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How Does the Mango Taste?

There were five intellectuals who wanted to find how the mango tastes.  They found a mango tree and started analyzing the tree and figuring out how the fruit should taste. 

One explained because the tree uses this kind of water and is located in this environment, the fruit should be bitter.  Another person in the group concluded that since the soil has this kind of nutrition and it is of a certain acidity, the taste should be sour.  The third person examined the wind and the particles it carried and the effect of the sun, etc. and proclaimed, No, the taste should be dull and non-existent.  The other two also did not agree with the rest and each had their own theory.

A yogi was passing by and saw how these five people were fighting over how the mango tastes.  The yogi went to them and said, "Gentlemen, let me end this dispute."  He reached up, picked a mango and took a big bite out of it.  Then turned to them and said, "It is sweet and delicious."

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