I Had a Recurring Dream

I had a recurring nightmare from childhood. I would wake in sweats and tremors. The big black bull would escape from the barn and chase us 3 cousins around and around my grandparents farmhouse. The 2 cousins would make it to the house and apparent safety. I was being chased and could feel his breath on my back. I was surely to be killed. The Only Way to escape the bull was to run down the Path of the Garden planted between my Grandparents house and another relative. The Path was too narrow for the bull to follow me and I was safe.

My life has been a mirror of this dream. I have gone round and round the many set ups this world has had to offer and some even looked like apparent safety; but never fulfilled the longing in my Soul.

My son installed PalTalk on my newly acquired computer and said, Have fun. After two weeks of cruising rooms and being basically disgusted with what I heard, my finger was poised to totally delete the PalTalk program. I had avoided the Religious Groups Section and a breath on my soul said, Take one more look.

I entered the Satsang Room for the Mission of Maitreya just as Maitreya was being introduced the one time during the week that He spoke live. I had entered the Path at exactly the perfect moment to hear the most incredible message I had ever heard. I distinctly remember saying to myself - This should be interesting. For two hours I listened, glued to the computer screen, was amazed, and completely changed from that moment on. There was no question, no doubt, no second thoughts and no going back.I had been shown the Eternal Divine Path and the True Safety/Salvation.I have found the Messiah. He is Maitreya (GIWH) of the Mission of Maitreya. Glory to God.

Join Us! This Path and Message is the Whole Truth of God. God does indeed Exist and we each have a part in the Body of Christ. May His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven! Let us get on with His Plan.Read THOTH, come to Satsang with us, and research the website. It has all been given free. It is up to you to be a Real Seeker.


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