A Testimonial

In 2002 I discovered the Mission of Maitreya. I was a seeker. I was a Baha'i. I would like to share with you my experiences of how I first discovered the Mission of Maitreya.

I was a Baha'i for twenty-two years so at first I was confused. It wasn't an intellectual thing that I was confused about, for me, but Intuitionally. I was being, 'called'. That is, I sensed something was going on, that being more as a feeling, yet I didn't know what it was about. That's why the thousand year edict of Baha'u'llah didn't bother me. I became a seeker in an unknown category. Eventually it became known to me, that what I was looking for in Baha'i was written as, 'Alif of the Greatest Name'. ATTG for the internet. I then began searching for the Alif of the Greatest Name.

I remember the exact moment, life changing as it was, like arriving home, or, I have found what I sought. When I realized Maitreya was the One that I was seeking, He is the Alif of the Greatest Name, it was like the end of a journey. It is a longer story to tell so I make it brief.

I do take the thousand year edict seriously, one must. But it is clearly explained on the Mission of Maitreya website. The thousand years is from the Book of Revelation (Bible) and the thousand years is referring to the Seventh Angel (Maitreya). The Baha'is are the Fifth Seal on The Greatest Sign. In Baha'i, the Mustagath, the 'One Whom God Will Make Manifest' is Maitreya. The Alif of the Greatest Name is Maitreya. And it's all God.

Mission of Maitreya says:

"Those who are the Elects, hear these words, and succumb to the Call have no fear because Our Protection is with them."

Andrew Harris

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