Yoga Class For Men

The below video is an 45 minute long guided yoga class for men (not including time for extra rest between poses if necessary, corpse pose at the end, etc.). It opens with The Reminder as a warmup, then moves into 9 asanas, 8 of which are recommended to be done daily by men (the 2nd asana, Plough, is excellent and very helpful, but not specifically recommended to be done daily).

This video can be used by women, but it does not include some of the asanas that are recommended to be done daily by women. Also, the 8th (second to last) asana, Cowshead, should not be practiced by women. We would recommend women instead use our yoga classes for women (see Yoga Classes Index).

Please heed the warnings at the beginning of the video, and work at your own level and pace, in order to get the maximum benefit and avoid injury.

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