Main Meals

Black Beans and Rice 10/11/95, 10/8/98, 9/18/00
Black Beans and Rice Tortillas 9/21/97
Burgers, Bulgur Grilled 9/12/00
Burritos, Black Bean 9/29/96
Butternut Enchiladas 10/13/92
Butternut Squash 9/16/97
Eggplant, Baked 9/26/96
Eggplant Patties 10/3/93
Eggplant Tian 9/22/99, 9/19/00
Goat Cheese Over Fancy Pasta 9/23/97
Lasagna, Vegetarian 9/15/97
Lentil Squash Casserole
10/6/93, 9/25/94
Nut and Lentil Loaf 10/16/92
Peppers, Stuffed 9/29/96
Peppers, Stuffed 9/29/99
Polenta, Cheese 9/19/94
Potatoes, Italian Supper 9/30/96
Potatoes, Stuffed 9/30/93, 9/21/94
Ratatouille 10/12/95
Ravioli Primavera 9/16/00
Scheherazade Casserole 9/26/99
Shish Kebobs, Greek Garden 10/5/98
Shish Kebobs, Vegetarian 9/17/97
Soya Nut Loaf with Gravy 9/22/94
Squash, Stuffed 9/27/96
Swiss Chard Sformatino 9/27/99
Tacos, Couscous 9/20/94
Tofu Cutlets with Mushroom Yogurt Sauce 10/8/95, 10/4/98
Tofu Foo Young 10/6/98

Tofu Loaf, Stuffed 9/29/93, 10/16/95
Tofu, Marinated, Grilled 9/27/96
Tofu Parmesan 9/18/97
Tofu, Peanut 10/5/93
Tofu, Saut 10/12/92

Tomatoes, Stuffed 10/2/96, 9/11/00
Vegetable Shish Kebab10/5/93
Stir Fry 9/23/94, 10/9/95
Vegetarian Chili 10/11/92 and 10/1/93
Vegetarian Lasagna 10/9/92

Whole Wheat Pizza 10/15/92
Zucchini Squash, Stuffed 10/10/95

Greater than meditation is to share God (Satsang) with someone.

Greater than prayer is to fulfill someone elses need.

Greater than fasting is to feed someone who is starving! [THOTH, Just before Essays 3]


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