Persian Files (فارسی)

.اساس تعالیم ما.

.(Maitreya) پیام به زبان فارسی از پرنیان.

جنبه های اجتماعی تدریس به زبان فارسی.  این یک نسخه اصلاح شده در فرم پیش نویس است.  سخه نهایی ارائه شد جمهوری اسلامی ایران, بلافاصله پس از انقلاب. فهرست مندرجات. از کجا آن را تایپ شد؟. صفحه الحاق, همان صفحه پوشش، اما در داخل کتاب.

The above in English:

The Base Of Our Teachings.
A Message in Persian from Maitreya (Payam).
Social aspect of the teaching in Persian.  It is a modified version in draft form.  The final version was presented to the Islamic Republic of Iran, right after the Revelation.
     1. Table of Contents
     2. Where was it typed?
     3. Inset Page (same as cover page but inside the book).   

Note: Self Analysis (Ravankavi): a Self Analysis book written by A. Khajeh Noori. It has a technique that you write down your dreams and analyze them. This technique was very useful in the beginning of Maitreya's spiritual journey (before he even started meditating). Many have asked to see this book. However, we have not found this book in any other language but Persian. If you know that it has been translated into other languages we would appreciate you letting us know. If you would like to translate it into other languages, that would be great!    

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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