The Project

It is 1999. What do you expect? Me, myself, and I are the rule of the game. There is no way I can work with these people. No way! Anna cried to her teacher.

The situation seemed grave. Anna was the smartest of the class, but also the most conceited. She would have to share her knowledge because this assignment was a group project. To make things worse Mr. Williams said everybody had to participate, or he would fail them all. Anna didnt think that was fair, but her teacher wasnt very concerned about her personal opinions. Besides, her parents wouldnt tolerate anything, but the greatest of success.

Well, young lady, thank you for telling me what you are not able to do, but this project will give you the chance to prove yourself wrong. Russell, Tina, and Abdul are your partners. Listen, sometimes we all have to sacrifice a little bit, and swallow our pride. Perhaps you will discover that everybody has something good inside. Mr. Williams then dismissed Anna to go her merry way.

Anna felt terrible. She got all the bad luck to work with for the project. Everybody knew that Russell was too quiet, and never did his homework. Anna didnt like his eyes because they looked like shinning pearls which made Anna feel like he was a nice kid. She had no time to be friends with people like him.

Tina was the second best in the class, but Anna didnt like her either because she always wanted everyones attention. A day in class couldnt go by without Tina nudging Annas shoulders to ask her silly questions that she already knew the answers to. This really upset Anna because it wasted her time on someone that tried to be better than herself.

Abdul was the sorriest of them all. He hardly spoke English, and wore strange clothes. Anna simply didnt care for him because he had a funny name, and looked different from herself. Sometimes she would see Abdul smiling, and wondered if he laughed for the same reasons as herself.

At home Anna sat in her big room. She wondered how in the world all of them could work on the project. In fact, Anna had no idea what Mr. Williams had in mind, but she was glad he had told her because she would find a way to do it all herself by tricking the rest of her teammates. That would give everyone a great grade, and she wouldnt have to work with the two misfits, and foreigner.

Honey, why are you so quiet? Mrs. Blake asked her daughter at the dinner table.

Oh, Mr. Williams is making me work with a bunch of losers for a project, Anna complained.

Well, as long as your do great, and learn something. Cheer up, it isnt the end of the world. We all must learn to work with different kinds of people. It is important to adapt, her father responded.

Whatever, Anna carelessly retorted. It was easy for her dad to say, but it was Anna that would have to suffer the humiliation of getting stuck with Russell, Tina, and Abdul.

Watch yourself young lady. Havent we taught you what the Bible says? Honor your mother and father. We wont stand for any of that nonsense. Eat your dinner, and do what your are told in class, Mr. Blake told his daughter.

After dinner Anna went back into her room to think of clever ways to do the project without her class mates. Perhaps she could offer them money, or tickets to the movies. One way or another she would find a way to work alone, and be in control.

Good morning everybody. As you well know, it is time for finals. This semester I have decided to make this last project 75% of your grade. You may wonder why, but if you get passed this inquisitive state, you will discover that the project unites many aspects into a working principle... Mr. Williams said before getting interrupted by a student called Dan.

I dont like any of my partners. They are no good. Why cant we pick the ones we like? Dan questioned as he leaned back into his chair.

You are in Junior High, and just like in real life, you will have work with what you have. There is no changing group members, or topics for that matter. Your topic will be the contrast between democratic systems and socialism. The next group will study the labor practices of industrial nations. The one with Mary, Colby, Sam, and Alex will do a report on dolphin awareness, and music therapy. The next group will give the latest information about quantum physics. Thomas, Greg, Molly, and Chris will study the theory of evolution and creationism. The last group with Abdul, Russell, Tina, and Anna will give an extensive report about an emerging religion called Divines. That is all. You all better get moving, Mr. Williams commanded.

Annas hand shot up, but she didnt bother to wait for her teacher to recognize her. She spoke her words as if Mr. Williams was hard of hearing. What? Divines? That is ridiculous. Everyone gets a normal assignment, but we get the weirdest! Then I have to work with them!

Anna, it is your job to find out all you can. I have no problem failing you. Think about that. Stop complaining, and begin your task, her teacher told her with a face that resembled an iron mask.

Anna had never heard about this religion, so she would have to cooperate with her group until she knew enough to venture out on her own.

Kids, your seating arrangements will temporarily change. Sit in your project groups. I expect a brief report on your progress by Monday, the teacher declared as his eyes swept the room to make sure everyone was following his directions.

Anna had no choice but to sit next to the misfits and foreigner. Hi, guys. Let us get to the point. I dont like this any better than any of you, but we have a job to do, Anna said while slumping into a chair next to Abdul.

I know Divines. I see on Internet. I can find information, Abdul offered to his teammates.

Right! You dont know Divine from Adam, Anna rudely declared.

Hey, wait a minute. Who made you queen? If Abdul has something to share, then he should be able to bring it. Anna, we know that you dont like us, but this is a group thing. We are all that you have between success, and failure. Anyway, Russell, what do you think? Tina asked.

I am very interested in religion, but I have not found one that I really like. Our best bet is to find out as much as we can, so that Monday we sound like we know what we are talking about, Russell shyly mentioned to his partners.

Anna was surprised to realize that Abdul was the only one that had even heard of the Divines, but this evening she would discover more than everybody else. Actually her project group members didnt seem that bad after all for the moment.

All right. Lets get to work. We ought to work in teams within the teams. That way we get more done, Anna tried to order.

Dont think that is a project. We have to work together, Abdul answered.


Anna didnt want to call him, but she had exhausted all her means. She had checked the Internet for Divine, but found things that only confused her even more. Calling Abdul was her last resort, but she had to get some kind of information.

Salam, a deep resonate voice answered.

Anna almost hung up, but she couldnt go back to school empty-handed. Softly she made her request. Good evening, sir. May I speak to Abdul? This is Anna from school.

Oh, yes. Anna. Hold please, the gentleman responded.

Anna could hear strange music in the background. It didnt sound like anything she had ever heard before. It was nice, but different.

Anna?! Abdul inquired in an astonished tone.

Hi, Abdul. I need your help. I am trying to find that Divine information, but I havent had any luck. Do you have the address of the website?

Yeah, but they are called Divines. Anyway, try I spell for you. w-w-w M-a-i-t-r-e-y-a dot o-r-g. It is good information. Anything else?

No, thank you. Actually, what kind of music is that you are listening to? Its very relaxing, but I have not ever heard anything like it, Anna said with genuine interest.

Glad you like. It is Bismillah CD. Sacred songs about God. Many artist. I like a lot.

Thats way cool. Abdul?


Im sorry I was so mean. You are OK.

Not to worry, partner.

Good night.



Peace be with you, Anna. Thats the meaning.

Beautiful. Shl-om then.

Anna was really glad she called Abdul. Perhaps they could become friends.

She logged on to her computer, and went to the web to search for Anna was amazed at all the information that she found. There was too much. She had no idea where to begin until she found the place where she could download a bunch of literature for free about the Divines religion. Surfing through the website Anna noticed that it was possible to go to a conference room, and speak with this Maitreya. Perhaps she would volunteer to do that for their project to discover exactly what the Divines were all about.

Anna was eager to get to class, and find out what her classmates had found out about their project.

Hi guys. What did you all come up with? Anna asked.

Well, I found out that the Divines are more than just a religion. It is a way of life. It is a lifestyle that brings together many parts, Russell shared. I really like that. Also, they are into establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth. They think that the family base is what makes a society great. I can respect that, you know. Without families we cant do much of anything. Sounds like the Divines make a lot of sense to me.

Looks like you did your homework on that, Russell. We have a great start here. How about you, Tina? Anna wondered.

It started in 1982 by a man called Joseph Emmanuel. He is also called Maitreya. Apparently there are quite a few religions including Christianity, Muslims, Hebrews, and Buddhist that believe a World Teacher kinda like a Messiah is supposed to be showing up around this time. He hangs out in New Mexico, and began what is now called the Mission of Maitreya as a way of sharing his teachings. His bio is on the web. I find it fascinating. Really neat how he wrote the THOTH. That is like the bible of the Divines. I am beginning to vibe with a lot of what he talks about. You know what I like best? Tina asked her project buddies.

Nope, Russell answered for everyone.

Its practical, man. I can do it without a bunch of fancy words getting in the way, Tina informed her teammates.

Well, Abdul, what did you get?

Maitreya means Compassionate Buddha. His teachings bring together 7 truths. Like Tina mentioned, the THOTH was written by Maitreya. Friends, something important to remember that like Prophet Mohammed that wrote the Koran, the THOTH was shown to Maitreya by God. That makes big difference because holy scripture is not everyday like story book. Im Muslim, but see many good things in this Divines religion. I like because big mystery made easy to understand. Too much confusion in this world already. Good to see something logical. Abdul told them.

Thats wonderful! Well, I called Abdul last evening for the website address of the Divines. When I checked out it out, I noticed that it is possible to talk live with this Maitreya. Maybe I could ask him some questions. Tomorrow is Saturday, and he is there in the conference room every week from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Mountain Time, Anna offered to her project group.

Thats a great idea. I found out that the Divines have a mantra. You know those things folks chant for meditation, or whatever... Russell began, but got interrupted by Abdul.

Haree Om Shrii Hung. Om Nam Kevalam, Abdul repeated this several times. In fact, the whole class stopped to pay attention because his voice was mesmerizing.

Sounds wild, dude. Whats that mean? One of the kids in class asked.

As if Russell and Abdul had planned this all along, Abdul slowly began chanting each word, as Russell shared with the rest of the class what the mantras meaning was in English.

Haree Om Shrii Hung, Abdul sang.

The Goal of the life is to be Divine! Russell declared.

Om Nam Kevalam, Abdul finished the chant.

That Divinity is in everything, Russell told the class with pizzazz.

Looks like Tina, Russell, Abdul, and Anna are getting into the spirit of their project. Good job. Now, let us all get back to work, Mr. William requested from his students.

Wow. That was cool how we got everybody to listen, Anna said with a beaming smile.

Yep. I find the chant beautiful because it reminds me to be more loving, Russell shared.

Have you guys heard of their Reminder? Anna asked.

Yeah, read it on the website, but you have to do these movements kinda like yoga, or something while you say the words, Tina replied.

Well, let us experiment by saying this mantra, studying the THOTH this weekend, and I will ask Maitreya what he is up to, Anna suggested.

It takes a lifetime to understand, and commitment more than a weekend long to become a teaching. That is what I have learned from my comparing religions and philosophy, but we can gather as much information as possible for the project, Russell declared.

Anna felt nervous as she played with her mouse. It was almost time to enter the conference room What would she ask him? Would he even respond, or take her seriously? Anna had followed the direction, and now was just one click away from joining the Divines conversation.

Sal-Om Anna, It means Salutation tot he Divinity within you a voice said.

Hi. Salutations to the divine in you, too, Anna replied.

Welcome. This is Maitreya. I am here most Saturday between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM Mountain Time in this conference room. Everyone is welcome. We share Satsang. I am glad to answer any questions you may have, too. First let us address what has happened with the Mission since last week. We have a new issue of our Divine News coming out. I am very happy to see all the participation, and suggestions. We have added a section especially for children. That is all for the moment, so I am open for discussion, or any questions, Maitreya said in a friendly voice.

Yes, I have a question, sir. What is Satsang? Anna inquired.

No need to call me sir. Maitreya is fine, but if you feel more comfortable with calling me sir, I have no problem with that, Anna. Back to your question. That is a very good one. Satsang is when people gather together physically, and that now includes the Internet with this conference room to talk about God, His Will, and the universe, Maitreya replied.

He sounded like a pretty nice guy. Anna didnt feel nervous anymore, Well, Maitreya, who are you? Why is this religion called Divines?

You are full of questions. Arent you? I am a person just like you are. The only difference is that I have a very special message to deliver to people all over the world. I dont know how much you know about history, but when the world sometimes becomes a place of darkness, confusion, and doubt, God sends messengers to bring the Truth back to the people. It really is very simple, but people can be stubborn. They dont usually want to hear Truth, or work together to make this a better world for everyone concerned. These teachings are not only for Divines, but for all of humanity to use a means by which we can experience and actively participate in establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth. Since our universal mantra says the goal of the life is to be Divine, and that Divinity is in everything, I figured Divines would be the most logical name. Does that make sense, Anna?

Yeah. Actually, its very interesting. And you are nicer than I thought you would be. Our teacher told us to study the Divines as an emerging religion. Is it only for adults, or can teenagers join, too? Anna inquired.

God is for everyone, Anna. These teachings are a gift from God to all people in the world. Age, gender, or race dont matter. We are all part of the same spiritual family, but now is the time for people to stop fighting themselves, especially their Creator by finding fault with each other. Let us unite, and follow His Divine Will by celebrating life through the Universal Truth (Eternal Divine Path) He has given us. Diversity, under the umbrella of this Unifying Path, is a wonderful thing. The point is not do away with choices, but to have a way to make decisions based upon the Laws of God. You have heard of Daharma?

Yes, thats doing your thing. Its a TV show with Greg, Anna confidently replied.

Well, it is a little more than doing your own thing, but if you mean doing that task for which you have been made, then we might be speaking the same language, Anna, Maitreya said with amusement. When you become more familiar with our teachings you will realize that all of us are connected. Everyone is a part of God. All men, women, and children have goodness within, but there is a difference between potential, and something that is realized, or actually happens. Our teachings are for those that dare to seek new ways from the old. They are tools, spiritual principles that open the heart and mind to new possibilities.

Like peace on earth? Anna interjected.


Thank you very much. I have to go, but I may come back to check you guys out, Anna said.

You are always welcome, Maitreya replied in a fatherly tone.

Monday morning Anna rushed to class to tell her group members of her discoveries.

Hey guys. I talked to Maitreya. Hes a nice guy, and very wise, Anna told her friends.

Good. Then we should have no problem piecing together a short report, Tina expressed.

Yes, Abdul agreed, we have all it takes for us to make a great report.

After they all shared what each had learned, Russell volunteer to present the Divines report to the rest of the class. This was great because usually Anna took the lead, but this time she played part of the team. Even the teacher and class was amazed at their choice since Russell was never considered too clever in anything.

Good morning. Our project report is about the Divines. There is a lot that can be said, but words are only words until we live them. Any way, this religion was founded by Maitreya. According to many spiritual traditions, Maitreya is supped to be the World Teacher who shall inaugurate the Golden Age. His mission is to share the message he received from God. Basically the 411 on that is the goal of the life is to become Divine, and that Divinity is in everything. In order for that to happen it is vital to establish proper environments so that it is possible to nurture this spirituality. He calls them Communities of Light. They are based on keeping the family unit strong, and working together for a common goal. Maitreya which means Compassionate Buddha, offers his teachings as the Eternal Divine Path. This may sound boring, but if you go to his website @, you will be able to see the unity in diversity. There is this neat symbol called The Greatest Sign that represents all religions or truths in a way that makes them one. We still have a lot to learn about the Divines, but that is our progress report for now, Russell informed his classmates with elegance.

Anna was the first to congratulate Russell when he came back to his seat. That was awesome, dude. You really gave a great report for us. I have never seen you talk like that before.

Russell shrugged his shoulders, Never had a reason to until now.

Good job, but now we have to think about the final project. We need to organize our information to be effective and successful, Tina said to her group.

Yes, it has to be done a week from Friday. Maybe we can meet in the library an hour before school? Abdul suggested.

Thats a great idea. I have no problem with that. Im really getting into this project guys, Anna told her friends. Tina, Abdul, and Russell were all nodding their heads in agreement.

This is the first time I have cared about anything. Maybe it has to do with the subject. I love religion, Russell shared with great emotion.

Not to be rude, Russell, but why do you fail most of your classes? Tina wanted to know.

I dont know. Probably for the same reason that you are such a success--interest. I just dont like school because I find it boring, and a lonely place. I have enjoyed working with you all, though. I think learning should be done in small groups. Believe it or not, I am really hooked on this project about the Divines, especially the parts about the Communities of Light, Russell replied.

OK, we dont have all day. We need a plan, Tina reminded them.

We meet tomorrow. Everybody focus on one thing, and then we put together the best project report ever. I like the Greatest Sign, and the part about Islam. That is what I will bring, Abdul told his friends.

That would be too easy because you already know about that. Be daring! Try something you dont know anything about, Russell suggested to Abdul.

True, but I still want to do Islam part of Divines. Maybe something else, too. The 15 Commandments are interesting., Abdul said.

Well, from what I see there is plenty of material for everyone. This Divines Religion has truth from many spiritual traditions, but somehow stands alone. If you want to study the 4th Seal, Submission, in the Greatest Sign, Abdul, and you really love Communities of Light which are the 2nd Seal, Russell, I dont see why both of you cant. But Tina is right. We have to organize ourselves to do our best. Its not just about making the grade, but making people understand this project, Anna had just finished with her last sentence when the school bell rang. As usual the classroom door flew open, and everyone raced out.

Tomorrow. Dont be late guys, Russell called out.

Later. See you then, Anna replied at the same time that Tina and Abdul acknowledged Russell with peace signs.

Anna had a lot on her mind when she got home from school. The project had become something more than a way to show off success. Anna had always been the best in her class, but something inside her heart was telling Anna that there was something more to life. She didnt have the exact words to express, yet the teachings of Maitreya really spoke to Anna. She was thinking of joining the Divines.

Mrs. Blake was at the kitchen table drinking tea when Anna approached her, Hi Mom.

Hello, sweetheart. How was school?

Great. We had to give our progress report on our project. Remember the one I told you about?

Yes, how is it going? Annas mother inquired.

Wonderful. All of us are working hard to make the best final project, Anna replied, and then was silent.

What has happened to my chatterbox? Her mom asked in a jesting tone.


Yes, hon. Whats the matter?

Nothing, but Im thinking of joining the Divines.

I beg your pardon? Please repeat.

I want to join the Divines. Thats what our project is about. Its a new religion that has a lot to offer, Anna answered in a brooding mood.

Whats wrong with being Catholic? Mrs. Blake angrily asked.

Nothing. I just like this better.

Where did you get such an idea? From your teacher? Well, youre Catholic. You dont need a new religion. We have all you need to be saved. You dont need a cult, Annas mother repeated as if she were a recording.

Its not a cult. I can show you some neat information from Maitreyas website, Anna offered.

Internet? It is full of strange weird things.! If it isnt a cult, then tell me again who started it, and where he is from? Mrs. Blake demanded.

Maitreya started it, and officially began the Divines in 1982 after receiving Divine Revelations from God. In his biography it says that it took him a while before he realized that he was part of a line of prophecies that have been fulfilled just like the Bible says. He was born November 8, 1944 in Iran, or what used to be called Persia, Anna tried to explain, but her mother was glaring at Anna with an icy expression.

Iran? They held our hostages! Have you gone mad? What have I done to deserve this? There is nothing wrong with being Catholic. That is how I was born and raised. That is how you are and will stay! Mrs. Blake shouted.

Gee, now I know why dinosaurs went extinct. Get with it, mother. What does it matter where Maitreya is from if his message speaks to my heart and soul? Thats like saying you, me, and Dad are to blame for slavery because our ancestors owned them. Besides, you cant make me be Catholic. This country has freedom of religion, Anna replied with tears in her eyes.

What do you mean that you know why dinosaurs went extinct? I dont like what you are suggesting. Well, Anna Roslyn Blake, we will finish this discussion when your father gets home, her mother defensively commanded.


Did I not speak plain English, Anna Roslyn Blake?!

That was Annas clue to leave her mother alone. She went into the living room feeling sad. Her Mom simply didnt get it. This project had changed her life. New questions were forming within her mind. Even if she wasnt a grown-up, Anna deeply felt a need to belong to something that gave her a reason to be in this world.

Sitting on the sofa, Anna began flipping through the TV channels. There was nothing to watch, so she settled for MTV. For the first time Anna paid attention to the visuals and words of the songs. None of them made her feel closer to God, or anything that made any sense. Anna turned the television off, and went upstairs to her bedroom. There were hundreds of pages that she diligently had printed from about the Divines. Perhaps she would sift through them for some inspiration because the fight with her mother really was getting Anna into the dumps. How was she supposed to become Divine when her own mother was against her? She still had to face her father. There was no telling what he would impose. She might be grounded until graduation from High School!

Anna sank into her bed, and fell asleep.

Who are you? Anna asked.

Who are you? That is the question to ask, an angelic voice replied.

You sound like someone I know, Anna seemed to say, but her lips were not moving.

Knowledge is good, but wisdom is better, the melodic voice expressed.

What is this? I must be dreaming.

Wake up! Haree Om Shrii Hung...Om Nam Kevalam. Wake up! Haree Om Shrii Hung...Om Nam Kevalam. Wake Up! Haree Om Shrii Hung...Om Nam Kevalam.

As the words faded into the distance Anna felt an eerie chill.

Fear not. Be still and know I am God, but this time Anna saw the face behind the voice. She didnt recognize him, but his eyes were like liquid crystals.

God? Where? Anna inquired.

Meditate to still your mind, and you will see God is in everything including yourself, the gentleman lovingly explained.

This cant be. I must be dreaming, Anna said mostly to herself.

God Is...not a dream. The sentence rippled like a pebble thrown into a pond.

Anna opened her eyes to stare at the empty ceiling. What did all that mean? She had no time to think about her dream because her father was calling Anna into his study.

I hear that you are causing your mother grief. Whats the problem here? Mr. Blake asked his daughter.

Nothing is the matter. She is upset because I want to change religions. Thats all.

Change religions? Whats wrong with being Catholic?

Here we go again. Nothing is wrong with being Catholic, but I have decided to become a Divine. I mean, I am grateful for all you have done, but God is a personal thing, Anna replied.

You are sassy for a young lady, but tell you what, let me look over some of your material about the Divines to make sure they arent a cult or something.

They are not! Anna cried.

Lets get something straight. You might be clever, but I am still your father. I have the right to know what you are doing until you stop living under this roof. Unlike your dear mother I am not against you changing religions. I would rather you stay Catholic, but a caged bird cant fly. In my younger days I was a rebel without a cause, too., Annas father said with a nostalgic smile.

Thanks, dad, but I have a cause: Haree Om Shrii Hung...Om Nam Kevalam. The goal of the life is to be Divine, and that Divinity is in everything. Isnt that beautiful?

It sounds interesting. Where did you get that? Its the universal mantra of the Divines. Glad you like it. I am dedicating my life to living it.

But why did you call your mother a dino? You know how sensitive she is.

Im sorry. I guess I was frustrated because she didnt want to meet me half way like you, Anna replied.

I dont want to hear you disrespecting your mother. I am sure even Divines respect their parents. Do they not? Mr. Blake questioned.

Yes, daddy. We have a hierarchy, as Maitreya writes in the THOTH, of the most important beings in our lives. First is God. Maitreya teaches that God is Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. That spells G-O-D. I love that.

Well, sweetheart, what is second in this system of your Divines? Her father actually sounded interested.

The spiritual teacher, or guru is second because he is supposed to lead you to God. Maitreya says that false teachers attach you to themselves. Dad, that sure isnt a joke. Look at the movies, TV shows, and music out these days. Everybody is selfish. I must confess that I even I have been that way. Anyway, that was then, and this is now. I dont want no fake. I talked to Maitreya the other day. He is very wise.

Gurus? A long time ago I used to be a hippie. I used to go to peace rallies, and chant mantras all day for love and light. Then I met your mother, and became a Catholic. Your moms parents, God rest their souls, didnt care for me. They refused for me to marry your mother unless I became a Catholic. I was a carefree soul, but loved your mother very much. I converted, and the rest is history, her father shared with Anna like she was an adult. Are you in love with Maitreya? That is all you seem to talk about lately, Mr. Blake teased.

Anna blushed.

I see that. You cant hide anything from your father.

Nope. Hes married already, and has a son. But I do love what he has to say like the idea about Pure Consciousness, Mystical Paths, Communities of Light, Sacrifice, Submission, Universalism, and Paravipras. These are the 7 seals or truths that make up the Greatest Sign. I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to learning more. Maitreya mentions that it is possible to reach God by following the Seven pillars of a good Divine. They are the Seven Steps of the Eternal Divine Path which includes much more such as, Service, Meditation, Prayer, and Satsang, Anna told her father.

You know what I am going to ask you, so why not humor me with the answer.

Satsang is when people get together to talk about God, His Divine Will, and the universe, Anna recited.

Actually I am wondering about who is the third in your system of Divines.

Its not my system.

Its just a figure of speech, dearest. Didnt mean to offend.

Oh. The third most important beings are the parents whom you are to honor and respect. The fourth is your husband or wife. That is as far as I have studied about this part, Anna said.

So parents are respected. That is good. I dont like anything that breaks the family, Mr. Blake declared.

Dad, you sound like a perfect candidate for the Divines! Maitreya teaches that the family unit is the building block of a strong society. In fact, unless we have good families it will be impossible to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth. He calls them Communities of Light which are the second seal, Dad.

You have me spell-bound. I have quite a few questions. Ive converted once because of love, and that is til death do us part, but you really have me interested in religion again, Anna. It is wonderful to Satsang. Is that what you call talking about God, His Will, and the universe?

You have a great memory. Yes, that is that. If you got some time you can check us out at You can even e-mail Maitreya, or join the conference room every Saturday from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Mountain Time. I am hooking up on Saturday. You can watch. Will you, Dad? Anna pleaded.

Well see. Im very busy, but I might pop in to listen. Okay?

You are way cool.

I can see that I didnt raise a daughter to be a fool. Now, do me a favor, sweetheart. Go apologize to your mother. Kiss and make up. We cant have dinner with bad blood. Please dont tell me that you did nothing wrong. Divines respect their parents. I am sure Maitreya doesnt teach for young ladies to call their mothers dinosaurs, Mr. Blake winked at his daughter, and pointed to the door.

The walk down the corridor seemed to take a lifetime. Anna wasnt used to making apologies for anything because she was stubborn. This was the first time she actually listened to her father without blabbering excuses. Anna knew she had been rude to judge her mother. Somewhere in the THOTH it stated that only those who reach Pure Consciousness have the right to judge because they are one with God. Anna also remembered the story in which Christ told those without to sin to cast the first stone at that prostitute. Nobody did because everybody had done something wrong.

Anna found her mother outside in the back yard raking some leaves. Can I help?

Im finished. Mrs. Blake walked back into the house in silence.

Anna followed her, I am sorry I called you a dino, Mom.

Its OK, honey. I wasnt too friendly either. I dont know, her mother took Annas hand into her own, I dont know anything different than being Catholic. Her mother was struggling for words. I just dont want my little girl to get caught up in all that teenage rubbish. I want you to become a nice young lady with good values that we can be proud of.

Anna motioned for a hug which her mother gratefully accepted. We arent a cult, Mom. And there isnt anything wrong with being a Catholic. I just want more than one piece of the pie. I want the whole pie. I still respect your religion, but being Divine is really what its all about for me. Im not asking for you to convert or anything. I have tried being Catholic, and now I want to be Divine.

Well, I guess thats OK with me if its OK with your father, Mrs. Blake conceded.

Dad doesnt mind. Hey! I saw you doing some yoga the other day. We have this thing called The Reminder. The movements are like yoga, but as you do each position you say words that help you pay attention to God. Can I show you, Mom? Can I? Anna begged.

Go ahead, but I have to finish making dinner.

Anna stood up straight with her feet together. She folded her hands in a prayer position in front of her chest. Taking a deep breath Anna started to recite the first verse of The Reminder. We pay our salutations to The Divine Father, who has helped all come from ignorance to the Path of Enlightenment. Ignorance is the state of unawareness of the reality behind this universe, and enlightenment is the state of Pure Consciousness. That is the beginning, Mom. Then you have to open your hands like an inverted triangle, and say We open our hearts to Your Grace, and pray for Your Guidance in overcoming the power of the tama guna over our souls...

What is tama guna? Mrs. Blake desired to know.

Well, I am not too sure.

You bow to things you dont know?

No, I just dont know how to explain, Anna replied.

Then find out.

OK, hold on. Anna raced up the stairs into her room. She knew the answer to the tama guna was somewhere in the piles of papers about the Divines. Anna couldnt find what she was looking for no matter how hard she looked in her notes. She had to hurry because only a few minutes remained before her mother would lose patience or interest. She had to think of something quick. Anna decided to go on line at and go to the THOTH for the revelation to the question. By the Grace of God she found exactly what she was searching for. Anna printed the pages. Then she dashed back down the flight of stairs, but had to slow down because she heard her father calling.

No running. Haste makes waste, Anna!

Copy, sir.

Her mother had started to set the dinner table, but Anna was too excited to offer to help. I found the answer. Do you want to hear the short or long version?

Short as possible, honey.

Okay, OK. Tama guna is what makes us selfish, and attached to the world. There are two other gunas called Satva and Raja. All three make up the creative force that God uses to make the physical universe, Anna explained.

Are you now speaking in tongues? Tama, Raja, Satva. What kind of talk is that? I know it isnt Ebonics, her mother said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Youre making fun of me, Anna huffed. Its Sanskrit from India. Words like karma and daharma come from there, too. Man, do you dig what Im talkin about? Dont be knockin my sistahs and bros, Anna slipped into her street-wise slang.

I see. Well, the words just sound funny. Anyway, what is after that? Mrs. Blake asked.

Anna quickly went back into her meditative position. Then you have to bring your hands together like you are stuck in a hold-up, and bend back a little to say the last part of the second verse. and detaching ourselves from Maya.

Maya? Sanskrit I am sure. And it means?

Illusion. You know, the ways of the world instead of God, Anna stated with assurance. Then you bend over to your to touch your knees and say We adore and promise to endeavor to help the whole universe reach higher consciousness, You then go back up with your hands to your sides, and bend back a little while you recite and eventually Pure Consciousness. See Mom?

Ive seen enough child. Call your father for supper, Annas mother requested.

But its not finished at all. I have to show you the rest. Please! Anna beseeched Mrs. Blake.

Hurry up.

Thanks. You get to the floor with your hands to the sides of your forehead which is touching the floor. While in that position, you have to repeat In reverence we bow our heads in front of all the Great Souls in the past and those to come who have helped and will help all to understand Your Compassion and Mercy Then you sit on your toes with your hands on your lap and say in Your Actions and Creations. After that you bow again, but this time you have to spread your hands out, and say We surrender ourselves to You, the Words revealed to us through Your Prophets, and Your Great Sign which clarifies the confusion between all, Anna paused for one moment.

Im becoming full of questions Anna. What is the Greatest Sign, dear?

Its a symbol that represents the 7 truths in a way that regular people can understand. I can show you a copy, Anna offered.

Finish your Divine exercise. I cant make promises, but maybe after dinner.

Sounds awesome to me. My favorite part of The Reminder is when you stretch out your toes with your forehead touching the floor, and your hands spread out. Its total prostration. You then repeat We submit only to You which is formless, nameless, and invisible. You in this state unify--in any other state, humanity will be divided. After that you have to sit on your knees with your hands to your sides as you say Also, this prevents us from surrendering ourselves to false prophets and teachers. You have to bend back down with your hands at the sides of your head, and with your forehead on the floor as you repeat However, in reverence we bow our heads in front of all those Great Souls who will teach us how to know you and show us the way to become Pure Consciousness. The last part is to get on your knees with your hands in a prayer position like in the beginning, and say As is the goal. You are supposed to repeat the whole Reminder three times.

Interesting. Who are the Great Souls anyway?

The Prophets like Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Saints, and people like that who have given everything to follow Gods Will.

Really? Mohammed isnt a saint or Christian, Mrs. Blake declared.

Hes still a Great Soul by Divines standards. He started Islam. Its the 4th Seal. Id have to show you the Greatest Sign to give you a bigger picture. I admit that I am just learning myself, but according to Maitreya Islam contributed something very important to the foundation of the Divines. Christianity teaches Sacrifice, and Islam teaches total submission to God whom they call Allah. My friend Abdul is Muslim. I can get you more information if you want, Anna offered.

I dont get it, Annas mother shook her head. Why dont you call your father for supper?

Dad! Chow is ready! Anna shouted.

Do I look like a carry-out service? I dont know about you sometimes. Mrs. Blake pulled out her chair, and sat down.


Her father entered the dining room, and took his seat.

Can I say Grace? Anna asked. She grabbed her Mom and Dads hand. Please hold Moms hand. I would like to thank God for the food we are about to eat, and for giving us the chance to be together to offer God our thanks.

This is too much, her mother mused. Now you want to give thanks without being told. To whom do we owe our gratitude?

Darling, need you even ask? Mr. Blake responded.

Maitreya and the Divines, Anna joyfully proclaimed.

Anna walked with Tina to the library. Abdul and Russell were already there. Anna had done a lot of research last evening after dinner. She hoped that her partners had gathered their share of information, too.

I found out in an essay by Maitreya that Divines follow a calendar close to the Jewish tradition

based on the moon. They call it Gods Calendar, Tina said.

The Mayan Civilization also measured time according to the phases of the moon, Russell remarked.

This isnt about Mayans. Its about Divines, Tina curtly replied to Russell.

So? Russell shot back at Tina.

People! I am way over fighting. Yesterday I got the 3rd degree from my own mother. Thank God I was able to make her see that I am really serious about becoming a Divine. We cant get anything accomplished if we divide, and fall apart. This isnt a battle between ourselves. Its a process folks. This project can lead us out of darkness, and into light, Anna emotionally announced.

Go on preacher woman! Yes, we must stick together, and stay on the subject, Abdul giggled.

But everything is related, especially history. Maitreya even says so in the THOTH. It teaches us lessons from God to make us understand that it is He who controls the universe. It is God that can bring us from this misery. All of you are just talking like this project is a passing fancy, but who was at the library first? Russell rhetorically reflected. Me! You wouldnt have caught me within a1 mile radius of school 2 weeks ago. I only used to show up to avoid getting expelled. Now I have a purpose, and you all want to deny me the chance... Russells words faded into silence.

Im sorry. I didnt mean to dog you, or anything. Let us rewind, and begin with a clean slate. OK? Tina offered.

Rene Decartes, a French philosopher, once said something close to that, Russell pointed out.

Rewinding? Starting over? Tina asked with a puzzled look.

Never mind. Ill try to stay on track.

Kosher. Hey, that takes us right to the next subject. The Divines try to follow a satvic diet. Bet nobody knows what that is, Tina challenged her friends.

Satva means sentient, so it probably means food that makes you that way, Anna replied.

Right on. Youre really on the ball, Tina complimented Anna.

Its my life! Anna exclaimed.

Your life? That is like Islam. You give your life to Allah completely. Divines have a lot of Islam. I like that, Abdul remarked.

Divines are about balance, Abdul. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the rest are parts or ingredients, Anna explained.

Well, I understand Islam, so I start from there.

Lets hear you start then, Anna shuffled her notes. She was getting a little annoyed because everybody was too attached to what they thought was most important about the Divines.

When you look at the Greatest Sign the symbol for Islam is on top of the triangle pointed towards heaven! Abdul boasted. Prophet Mohammed taught that there is only one God, and we must bow to nobody but the Almighty. The Divines consider Islam the 4th seal. Submission is the greatest spiritual understanding. There cant anything better than that.

Not better than Jesus, Russell objected.

You guys are missing the point. Both Sacrifice and Submission are necessary for well-rounded Divines. Besides, his name wasnt Jesus anyway, Anna said.

Says who? Russell insisted.

Says the THOTH. His name was Esa. He is called Jesus, but thats not his original name, Anna corrected her friend.

Jesus. Esa. Whats the difference anyway? Russell said to himself, but loud enough for Anna to hear.

According to Christianity you are saved by His Name, what if the name you use never was His Name! Anna contended.

Makes sense. Talking about names, how are we going to bring in the concept of Paravipras? Russell asked.

Those are the Elected Ones. They are supposed to be the ones that help bring the kingdom of heaven on earth by using all their talents to serve God and humanity. The sixth seal in The Greatest Sign represents them, Anna shared. She felt an overwhelming sense of dedication to sharing what she had learned with her friends. The thought crossed her mind to examine the qualities necessary for becoming a Paravipra. In the THOTH Maitreya taught that Paravipras or Elected Ones were people that were capable combing within themselves the best from the four groups that made up people. They were the working class, courageous ones, businessmen and women, intellectuals, and also spiritual advanced (spiritual leaders). Anna could see herself becoming one of them, and working to bring heaven on earth.

Wake Up! Haree Om Shrii Hung. Om Nam Kevalam, Abdul gentle nudged Anna from her daydream.

Thats weird. I had a dream with that the other day. Anyway, does anybody know anything about the fifth seal? Anna asked.

Yeah. This holy man called Bb had all these teachings that helped folks realize that all religions are sent by God and basically say the same thing. He was killed for his beliefs, and his followers began what is now called the Bahai religion. According to Maitreya the idea of Universalism really got perfected through Bahai, Tina shared with her friends.

Looks like we are on a roll, but we need a way relate this to real life. How about holidays? Every religion has holidays. With so many religions in the Divines, they feast every single day of the year, Abdul snidely remarked.

Not really. Divines only celebrate the Feasts recommended by God to be kept forever. Maitreya teaches that God only gave direct orders to celebrate these Holy Days. Only the Bible out of all the Holy Scriptures mentions Holy Days. You can check it out for yourself in Leviticus Chapter 23. It isnt practical to follow man-made celebrations. Divines dont do Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, Wesak, and all that jazz, Anna told her friends.

Are you serious? Not even Ramadan? Abdul asked.

Nope. One more can of worms for those that are stuck in the dino age, Anna chuckled to herself. Reincarnation. Anybody do anything with that for the project?

You mean the Lost Tribes of Israel? Tina inquired.

I dont know. It could mean that, Anna replied.

Well, Divines believe in reincarnation. Maitreya teaches God made this universe to help humans reach perfection. That state is called Pure Consciousness and is the same as God. Anyway, to get there you have to go through the process of evolution. It almost like playing Gameboy with lots of levels where you get killed off a bunch of times but have reserve lives. Its just like that! You try over and over again until you get it right. Your body dies, but your soul lives on, Russell expounded.

And then what? Anna sat at the edge of her seat because she really was paying attention to what Russell was saying.

Then you learn your lessons to submit to God, and do His Will. The universal mantra of the Divines really sums up what life is all about: The goal of the life is to become Divine, and that Divinity (God) is in everything. Haree Om Shrii Hung. Om Nam Kevalam. In their Reminder there is a beautiful line about how Divines promise to endeavor to help the whole universe reach higher consciousness, and eventually Pure Consciousness. In Buddhist and Hindu traditions the point is to get out of this place, but for Divines the purpose is to live in this world, but not be of it. Am I boring you all? Russell asked his partners.

No way, but the gathering hour is almost done. I think we can finish up tomorrow. Same time same place, Anna said.

OK. Lets bring info on the 15 Commandments, Abdul suggested as he stood up to walk to class.

I didnt tell you guys, but I ordered a Rosary from the Divines last week. I should be getting it any day now. Maybe they will have some good information for us, Tina said.

Gotta run. Dont want to be late for class. See you all later, Russell dashed out of the library with his backpack dragging behind him.

He really is getting into this. Im really impressed with him, Tina revealed to Anna in a hushed tone.

Later, sisters, Abdul said to the young ladies, and walked out into the crowded hallway.

Miss Russell, how do you do? Anna teased.

Dont even go there. Im just saying that he is much smarter than any of us thought, Miss Abdul, Tina replied.

Whatever, Anna smiled. She picked up her bag, and ran with Tina to their next class.

The next morning Anna met Tina, Russell, and Abdul at the library again. She was prepared to help finish gathering information on the Divines. Everyone knew that their group was working overtime, and the buzz around school was that Mr. Williams was going to invite college students to listen to their presentations. That is why it was very important they have everything ready. The Divines would be the talk of the town because Maitreya had a special message. Besides, Anna and her friends had worked hard to make the project easy for all to understand.

Whats up? Anna greeted everyone, and sat down. Are we ready to wrap things up?

Yep. Got the 15 Commandments for the Divines. Lets start with those, Abdul suggested.

OK. Thats cool with me. Tina, why are you so quiet? Anna asked.

Well, you just messed up my tempo. My rosary that I ordered from Maitreyas website arrived, and I was trying to do it, but Ill try again later. It came with this laminated card that has instructions. Im really like it, Tina responded as she let her friends see the beautiful beads that were part of the rosary.

What are the larger beads for? Russell inquired.

The HOSH mantra, Tina replied. Thats an acronym for Haree Om Shrii Hung. Om Nam Kevalam. My favorite part is reciting the 33 Virtues, Tina declared.

Thought we were going to start with the 15 Commandments, Abdul reminded Tina.

Tina didnt seem to hear him because she began to chant the 33 Virtues one by one. Fearlessness; Purification of ones existence; Cultivation of spiritual and intellectual knowledge; Charity; Self-control; Sacrifice, not being self-centered; Study of spiritual Scriptures; Austerity and simplicity; Non-violence (not violating the Daharma of things...

Hello?! Abdul interrupted.

Gotta know your virtues to be Divine! Now where was I or should I start from the beginning? Tina reflected.

No, no, no. That wont be necessary. You were at something about not violating the Daharma of things, Russell offered to keep Tina on her track.

Gracias. Truthfulness; Freedom from anger; Renunciation; Tranquility; Aversion to faultfinding; Compassion and freedom from covetousness; Gentleness; Modesty and steady determination; Cleanliness; Freedom from envy; Patience for honor; Readiness to sacrifice everything of individual life for the ideology... Tina continued, but was interrupted..

Thats like Islam, Abdul reflected.

More like Christianity, Russell declared in response to what Abdul had stated.

Its Divines, buddies. Thats what we are studying, Anna reminded her friends.

Let me go on guys. You all need to hear the rest to totally understand whats needed to be a Divine to the max. Sweet and smiling behavior; Moral courage; Setting an example by individual conduct before asking anyone to do the same; Strict adherence to the Fifteen Commandments; Constant contemplation of The Greatest Sign; Even while dealing with a person of inimical nature, one must keep oneself free from hatred, anger, and vanity; Keep aloof from talkativeness (idle talk); Obedience to the structural code of discipline; Sense of responsibility. Thats it folks. Now you know. I have a few pages from the Mission of Maitreya that explains each virtue better. I can read it, Tina proposed.

Nope, but thanks. We have to cover the 15 Commandments. Also, we havent done anything for the first and seventh seal. Abdul, what do you have for us? Anna asked.

The 15 Commandments cover every part of life. I like the first commandment the most. It is Submission. The Divine Father in heaven is One, Invisible, Nameless, and the Greatest. The next one is Surrendering. Do not go to complete prostration (submit) to anyone or thing except Him, the Words revealed through His Prophets, and The Greatest Sign, which clarifies the confusion between all. This is good. Nobody is more worthy than Allah, Abdul enthusiastically reflected.

Well, everybody has different names for God. You call Him Allah, some call God Krishna, and others choose to worship without worrying about what to call Him. Maybe that is why the Divines have that first commandment. Maybe. Its just a thought, Anna contemplated.

Anyway, the third commandment is Goal of the Life. Remember the goal of the life, which is to reach Pure Consciousness and help others to reach the same. This commandment must be where Haree Om Shrii Hung. Om Nam Kevalam comes from. Its good to have purpose. We have a goal. We must finish this project, Abdul joked.

The Goal of the Life isnt that funny. A lot of people forget to help others once they get to their goal. Maybe this is a good time to throw in the first seal. It represents all the mystical spiritual traditions. Their contribution to the Divines in The Greatest Sign is that they help awaken the spiritual forces within Anna explained to her partners.

What are you talking about? Next thing youre going to tell us to meditate, fast, and practice yoga! Russell exclaimed.

Those are exactly the things that the first seal through the mystical paths gives as ways to reach Pure Consciousness. You are clever, man, Anna complimented Russell.

More where that came from. I know about chakras, breathing exercises to still your mind, and all kinds of binaural mind machines that help do all that stuff, Russell boasted.

Thats cool, but Divines are not just about themselves. The point is for each seal in The Greatest Sign to build upon each other. The first seal frees the energy needed to serve God. At least, that is how I understand it, Anna said.

This is just the beginning. Let me tell you the fourth commandment. Messengers. Consider the Prophets, Satgurus, Avatars or likewise as Gods Messengers to bring His Messages and Laws to humanity. We must listen to those that Allah sends. This is great. It would be even better if everybody listened, Abdul commented. The fifth commandment is Elects. Accept Paravipras as the Chosen Ones to establish and enforce the Laws, to spread the Messages of God and establish the Kingdom of Heaven. Everybody following me?

Yeah. Chosen Ones are the people who dedicate themselves to bringing the kingdom of heaven here on earth. They are also called Paravipras. Man, they have to be talented because they have to be well-versed in all areas of life. If they have to shovel dirt, or roll up their sleeves to do manual labor, Paravipras are on it. If they have to manager business transactions, or talk shop, they will not skip a beat. They can be intellectual, and mystical. Paravipras can even courageously enter battles if they have to fight a just war! I want to be a Paravipra all the way, Anna told her friends.

Praise Allah! You really are into the Divines. The sixth commandment is Non-violence. Not violating the daharma. That means dont disturb the nature of things. The seventh commandment is Truthfulness, with discriminating mind. To guide all thought, speech and action with the spirit of welfare. That doesnt sound so easy, Abdul said.

We like to talk too much. Maybe thats why the wise are so quiet, Tina commented.

Anyhow, Not to Steal (Non-stealing, physically, mentally or spiritually) Do not take things which belong to others, by thought, by taking (action), or by preventing them from doing their duties or possessing things which belong to them is the eight commandment. The next one is Non-Indulgence. Not to indulge in the enjoyment of such amenities and comforts as are superficial to the preservation of life. Thats impossible, Abdul decisively declared.

Why? Anna wanted to know.

This world is full of things we dont need. How can we decide what isnt needed? Abdul replied.

Well, we have to relate this to the Divines. Its not saying you have to give up everything, but you have to learn to let go of things which arent do or die. Its like living alone, and having five cars. Its not necessary. One car is enough, and the rest of the money can be used for better things, Anna answered.

But how would I know what is good or bad? Abdul contested.

I guess it depends on what you would follow. The teachings of Maitreya have a way to make decisions for you easier. See, all you have to do is love God with all your heart and soul, follow the Truth revealed to us through the Prophets, and dedicate yourself to becoming Divine as you help others reach the same goal. In fact, all the virtues that Tina rattled off a while back, and studying the THOTH, the Bible, and even the Koran that you so love can show you the way to be all that you can be, Anna smiled at Abdul, and then gave him a military style salute.

Yes, the tenth commandment is all I want to be. It is Attachment to God. To keep the mind immersed in the ideation of God, to remain attached to God, and to accept Him as the only Refuge, the only King, and His Laws as the only Laws. The next one is Internal and External Cleanliness. To maintain purity and cleanliness of mind, body and environment. The twelfth commandment is Contentment and Mental Ease. To remain in a state of mental equanimity and contentment. Wonder how many can keep that one? Abdul asked his project partners.

Gratitude is the best attitude. Maybe if we are grateful for everything we have, and busy ourselves to serve God everyday in every single way possible, we can relax about all those things that freak us out, Anna replied.

Easier said than done, Tina added, but with my new rosary thats not problem. I can take it easy, do my thing, and still be focused on God. In case somebody gets me upset, I can touch my pretty little pearls, and remember EDP.

EDP is Eternal Divine Path, right? Russell asked.

Yep. You all dont have the Divine Path Sutra. Its the awesomest, Tina enticed her friends.

Lets finish with the Commandments first, Abdul suggested.

You dont know what you are missing. Your lives will totally shift gears. I am telling you. Its divine! Tina exclaimed as if she had discovered a secret to the mysteries of the universe.

OK. Go ahead, Abdul told Tina.

Listen up folks. The thoughts, love and peace of God will arise in those who perform meditation and/or The Reminder twice a day or more regularly. They will become an instrument for His Will, sacrifice all for this ideal, surrender and submit unto Him, and become a universalist at last. Also, they follow the Fifteen Commandments. With these, they will become the Elects, and win His Grace, and reach their goal, Maitreya. Now, isnt that beautiful?

Thats great, Tina. We only have twelve commandments so far. So, let me finish up with them. The thirteenth commandment is Satsang, Service, Meditation. To attain true Satsang (when people talk only about God, the universe and His Will), to practice penance in the service of others (as being done for the Lord, in creating Communities of Light), and to sincerely meditate and/or do The Reminder at lease twice a day. The fourteenth commandments is Understanding God and His Laws through the Scriptures. To clearly understand the underlying meanings of the Scriptures and discourses of spirituality. The last commandment is To Be(come) Divine. To strive to become perfect in our action as God is, to ideate that He does the actions through us, and to become a perfect instrument for His Will to be done, until able to radiate His Divine Universal Truth through ourselves, Abdul finished. Everybody was silent for a long time before Anna spoke.

Thats heavy duty. Sure have to do a lot to be a legit follower of Maitreyas teachings, but I am going to try.

Me, too, Tina agreed.

Maybe me three, Russell added.

Could be four, but Im still Muslim, Abdul remarked.

Guys, we are almost home. Now we just have to deal with the seventh seal. Its at the center of The Greatest Sign. It has the upright I-Ching, or yin and yang symbol, and what Maitreya calls a Lotustica , Anna explained.

You mean a swastika, Russell said. Its one of the oldest symbols known to humanity, but many cultures have misused it.

That is precisely why the Divines call it a Lotustica. Anyway, the seventh seal is what is supposed to bring everything together. In fact, if you read in the Bible in Revelations, it states that all Truth will not be known until the Seventh Angel appears, and breaks the seal. Well, its 1999. Everybody is waiting for Christ or somebody to come back and help us. If you carefully read Maitreyas teachings in the THOTH, and put two and two together, he is the next Messenger, or should I say Las Messenger, through whom God has spoken, Anna felt clever for having made this discovery to her friends.

You think Prophets still show up? Russell asked.

They have in the past throughout history, why would they stop in the present? Anna replied.

I think its a little scary with all that stuff about the end of the world, Russell shared with his friends.

Remember? Maitreya says that history is but a lesson, Tina assured her companions.

With everything said and done, perhaps we have learned something, Anna began as she put on a pair of dark sunglasses, and Abduls baseball cap on backwards. She crossed her arms, and continued with her impromptu rap. The Seventh Seal is broken. Now were done. The THOTH is our token of sal-va-tion, given as a gift to Maitreya to make us understand that the goal of the life is to become Divine, and that Divinity is in everything. If you dont like plain English. Here it is in Sanskrit. Haree Om Shrii Hung. Om Nam Kevalam. Still in doubt? Listen with attention to what I am about to mention. The next words will part the clouds of confusion, and help you tread the Eternal Divine Path because The Greatest Sign shows the way for us to bring the kingdom of heaven here on earth. All we need is to awaken the Spiritual Forces inside, and make the Communities of Light. But its gonna take a little bit of sacrifice, and submission to make us realize that God is in us, here and everywhere. Need the kinds of people willing to be Elect, so that they can dedicate themselves to the Mission of Bringing Gods Will here on earth. Yes, the Seventh Seal is broken, and now the Truth is known. Not to just one part, and not the rest. We are talkin the whole wide world. Maitreya has the teachings in the THOTH. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will open. Time to party into the Golden Age. Set your timers for 2000 and 17, thats when everyone will see His Glory. Thanking God for what I have. Glad my friends and I had the chance to jive, and be alive, Anna was running out of things to say, but Abdul, Tina, and Russell helped her out.

Haree Om Shrii Hung. Om Nam Kevalam. The goal of the life is to be Divine, and that Divinity is in everything, They all chanted over and over again. They were having so much fun that they forgot that they were in the library, but Anna remembered when she saw Mr. Williams pass in the hallway.

Shh. I guess we ought to hush. Others are tying to study. There is a time and place for everything. All we have to do is get some visual aids, and we should be finished, Anna said.

I really dont want the project to end. Ive had so much fun with you all. I am even studying out of my own free will these days. Ill miss you guys, Russell told his friends.

Its not like we have to stop meeting. We can set up a study group, or something, Anna suggested.

Im in. How about you Tina and Abdul? Russell asked.

Id love it! In fact, I have a couple of friends that are really interested in becoming Divines, but they dont know anybody else to talk to. Of course, I told them to check out but they arent on the Net yet. We can even meet at the public library. They have those conference rooms we can sign up for, Tina replied.

I like it. I will come to the meeting, but... Abdul was interrupted by Anna, Tina, and Russell.

You are Muslim! They all laughed.

Thats no problem. All faiths are welcome. We can use the information we already have to make little pamphlets about the Divines, and Maitreyas teachings. Theres a lot we can do, but for now we better go to class, Anna said.

The project for all practical purposes was done, but Anna still felt a wonderful sense of anticipation. It was just another Saturday as far as the world was concerned, yet it was special because it was Satsang Day with Maitreya and the rest of the Mission.

Daddy, its Saturday. Its Satsang Day. Im going to go to the conference room to listen to Maitreya. Wanna watch? Anna asked her father.

Why dont you begin, and I might visit you. OK? Her father replied, and continued with his work.

Anna then waltzed to her mother, Mom, do you want to see what Ill do on the Internet every Saturday from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Mountain Time from now on?

I already know what youll do, sweetheart, Mrs. Blake responded.

Fine. Then youll have to just hear about it every single week second-hand unless you want to join me, Anna attempted to persuade her mother.

Im sure that you wont run out of words each week. Now run along, and let your mommy be, Anna.

Anna really wanted both her parents to see how cool the Divines were, but then she remembered what Maitreya taught about not worrying about results. Everybody was given freedom of choice. She was just happy that she had found Maitreya and the Divines.

When it was time to log on to Maitreyas conference room Anna made sure she had prepared all her questions, and got on line. She noticed that many of the names seemed unusual.

Sal-Om everybody. I have a question for Maitreya please, Anna requested.

Good morning to you Anna. It is good to see you again. As always, we welcome you. What would you like to know more about?

Well, I have studied meanings of your names, but why do most of the people here have names that I am not familiar with?

Thats a very good observation, Anna. They are using their spiritual names. The Mission of Maitreya is made up of two kinds of people. There those that love the Mission, its teachings, and support it financially, or make some kind of contribution. Then there are those that feel a need to dedicate their whole lives to the Mission by turning around from what they are used to doing. This is like being reborn, and giving your life to God. This second group chooses to take initiation, and they get a new name to go with their new pledge to God. Does that make sense? Maitreya asked in a serene and jovial tone.

Yes. Then can I get a name now. I am ready to change to God, Anna replied.

Thats wonderful that you want to serve God, but first you must think about your decision. Also, when you take initiation that means you have to have listen to your spiritual teacher who will point the way for you to reach God. Then if everything goes as planned, you will help others reach the same goal. Now, you dont have to sit there waiting to reach Pure Consciousness before you can serve God. You have heard of Communities of Light?

Yes, that is making places that help you become more spiritual. By the way, we turned in our project, and the teacher loved it very much. In fact, when we made our presentation about the Divines everybody was very fascinated, Anna said.

Good. Thanks be to God. So, Anna, even with that presentation you are beginning to serve God. Remember that it doesnt matter if others like you or not. Just be the best person that you can be. Study the scriptures, follow the words of the Prophets, and you are on your way to being Divine! Maitreya explained to Anna.

But I want a neat name now, Anna requested.

Listen to your own words, Anna. You want a new name now. These teachings are not so easy because you have to let go and let God. Eventually you will reach your goal, but you cant command or demand anything from God or those whom He sends to guide humanity. But it is good that you have awakened the thirst to know more about God, His Will, and the universe. It doesnt matter how young or old you are. God loves you no matter what. My suggestion is that you take it one step at a time. First, learn as much as you can about the Mission, the THOTH, and these teachings. Then if you have questions, you can inquire here in the conference room or send me an email (sending questions to the Mission). When the time is right, you will receive your spiritual name, and have the choice to serve God in various ways, Maitreya said with much compassion.

Thats cool. Thank you Maitreya,

May all gratitude be given onto The Lord. It is He that works through me, and those willing to submit to His Divine Will, Maitreya reflected.

Yes, thank God.

Anna enjoyed the rest of the Satsang, and realized that there were endless possibilities available through the teachings of Maitreya. She intended to study the Divines as her way of life. Granted, Anna was a teenager, but the goal of the life was eternal. The project may have been done as far as grades were concerned, but the real Mission had just begun. Anna now could become Divine, and see that Divinity in everything because she had a way through the teachings of Maitreya.

Written for M.O.M.

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