didn't want anything else but the air. He didn't care about his Guru, any respect, or anything else. He just wanted oxygen. He needed air. One minute thirty seconds, forty seconds.... he couldn't stand it anymore.

He just pushed away his teacher's hands and jumped up, and took some deep breaths and asked his teacher, "Are you trying to kill me? If I had stayed there any longer I would be dead, I needed air and that is all I was thinking about and wanted!"

His Master said, "When you reach the point that you want God over all else, as the way you were under the water, when you wanted air more than anything else, then you might experience God. And when you experience It just like that air you needed, then you know He exists and He will fill you with His Spirit. It is then that you realize you need him even more than air!"

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