Seeking the Truth

The Mission of Maitreya has the Truth! This is a serious statement to make but you will be able to verify it for yourself. Be sure that you do!

I learned about the Mission of Maitreya just three weeks ago. I am not the kind of person who just believes anything. I have been looking into many things. I have been a Christian but left it because I just couldn't believe that it was enough to believe in Christ like Christian preachers teach. It just didn't make sense that that was all one had to do. Pray and wait. Was that really the answer? I didn't believe it. There had to be more.

Of course, I never really did understand the Teachings of Christ. I was just listening to what other people said they were supposed to mean. To me the Bible was "just" a book with stories that most of the time didn't make sense. This was why I was dependent on others to tell me the truth. At some point I realized that I had to try to find the truth with my heart.

If something didnt make sense to me, then it didn't make sense to me. Many Christians say that God is a Mystery that we cannot understand and that we humans will never be able to understand. So what they were saying was that I should stop trying to make sense of things and just accept the teachings they taught and believed.

I started reading the Bible more closely and also looked at different articles on the Internet. I used the Bible like never before in my life. I based my belief on what the Bible said literally. I never stopped looking. Although I had made several conclusions, I kept looking and twisting it and asking others for their views etc. to see if what I had found out really was true or just ideas.

I was also looking into psychotherapy. I was using a method for raising my awareness called UCP - Universal Conscious Practice. There was this newsgroup called and a German woman called Merian who wanted to open a room in PalTalk. I didn't know what PalTalk was so I found out and was thrilled to discover what could be done with this program.

This was where I found out about the Mission of Maitreya. I was just listening in different rooms. I came into the room called All Religions Unified. I was welcomed and then they said that the Messiah was here (there). I thought "Wow!" I had to find out what they meant. I asked some questions and the answers really made sense to me. They posted the url and I went there. The web site is huge, so at first I left after reading for a couple of minutes. However I did return and then I started reading.

I first started to read some of THOTH and heard some of the Satsangs of Maitreya. My life started to transform right away. Many things that I had not been able to understand or figure out was revealed to me just like that. Things that I had rejected before because it just didn't make sense now did make perfect sense. Things that were incredible fell into place and became very credible!

I soon realized that this was indeed what I had sought for so long. The search was over. The journey to find the Truth was over and a new journey could start. The new journey of course is the Eternal Divine Path given to us by God. There is no way back now. Now that I know what God wants "me" to do, there is no way back. How can there be? I would be kidding myself. Actually I have been kidding myself most of my life but I just didn't know at the time. Now that the Way To God is open and known so that the only thing there is to be done is to do it; there is no returning.

Read THOTH or the Satsangs of Maitreya or even the rest of the literature and see for yourself. It makes so much sense because it is the Truth! At some point you will not have any doubt that these Teachings can only be from God. Maitreya is the Messenger of God. Know what God has planned for you and bless your life by following this Plan (Eternal Divine Path).


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