Many of the recipes listed were basically taken from cookbooks, magazines, etc. (see our Credit Page). Some are old 'grandmother' recipes given us by friends. Others are old and new family recipes that were passed down to one or another of us at the Mission and finally there are the recipes that we made up ourselves.

When we began to do our own cooking as part of the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, we had no idea that we would one day place the recipes we used on a web site. Therefore, we were not careful to note the source of the recipes. If anyone can identify an original source of any of the recipes not listed in the credit page, we would appreciate your e-mailing me at: We will then update that information to this web site.

It was because there were so many requests to make these recipes available that we decided to place them on a web site. Most of those listed on our credits page have been changed to meet our dietary needs for the Feasts. For example, we do not use any hot seasonings, garlic or onions* so these ingredients have been removed from all recipes. Also you will notice the recipes in the later years are more low-fat (use of cheeses, oils, etc. reduced).

We enjoy both dinner and supper. We often have Satsang with Maitreya around 8 PM. So during the Feast, we serve our main meal (Dinner) around midday and then, if we do not fast before Satsang, we have a light snack.

To find a recipe you can choose from the categories below (Breakfast, etc), and click on the category you are interested in. All the recipes we have for that category are listed at your new arrival page. When you find a recipe in which you are interested, click that recipe and you will enter another page where all the recipes for that year will be found. You will then be taken directly to the recipe you chose; however, all the other recipes for that year will also be available if you decide to browse.

If you find any problems or errors on this site, we would love to learn about them so that we can make corrections. Again, please e-mail:

*Maitreya has written an entire essay on Food. It can be found on the Mission of Maitreya website in THOTH, Essays 3, Tablet Six. This URL will take you directly to THOTH, Essays 3: FOOD

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