The Teacher Found

My Teacher is Maitreya. My search, my quest to find Him was meant to be. I feel this deeply in my heart; it is a knowing, and not easy to explain in words. It is like seeing the bud of a white lotus; you know there is more coming; a beautiful flower there, this feeling that there is more to be revealed; and when it opens to its fullness of grace, purity, and wondrous fragrance you know, you understand, you realize.

This knowing was impressed upon my consciousness, I believe, from the time I was a child. I can remember many thoughts and contemplations from the time I was around the age of eight. And since finding my teacher and being on The Eternal Divine Path, I have realized why I was born in the United States of America. My Dharma has been shown to me. Spirit revealed clues to a child and later on in life when I began a spiritual path, my meditations also verified I was to find the One sent by God.

I first saw Maitreya in the early 1980s when a friend of mine and I attended the conference for Planetary Initiatives For The World We Choose in Montreal, Canada. Actually, we found Him together. She is also a disciple of Maitreya. When we walked into the room at the University where he was speaking, I tried to deny him. My rationale and the preconditioning of society said, No, No. However, my Soul said Yes, Yes. I give thanks each day that I followed my heart, my spirit! You cannot deny the Truth when it comes to you!

Christians speak of Esa (Jesus) as saving them through their faith. I was raised in this religion; however, spirit removed me from the Lutheran faith in my early 20s. I now know why.

I believe I was saved and reborn by the Teaching of Maitreya, the one God has sent again to humanity; Maitreya; The Messiah. Now, when someone asks me if I have been born again; with joy and admiration, I can say, Yes, indeed, I am reborn, I am renewed in the One True Faith, I am saved through Him! Come, drink the new wine! He, our Lord, has come again!

This sounds dramatic to ones who have not realized this Truth from God. And, yes, the coming of the Savior into our world again, at this time in history is dramatic. The birth of a new world is on the verge of creation; Communities of Light, the Plan of God is here. His Son is gathering the eagles together! The new Children of Light are being called to action. With these Great Paravipras, other Paravipras, and His First Begotten Son, God will bring His Kingdom on earth (Daharma). His Will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Paravipras, are the people who are in Spirit, are born like everyone else. You have never seen anyone in the whole of history that just came and dropped from the sky and said, Hey, here I am.

No, they are born from a mother, they come to this world just like everyone else, and they go through childhood like everyone else. Probably they go to school, study, and all that. But their Spirit is different. Spiritually they are different people. They are more meditative, they are more discerning, more concerned, more loving, and many other things that we can see in the Spirit.

As they feel different, they grow up different, and eventually they reach a point that they say, I cant stand these things I see, the injustice, the problems, the feeling of the people, the hatefulness, all these things that humanity manifests. Spiritually they cannot stand the wrongdoings in society. Intuitively they know that this society and world in general do not give the satisfaction for which they long within themselves. Their spirit wants something else, something higher, their Spirit longs for the Truth.

If you have been created a Paravipra, if you have been created a person who has to go to Spirit, you cant stand the plays of society. You wont be happy there either because youre longing, you have been called. (From Thus Speaks Maitreya On Paravipras)

Maitreya has encouraged, enlightened, and given the Truth and faith through God to a once lost, searching soul. He has given His Fathers message without fail and his determination and dedication to this Call has brought strength of conviction, hope and faith to all who come to Him.

The Call has come, the trumpet has sounded. Will you hear?


A disciple

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